Monday, June 9, 2014

Changes and Challenges

     I don't spend a lot of cash on clothes, really, although some beg to differ because I'm always going to chosen second hand stores and wearing 'new to me' pieces. My closet is full, overflowing actually and I take up the space in the spare bedroom as well.

The fact is when you take into consideration how much I spend in a year for clothes.......if I were buying new, really new, it would be exorbitant! That's why I do it my way.

     My better half never complains about how often I shop or how much I spend as I seldom buy anything out of our household money. I save up my earnings from my part-time job selling Avon and use that. I don't have to, but it justifies to me the number of times I go. When I bring 'new' clothes in, I usually also weed/purge through my 'old' stuff and donate certain pieces to another drop box. I don't feel bad either with this turn around because I didn't pay more than $3 or $5 for it and got use out of it. 

     I understand that with the changes that are around the corner for us, retirement and full time rv'ing, I am going to have to face some real hard facts about CLOTHES. How much do I need? Since 'need' has never ever ever played a part in what I purchase to wear, this will be the biggest shock to my system in 2016 when we sell our home. Bill will probably be most impressed with my ability to downsize, in between the chuckles while I decide. 

     I won't donate everything, I'm too cheap, scratch that, too thrifty to do that. I expect 'something' for my cast-offs, even if it is a dollar here or two dollars there. I would pay it and have paid it at many garage sales. 

     So this will be my biggest challenge in the change. It will not be selling the house, although that will create a ping to my heart when we drive away for the last time. It will not be selling the furniture because we already know what we want to keep and what is just functional as opposed to sentimental. 

Now if Bill could create something like this in the Jayco.........hmmmm, what an idea!On the other hand, I've found some very cool vacuum bags of varying sizes that I will likely be putting to use and cramming in the back of our bedroom closet.

     Nope, clothes for me, that'll be my obstacle but obstacles are put there for us to overcome so bring it on! LOL getting too philosophical here, time to sign off. 

Thanks for stopping in today. Come back soon!


  1. :-) Good Luck with that, Pat!

    But, it does get easier when you don't have to dress for work anymore. It's surprising how few clothes you actually wear -- I mean you change outfits less often because you become too busy doing things.

    And you tend to simply wear the favourites over and over again. Why choose the shirt that is not quite the right fit, or colour, or whatever. Recycle it!

    "Dressing up" becomes more of a pain-in-the-butt -- life tends to get in the way of fashion. And you'll find it doesn't matter -- not even to you. You want to be comfortable and practical and looking good. And none of those criteria require fashion change. :-)

    This is just my older-sister-words-of-wisdom response.

  2. I appreciate your words of wisdom, Aj. Although none of my older sisters have essentially downsized everything to move into a 5th wheel have all purged often enough to offer your experiences. Slowly but surely I will bag up things that don't feel like a second skin to me! :)