Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sign on the, sign on the, sign on the Lawn!

One step closer.

As January draws nigh to the end here we are inching towards the future. With a visit from our agent at Royal LePage on Saturday to have a peek around the place and discuss the important stuff we set up an appointment with her to write up the listing. Oooh exciting!

Wednesday, she came back and with a "Sign here please" and an "Initial here" our house is going on the market. We like having the price settled and are pleased with the lower real estate fee. Now we just want to get it sold. With a brother-in-law in real estate in Hanover, we get great guidance with a few perks too!

Thursday, I popped home from work to meet with the photographer and keep the pooch out of the way. I have already prepared my supervisor that there could be frequent (we can only hope!) text messages asking me to nip home for showings over the next month. With a small dog who is excitable with change and 11 years old, we want the opportunity to go home first and check for accidents and do the final walk through. With just over 2 mths left of employ, we knew this would not be a problem.

Last night, the For Sale sign went on the lawn. Today, Friday, the pictures are prepared and our agent has emailed them to us. What a beautiful little house! My sister said maybe we should put in an offer! She does have a great sense of humour, it runs in the family.
House for Sale
Bill has been so excited with this process or is it nervous tension? He does like to have things to 'worry over' (I say) 'think about' (he says) so there will be lots of things on his mind for the upcoming time period. Last night when the truck pulled up out front and hammered the FOR SALE sign on the lawn he waited for 10 minutes before saying "Is there a SOLD sign on it yet?" Lordy o' Lordy, how will I ever keep him restrained?

Spare Bedroom
We've managed to cart more 'stuff' off for donation, more 'stuff' to the garbage and even more 'stuff' to the recycle depot in the city. The poor dog can't understand why we keep moving things around, even his bed got moved out of the sight of the camera lens. To delve into that little brain would be the hilight of my day.

We're not piggies but there are still a few ground rules now that the house will be on the market. All dirty laundry goes in the basket, immediately. All dishes need to be cleaned up before we leave the house in the morning. We eat our meals in the dining room and we take the time for a quick run through with the carpet sweeper or vacuum when it is warranted, instead of waiting for the weekend.

Now it is biting our fingernail time. The market is pretty good right now in our fair city, we think the timing is right and the weather certainly seems to be co-operating. Let the texts begin!
Pond and back yard
Dining Room, kitchen and living room

Some of you may ask "what happens if you sell now? what if your closing date is March 30? where will you live?" These could be real stressers for someone who thrives on it but I don't. Yes, it may get tense if we have to be out of the house before April 1 but they are called back up plans and all positive thinkers have them. We'll deal with it, is all I can say.
Rec Room

Every one is a card


Thanks for reading and following along on the journey many of you have taken.

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