Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Feeling Better About Our Upcoming Decision

Tuesday was a day filled with appointments to view Long Term Care Homes for Mom. At 10 am I left to go to Hanover so I could meet up with my sisters, Donna and Gayle. I was early so made a quick stop to see Mom. After discovering that she was not in her room, we found that she had been taken down to an exercise class!
Mom exercising
Through the "looking glass"
I was invited to pop in and watch but decided it would only distract Mom from participating so stayed outside the glass windows and snapped a few pictures. I remember in 2010 when we moved her here, she said that the exercise classes were just 'silly, little things' like lifting your legs, moving your arms etc. “What kind of exercise is that?”
Enjoying the 'silly little things" 
Today, she seemed right at home sitting in a chair tossing a ball up and catching it, squeezing it to stretch her hands and fingers and raising it up and down.  I know I was being sneaky with my camera but my heart was swelling, watching her, so pleased that they were including her in the activity. I watched for a few minutes and then left without my hug.

Donna made us up some scrambled eggs while we waited for Gayle and then we headed out. We viewed 4 homes in the vicinity and have walked away with a better feeling than we had when first receiving the information about moving Mom into one. Naturally, some were better than others but basically three of the four we toured are very acceptable and we think Mom would settle in nicely.

There is an unquestionable first choice, of which she is first on the wait list. It is a beautiful place that is right in Hanover, Mom’s current village of residency and we have a close second, 10 minutes to the west. One she can bring in her own furniture, right down to her bed and the other only allows a swap out of a comfy sitting chair, all other necessary furniture provided.

So, now we have to contact CCAC again to get a couple of questions answered before putting Mom on the list for 3 of the above homes. We were pleasantly surprised with the cost and they were all close in price according to the Ministry guidelines. It will be nice to have her settled in a place that offers 24-hour care including personal care without the added costs we are paying now.

It was a beautiful day to be out and about and even nicer to get this done together. I hope you all enjoyed your day as well.
How can something that is dying be so pretty? How I wish
we could all leave this world looking so beautiful!
Trees changing

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  1. We have been through that a few times lately with both mothers and is a relief knowing that they are being attended to. Good luck.

    1. thank you George. It is a good feeling moving forward. she can afford a private room and it is almost half what we are paying now for her care.

  2. The trees in our park are also starting to change colours.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. some of the trees just don't have that brightness that I love......the plain Janes I suppose.