Friday, October 7, 2016

Lists, Calendars and More Lists

You guys/gals weren’t kidding! I’m talking about you long-timer-full-timers. Every other year, Bill and I have read your blog posts at this time of year. You have lists of things that you are checking off on a daily basis before heading south. At that point all we did was sigh and wish it were us.

Here it is October 7 and now we are doing the same thing. Bill actually said to me yesterday “We need to make another list of all of the appointments we are lining up, things are getting booked up!”

On the table in the Suite is a scribbly note pad with a ‘list’ of things to do “Before We Leave”. 
This list doesn't include normal things like closing up the garden, bunky, last grass cutting etc. Of about 20 things filling up the page, we have so far crossed off 7 things. That leaves 13 if my math is correct and we have 16 days before we leave to do them in. Oh, okay we can do that.

First though we need to remove 5 days for a commitment to the Toronto RV Show. This is a done deal, and although I have decided to stay home with our pooch this year, I have offered to ride along with Bill to deliver 2 large rv’s from CanAm in London to the International Centre in TO one day. He will need a co-driver, for safety sake. I don’t need him falling asleep at the wheel on his return trips.

Then there are 6 days tied up with family, friends' visits and commitments of that sort.

So, we’re down to 5 days. Some of the ‘list’ things are small but written down so we don’t forget to do them. The rest of the 'list' things are appointments and will only take brief interludes of time. Picking up prescriptions, oil change and delivering my plants to my sisters. 

Aside from that list is the normal “guide to hitting the road” list. There is an interior and exterior list, just to be sure we don’t get ahead of ourselves and become negligent. Bottom line is that the list is manageable and we will get them dealt with.

Today is another beautiful summer-in-fall day and other than a few small things to do inside, we have managed to be outdoors most of the time. Even Clemson is at the door each time to get out there in the sunshine.

He loves it as much as I do.

So, keep on checking your lists and we’ll be doing the same here on The Ridge.

Thanks for following along! All comments are welcome.


  1. Guess we are used to it after 10 years, it is just part of what we do, relax and enjoy the weather and soon you will be on the road. enjoy every day it is an amazing lifestyle.

    1. Funny thing is that I feel perfectly relaxed. The lists help but I am still finding time to enjoy these gorgeous days. Bill is a goer but has slowed down a lot in his retirement.

  2. I'm certain we'll be more relaxed next year but with everything needed to be done this year we are probably feeling as frazzled as you are. Normally we don't leave until after celebrating Christmas with our kids so from now on for some years to come we'll celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together. Once you turn the key and cross the border it will be a load off your minds.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I'm not easily frazzled and this preparation seems to be no exception. The lists are my way of managing things as I did it for over 30 yrs in my job. I'm enjoying this transition. We will see all of our children this weekend, my two with grandchildren on Sunday and 3 of Bill's with grandchildren on Monday. Love the 'turning the key' remark. :)

  3. What a fun and imaginative post! It's so imaginative, in fact, that it inspired a subject in one of my upcoming posts. I will, of course, give you the appropriate credit. Nice job, as usual, with your blog! We're feeling your excitement, by the way. Hang in there; it will all come together. You're doing all the right things.

    1. Well yes, thank you, (as she bows down 'appropriately') I can certainly claim 'imaginative' as one of my attributes in life! I'm anxious to ready your inspired post! Thanks, it is coming really quickly but I feel we will be full prepared.

  4. I can imagine its lists of all lists given how much I list for just a vacation. Good to be on top of it though. You must be very excited.