Saturday, October 22, 2016

Not the Best Time for Company, But the BEST Time!

When my girlfriend, Brenda,

from London tried to pick a couple of days when she could bring her new boyfriend, Randy, to meet us there were not many days that worked for all of us together.

Brenda's business flyer
We went the whole summer hoping to hear when she could come and hoping it would work for us as well. It simply didn’t. 

Brenda is a hair stylist among other things and works out of her own home as well as at Arbor Trace Alzheimer’s Special Care Centre in London. She is a very special lady and does hair care for the residents three times a week with a house cleaning job in the midst of all that. Needless to say, she is busy and it is hard to schedule her time and Randy’s time to meet our free weekends.

Finally, we were all able to pick a date for them to come and spend overnight here at The Ridge with us. As it turns out, they could drive here Friday, Oct. 21 for lunch and stay in the bunky until Saturday. Yes, 2 days/3 sleeps before we hit the road! It freaked us out a bit, thinking of the last-minute items to be done after their visit. Would we have time to then close up (pack the shed, the bunky, put outdoor furniture away) after they left?

Bottom line, if it meant we couldn’t see her before we left, we would make this work. The weather didn’t co-operate for a nice outdoor visit and evening fire BUT it did work for us in the long run. Because it was cold, windy and a couple of nasty days we were able to put things like our patio table & chairs away before they came. We wouldn’t be using them. No chance of a fire at night when it was 5C. No thanks!

So, even though they had freed up two nights we had to be honest and say that with only a couple of days before departure, we could only offer one night to them. That felt bad but they totally understood.

Arrival by 1 pm

Brenda's infectious smile

Brenda and Randy
Oh, my goodness!!! Even though it was bad timing, in a sense to have company, it was the very best of times!! 
Brenda and I ready to pose
We whole heartedly approve of Randy for this sweet friend (not that it mattered) and probably to someone’s standards consumed too much alcohol. The laughter and great times that ensued in 24 hours was totally worth the late visit.

Come again you two!
Our guests pulled out at noon after a filling hash brown skillet brunch and promises to come back in 2017 at an earlier time and a longer stay. 

Great friends

Good bye!
Until 2017!
Soon after, Bill and I were able to carry on with the breakdown of crossing off the ‘lists’. I dismantled the bunky, sucking up blankets/sheets/pillows/duvet into vacuum bags and Bill straightened up the storage shed making sure batteries were removed and gas tanks in the lawn equipment had stabilizer in them. 
The shed is getting organized
We had a couple of things that we wanted to burn so Bill braved the cold and added some heat to the fire pit. Another 'last' at The Ridge.

Within two hours the bunky looked like a sitting room, the shed was neatly organized for the winter, the black and grey tanks were dumped and the fresh water topped up once more.
Bill tending fire

Oh, Brenda, I noticed that you left some of that ‘deadly’ Australian wine behind so instead of wasting it, I had a glass in your honor.

It is still very cold, only 2C out there but no more sight of that wet snow that was blowing around this morning! We are snug and warm inside with a good feeling of accomplishment once again.

I hope your day was a good one and your travels are bump free. Please feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Know what you mean about last minute things that have to be added to the to-do list and we've still got a week to go.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Thank you, that week is going to zip by! I can't believe it is 2 more sleeps in Canada. woohoo!

  3. As you get used to it gets easier. We don't have anything to pack up, to great ready, no lists. Just pull in the slide, secure the coach, raise the jacks and hook up the car and away we go.
    Was nice to see your friend though.
    Soon you one the road travels safe and enjoy all the journey. We may even see you on the road at some point.

  4. It would have been nice to see Brenda and meet Randy but time did not allow. We will make this happen in 2017 for sure! We too are readying for winter, not to go South, but to relax in front of our fireplace while the snow piles up outside....gotta' love Canadian winters!

  5. We wish you safe travels. Will be thinking of you tomorrow as you head out. To bad we couldn't get together to go over some of our experiences with traveling the for south/west.