Thursday, November 10, 2016

Let's Take a Drive to Tucson, Arizona

Wednesday, Nov. 9 brought us another nice day, sunny, windy and around 74F. 

Sounding a bit like a broken record, I know, but we are still pinching ourselves and when something is new to us, I'm going to talk about it!

Aside from the weather being wonderful, Bill and I got up and watched a bit of the fall out from the election before grabbing a quick breakfast and heading into the big city of Tucson.

We knew that it was an hour drive for us so wanted to get a good start on our day. Well, we watched more on the tube than we’d intended so it was 10:15 before we got in the truck. No worries! We’re retired and we had no deadline, no schedule.

Loved this metal display, so lifelike
Arriving in Sonoita

 What a great drive this was, heading out of the park and turning left on Hwy 82 to Hwy 83 where we encountered a Border Control checkpoint. We knew they were in the area so came prepared with our passports. Good thing. Too bad the border guards between Canada and the US weren’t as friendly as these guys! We had a nice little chit chat about us and a bit about him and off we went.
The 2 lane highways until we got to I-10 are quite nice and the scenery is a joy. Bill did his best not to get dizzy on the winding, and even more winding county road as we de-elevated down about 2000 ft.

Destination: Camping World and we found it easily. We love this store and enjoy the 10+% discount we get on our purchases. We always have a list but wanted to be wise with what we purchased since we know we’ll be near one again before heading home. Only buy what we really need/want and wait and see what the deals at Quartzsite bring in January.
Beautiful water tower
So, leaving there, we realized that we were both quite hungry since we’d eaten just a bowl of cereal/oatmeal at 8 am. I know that cereal does not stay with you very long, but we didn't want to take the time to make a fulfilling bacon and eggs meal today. 

Neither one of us felt like the same ole same ole fast food like McDonald’s or Wendy’s so set off looking for the advertised Waffle House. Nope, seemed like a wild goose chase and as much I would have liked to try one, our tummies weren’t too patient.

Well, we will just head back towards home and find something along the way. We had to make one stop first. Noticing that the Pima Air and Space Station was just a few short miles down the road, we popped in to see what the admission fees were and what was offered. The time was against us for this day, since it was already past 1 pm and there was a bus and tram tour we could take advantage of if we arrived early in the day. So! Decision made, price checked, we would come back at the beginning of the week to take part in the whole shebang. This looks like a great tour and museum and Bill being the ‘wings’ guy he is, how can we refuse?

We got back on I-10 S and watched for an exit with food. It wasn’t long and we found one for a Freddy’s. Never having been to one of these, we knew it would be something new and looked inviting. Fast food, yes, but different, yes again.
I loved the music, the staff was refreshing and the décor was quaint and you could read all about Freddy while you waited for your food. So I ordered the Original Double Melt Burger on toasted Sour Dough bread and Bill had a gooey wonderful looking cheeseburger, loaded, with our fries and a drink. We were both very pleased with the quick bite and mine was so filling that I brought half of the sandwich home. Yup, it hit the spot!
another first, Saguaro cactus
The Sonoita Inn is a lovely old building

Beautiful large homes out in the middle of the desert
We arrived home around 3 and went through our purchases. One thing we got that will help in organization in the shower is a caddy for our shampoo bottles, etc.
Funny it doesn't seem so jumbled here

But, this is much neater and contained
It isn’t a big deal but we knew if we found something we liked, that didn’t have to be moved each time we moved, we’d buy it. This one works perfect and it isn’t suctioned to the shower, which in our experiences only last so long.

We wanted a push bar and an aluminum grate for the screen door so found those as well. With a curious puppy who likes to jump up on the screen on occasion, this is going to be a blessing. My handyman is going to have to make a wee adjustment so it fits our wide door but with no other option for size, he’ll make it work. 

We also found a  small basic Weather Station with a remote for outside and an inside thermometer.

I like to know what the temperature is outside each day and this one will replace the window one that seemed to have lost its mind this summer. 

So, that was our day. We didn’t need supper, really, so Bill made a sandwich and I had some yogurt and cheese. We can’t get over how long the evenings are when we come inside so early but managed to find something on tv to watch until 10.

We like rising around 7 and if we go to bed much before then, we’d be wide awake at 6. Even though it is nice and bright out around 6:30, we like the snuggle time to last a little longer.

I hope your day was as enjoyable as ours was. Thank you for reading, I think tomorrow will be another lazy day for this gal!


  1. Nice that your are getting out and exploring. lower elevations make for much warmer temps. keep having too much fun.
    That space station is interesting we did it a couple years ago.
    The Saguaro national park is very nice there near Tucson as is so many other places.

    1. Yes we love driving and seeing what we can see while in the area. It does get cool at night here but the days so far have been nice. Too cool for the shade though. We have another week here before we move, we'll be ready for warmer temps. We drove past the sign for the Saguaro park and thought it would be worth going into, thanks!

  2. While you were busy sightseeing, I raked up 7 bags of leaves to disperse in my flowerbeds for winter protection. It was a gorgeous day, by Canada's standards, and I was outside working for most of it!

    1. That's great, sis. Glad you are able to get out on those nice days as well.

  3. Bravo, Donna!

    I sorted through a lot of clothes and donated two big bags of rejects. Then I visited Nelly and shared a bottle of bubbly with her son and two friends. In the evening, I learned of Leonard Cohen's death while re-watching two episodes of Downton Abbey.

    Life in Canada is not too shabby either. :-)
    See what you're missing, Pat? ;-)

    1. I'm guessing this is Aj but it only comes up Anonymous. Thanks for reading! If I'm wrong, don't forget to include your name. :) Did you ever catch the show "Missing Downtown Abbey?" It was a 2 hour show narrated by "Tom" the family inductee. It was excellent and did indeed make me miss the show. Enjoy Canada for me but sorry, not missing a thing related to her weather. :)