Friday, December 9, 2016

A Bit of Shopping, A bit of history and some Jibber jabber.

Location Today: La Posa South, Quartzsite, Arizona


Friday, December 9, 2016

Yesterday I was up at 7 and dressed for the cool 48F and took a walk around one end of this LTVA. It was a mile and a half by the time I returned and it felt great! Today, I wanted to duplicate the walk and was thrilled that Bill wanted to join me, so with walking sticks in hand,we did our mile and a quarter.
Two stick people walking this morning

The eastern sunrise displaying a gorgeous southwest sky

and as always, the sun comes up

After reading our blogs on Thursday, Bill and I took a drive into Quartzsite again. It was a sunny warm morning and I felt more like wandering around. We had a couple of things we wanted to check out, for the betterment of life here in the ‘boonies’. We decided to buy some awning lights, something we’ve discussed often, to adhere to the rv below the awning and I found a couple of books, a slotted spoon because mine has disappeared, clippers for our pooch (ssh, he doesn’t know yet) and a couple of lightweight t-shirts for $1.50!

Before we left town, I suggested we drive back to see the Hi Jolly Pioneer Cemetery. If you click on the pictures, you can enlarge to read the story of Hadji Ali, the camel driver who was hired to survey for a wagon road across Arizona in 1857.

Goosebumps when I read of those born in the 1880's and died in the 1940's.
So many were young upon their death.

There is something about walking through burial sites from the old west days. It really gets to me and I find myself reflecting on the life these settlers lived. We wanted to be back before noon as we knew the Rousseaus were going to be stopping in to say hi.
Rick and Kathy from It's About Time blog
This post isn’t necessarily about the day, the visit or the new acquaintances we met, rather things that got me thinking. As I wrote the date above, it puts me in mind of two things. My girlfriend, Brenda, back home is having a birthday today.
Happy Birthday, Brenda!
This is special because she is one of my closest friends and she shares the birthday with my dad who passed away in 1995.
An early pix of my dad with my daughter and little sister
I tell her that happened for a reason, not just a fluke. J  So thinking along that line, I like to remember the number of times that kind of thing has touched my life.

Bill and I are 2 years apart, 2 years less 7 days to be exact. We are both Libras, Sept. 23 and 30 so we can celebrate our birthdays the same week. My daughter, Bridgette,

was born on May 11 and Bill’s youngest daughter, Jess, was born 14 years later on the same date.

My parents were married on Jan. 15, 1946 and my oldest grandson, Taylor, was born on Jan. 15, 1995, the same year my dad died. 
Tj, my grandson
My son, Patrick’s, birthday is on Sept. 11, a happy day only shadowed now by the date of the twin towers attack and I have another close girlfriend who shares Sept. 11 as her special day as well.
My son, Patrick
I know these could be all silly coincidences but I love this kind of thing and as individuals we can believe what we want about it. I truly believe things happen for a reason in our lives and just felt like putting it all down on paper, so to speak.

Thank you for indulging me today! Bill will write about meeting new friends in his post on On Our Way.

Have a fantastic day wherever you are!


  1. Glad that you are enjoying this amazing desert scenery.
    And all those coincidences are amazing. Food for thought.

    1. Every day is wonderful, we have totally made the right choice. Coincidences always make me chuckle.

  2. It was wonderful meeting with you and Bill yesterday and hopefully we'll be able to get together before we go different ways.
    Kathy's Birthday is April 29th and mine May First. We try to celebrate on the 30th.
    Our Daughter-in-law Jennifer also shares September 11.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. It is nice to have birthdays close together like that.

  4. We have a BIG coincidence that I will tell you about when we see you.