Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas in a New Land and yet it Feels Pretty Good!

Monday, Dec. 19 in Pilot Knob RV Resort, California
Sunset Sunday night
Well, since we are settled, I mentioned a couple of things I wanted to get done here. I was up by 7 and out for my walk around the park. This was a challenge when I was headed north because the wind was whipping around about 25 mph making me tour the park east/west instead. 
That along with our morning reading and blog posting done we set to work.
Just over the fence  is the Pilot Knob LTVA camping
2 weeks for $40
First off was a thorough cleaning of the Suite and with me dusting and sweeping, Bill got out the vacuum. Within 45 minutes we were done!

Secondly, breakfast and dig out the decorations. The morning went quickly and Bill and Clemson made themselves scarce while I hung my favourite things for the season. The tree was the last thing and after seeing our friends’ tree up in Las Vegas, I was so anxious!

It didn’t take long to do but every ornament has a special memory for me. Now we are one step closer to Christmas.

Donna, notice my pendulum?
After my shower, I sat outside to read for a bit before Bill and Clemmy joined me. Bill had plans to try and use our new clippers on the pooch but he was having none of it. We did manage to trim his feet a bit and the top of his head, but finally gave it up for lack of endurance (on our part!). For the record, inside later when Clemson was snuggled in my recliner with me, he was docile enough to let me take the small scissors to his whiskers and around his eyes. So, looking a bit more presentable for the season.

Happy Hour was at George and Suzies’ across the way and we almost missed it! My Fitbit is on California time so I need to get that fixed since it is my only watch these days. The shade came too soon and within an hour I was chilled enough to come back home to the warmth of the rv.

Decorated rigs to individual taste

Think I will partake in a hot tub today!
Steak, potato and a salad was on the menu for supper and it was delicious but too much food for me. I was stuffed for the remainder of the evening. I did a bit of searching online for campgrounds for our trip home and we watched the American Idol Christmas special before I hit the hay. It was another good day in this life of leisure.

The final touch on our dusty Suite.
Bridgette, my daughter, made this for us a couple of years ago
I've since added a red/green ribbon.
Pretty garden area up by the laundry/pool/office

Thank you for reading along and all comments are welcome!


  1. Hope that you, Bill and Clemson have a Merry and Safe Christmas. We are looking forward to seeing you all again in the New Year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Merry Christmas to both of you as well. Enjoy the southwestern warmth as you move into 2017!

  2. Christmas with sunshine and no snow is always different but we sure enjoy it.
    Your trailer looks wonderful and decorated for Christmas.
    We need the sunshine to keep us comfortable and less wind is much better. Today should be a wonderful one.

    1. This will be a treat for sure! Not only the no snow but the warm temperatures to go along with it. can't believe I was actually in the pool outside on Dec. 20! I had fun decorating the Suite, thank you.

  3. Nice to see that you can still get into the holiday season with the warm temperatures and sand blowing around! It's hard to believe the 25th is so close.....though I am as ready as I'm going to get. I look forward to our family Christmas dinners and have one on the 25th and another on the 26th. Be safe and have a Merry Christmas sis.

  4. Yes, it is nice, there are decorations all around us too but the best are right inside our own home. :) I trust you noticed the pendulum? Merry Christmas to you, Gerry and the rest of your families. Love you guys!