Saturday, December 24, 2016

New Sunshade, 2 Hot Tubs, Swim, Happy Hour, Warm Night

Friday, Dec. 23rd and lots of things going on. Bill and I were up and at ‘em by 7:30 today. I try really hard to slip out of bed without waking him, but it doesn’t work very well. I’m usually awake around 6 and manage to doze a bit more but by 7 my peepers are wide open.

 Lately, Bill has been sleeping really soundly when I creep around the bed and down the short hall to the bathroom. Either me closing the door or Clemson’s movement causes his steady breathing to pause and then I hear him getting up too.

Today, Bill had things on his mind to do so I went for a walk by myself with the break of dawn. It looks like a great day ahead by the telltale clear blue sky. Come to find out soon that the clouds were lingering on the horizon and soon took over the sky.
Waiting for the arrival

Puddles from Thursday nights rain

Love love love this!

Bill was cleaned up and soon on the road back to Yuma to the Arizona Market. We had looked at sun screens for our awning yesterday but needed to take one more measurement before making the purchase. 

All mixed up and ready for application
I knew what I had to do while he was gone. I am blonde, not naturally but it is the colour I’ve chosen to stick with for the most part. 
The problem with that is that those pesky gray roots keep threatening to take over and I’m not ready for that yet. Nor is Bill, so today was the day to do a root touch-up.

Pesky grays
Guys, you sure won’t find this interesting, but that’s okay. I’ve read enough about repairs that haven’t stopped my heart so I understand if you skip to someone else’s blog. J
A picture of grass for the guys while I carry on with my drama
Clemson also gets bored with the whole hair thing

Anyway, this is a process I’ve done many times and it stems from not wanting to spend the salon prices to do something I can do myself. I can think of better things to do with that money! When I am home and want hair services done, full colour or cuts, I have my girlfriend, Brenda, who is the best stylist in the world! I miss her! My hair came out  nice, roots are hidden for now and the Suite has been tidied and swept. Brenda would be proud.

Bill arrived home, and set to work installing  the new sun shade he got from Shade Pro. The Beatles song rings true when he had “A little help from My friends” and the job was soon finished.

Rob and Gerry lending a hand

First zippered section in

Front and side panel done, Clemson approves
Thank you Rob and Gerry and all the fresh air supervisors as well, including me! This shade will not only be great here and in the desert but back home in Durham when we are enduring the heat and humidity of the afternoon summer sun. Well worth the price!

Had an afternoon hot tub
and a swim, beautiful and peaceful
The wind had picked up by the time I got back from my swim so we put the sunshades away. We hosted Happy Hour today and I shared some of my homemade Christmas cake that I told you about the other day. I'll try and post the recipe at some point. It was a hit.
George, Suzie, Rob

Melinda and Gerry

George snapped this one of me before I started taking pics


The skies cleared once more and the sun warmed our hearts and bodies before everyone headed home for dinner.

After dinner, I donned my swimsuit once more and walked up in the darkened hour of 6:30 to the hot tub to meet a new friend, Pati. We’d met earlier this afternoon and promised to re-unite with a glass of wine to learn more about each other. It wasn’t long and we were joined by another couple and the conversation took off to places unknown to me.
Hot tub waiting for us, wine too
Different appearance at night
I bid everyone an evening farewell, changed in the ladies’ room and came home to watch some tv and have some dessert with my sweetie. I managed to stay up until 10:30 which meant I would be able to sleep in a bit in the morning.
Heard this brute from the Yuma M.C. Air Base
 coming so grabbed my 300mm lens

You can almost see the Marines sitting in there
Thanks for following along, your comments are always welcome!


  1. It was a wonderful, glad you are enjoying the hot tub and pool.
    Gotta love that sunscreen and so easy to put up. Thanks for hosting Happy Hour, always fun.

    1. I am enjoying this park. Like to do things I can't do at home or in the desert!