Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Turning Plans into Fruition

Tuesday, Dec. 6 and Wednesday, Dec. 7 changed the way we do things in and around our home. We left Bullhead City, Az on Tuesday morning by 10:15 am, according to plans and within 2 ½ hours we were approaching another major destination on our Bucket List.
Since October 2013 Bill and I have talked about this first trip, this first step into the unknown. We’ve discussed it, we’ve dreamt about it, we’ve planned for it and now it is unfolding before our eyes and we are smack dab in the middle of it all. Oh, how rewarding it is to us now, after what seems like a very long time in the planning stages.

There have been soooo very many ‘firsts’ on this adventure and I know I won’t be able to mention them all but here are a few.

   Selling our house and not buying or renting another
  Selling everything in our house for a major down-sizing
  Living full-time in an rv
   Travelling south before winter hits
Route 66
   Upon travelling south, not turning around after the normal 2 weeks’ vacation
  Sleeping in an rv in a Walmart parking lot

   Crossing many state lines, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and a biggie …………. Arizona! (a bucket list destination)

Cadillac Ranch

  My first tumbleweed


      My first saguaro cactus

Cotton fields

  My first south west jack rabbit

My first burro

                                                               My first quail

Just a few, for me these were a big deal. I haven’t mentioned sunsets here in the desert, seeing rv’s along the highway in open desert fields nor have I touched on the absolute freeing feeling I experience on a daily basis, here in the wonderful southwest.

Arriving in Quartzsite, Az yesterday we found La Posa South 

and quickly spotted George from Our Awesome Travels waiting for us inside the LTVA grounds. We paid our 2-week fee of $40 and located a level spot not too far away from his and Gerry and Melinda’s rvs. We’re here! Quartzsite and we just know we’re going to love it as much as everyone else here does.
Our No Name, No Number site for a week
We joined our neighbours for happy hour at 3 and caught up on the latest. 

We solved some issues, just by discussion and picked up some more helpful tips to make life easier on the road. Calling it a night at 5:30 we went inside to warmer temperatures.
Gerry and Melinda on the left and further up, George and Suzie

The sky hasn’t been completely forgiving, with skiffs of clouds throughout the first day we arrived and the wind had changed direction making it a bit cooler than I’d hoped. We decided to test the walls of our Mobile Suite and didn’t bother with any form of heat during the evening or overnight. We aren’t entirely ‘cold’ sleepers, meaning we find we do like some form of heat while sleeping but not wanting to run the furnace all night after a day without full sun, we went to bed by 11 pm pulling up the extra spread.

Boondockers along the highway
Wednesday, we woke up and were pleasantly surprised to find that although it was 46F outside, the Suite was holding its own at 53F. Bill turned the furnace on, set at 66F, for 15 minutes to take the chill out and by that time the sun had risen enough to retain this temperature.

Before long, once more, the clouds seemed to take over the blue sky with a mere skiff and I knew it wasn’t going to be a ‘sit outdoors’ kind of day for me. We had a few things we wanted to check out in the small town of Quartzsite so drove in after breakfast. We are checking out a propane heater so visited RVLifestyle with great success.
Tuesdays sunset
A few tent vendors were set up at one end of town so we stopped in for a quick peek. Only a quick peek because I failed to dress warm enough to walk and walk through the majority of shops that caught my eye. We came home after picking up a few necessary items and stopping at Satellite Advantage for some help with our dish reception for the bedroom. Still not working since it tipped over last Friday in the wind. They were a terrific help and we are now good to go!

While Bill was back and forth to town over the dish, I was able to catch a few rays getting very close to finishing my Michael Connelly novel. Clemson and I enjoyed a peaceful afternoon before we all joined the group for happy hour at 3:45pm. When the sun starts to go down, I really feel the chill of night so need to move inside. I didn’t miss catching yet another gorgeous sunset before I fried up some Tilapia with potatoes for supper. We settled in for the night.

I hope you had a great day as well and I thank you for reading.


  1. We'll be visiting someone not far from you tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully we can say a quick Hello then visit another day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. That would be great! We plan to be around this afternoon but into town this morning for a bit. We are beside Melinda and Gerry next to George.

  3. Hello Pat and Bill.....I seem to have difficulty responding to your blogs as I've tried several times. ...trying again. I have enjoyed following your blogs and reading about your travels. Thanks for the postcard and Christmas card...nice to receive in the Mail! I will add the one to my postcard collection.Happy Travels, MaryBeth