Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Day Around Camp Then Laundry Day

Wednesday, Jan. 11th seemed to be a repeat weather day here at Imperial Dam, identical to Tuesday’s start up. Wispy clouds kept us covered off and on during the day but it warmed up nicely by mid-day.
And good morning sunshine!

I was up before Bill and just about ready to head out the door at 7:45 when he opened the bedroom door. He saw I was dressed for a walk and gave me my morning kiss. That always puts a highlight on my day and a lift in my step!
The sun rising on the sandy hills
I decided to take a different route this time and instead of heading east on Ferguson Road I veered off to the left and followed a great trail. I was walking up and down little hills and valleys but mostly I was on par level with the road and not too far from civilization. I admit that I don’t like walking by myself into areas that are too sheltered.
Mountains to my south

My new walking trail
The sun was gorgeous at that time in the morning and I felt great! When I had turned back, I met Rob just heading out in the opposite direction for his morning exercise. Howdy neighbor!
Glorious colours every where I looked

Lo and behold, a cactus struggling to grow in the rocky terrain

The rest of the day was pretty laid back. Bill helped Rob with something on his rv and then a couple of small projects on his own around here. I gave the Suite a dusting and sweep through before settling outside with my colouring book. Yes, you read that right.
Quite a group of these 4-wheelers came in in the afternoon

I knew these adult colouring books would eventually intrigue me enough to buy one and when we were in the city on Tuesday, I picked one up at Walmart with pencil crayons for $6. I always loved to colour as a child so why should that hobby be restricted only for the young?


Pat came over to visit briefly and informed me that they were good therapy, so there ya go! I’m sure we all need therapy of some kind at some point in our life, right? I’m helping myself at a discounted price.

Still snapping pictures of my morning views                  

We were invited to Happy Hour next door at 3 and Bill was waiting for me to boil the kettle for tea and Clemson was patiently waiting as well. 


Clemson likes Happy Hour too

Barbecued chops and salad for supper and I had pulled my homemade apple pie out of the freezer for dessert. I sent Bill over with a couple of pieces for Rob and Pat as well. That way we aren’t eating it all by ourselves!

Yum! Pie for sharing

Imagine this! Finding my own name in the sand! Ha ha

                        The evening drifted away with us reading our books until bedtime at 10. 
the moon making an entrance in the south eastern sky

Thursday we were all on our way into Yuma once more, this time in Rob’s Ford and this time to do our laundry. 
Thursday morning's sunrise did not disappoint
If we are pulling up stakes here on Sunday, we want to avoid the weekend rush.

We arrived close to 10:30 am and found plenty of available washers. Within 20 min. we realized just how lucky we were to get there when we did. The place filled up and many people were either waiting to load or had to use washers in different spots in the laundromat.

By noon, the clothes were folded and we were out of there. Once more, there were a few errands to run, Al’s RV, Pet Smart, Chase bank, Home Depot, gas for the generator, a stop for propane and Marshall’s. We were surprised when we were invited to lunch at the Golden Corrall as a treat to Rob and Pat. How nice!

The buffet offered many choices so once again we ate plenty and will not require a meal at 5:30 tonight. Instead when we got home, we put clothes away, skipped Happy Hour and had a snooze. Clemson was happy to have us home again. A cup of tea will hit the spot with perhaps another piece of pie later tonight.

It has been a couple of great days for sure even though the skies were covered in clouds all day. The solar panels had no work to do today so that meant running our genny.

Thanks for reading! All comments are welcome.


  1. Nice to get things all done and ready to hit the road again. Travel safe.

    1. Yes, good feelings when you have the laundry and groceries all done up!

  2. Nice pictures. That walking trail is calling my name. I made a note of this area for the next time we are out west.

    1. I really like the new trail, you will too! Hoping for another sunny day to walk it again but not sure if that will happen before we leave. The only things we don't like about Imperial Dam Quail Hill is that we have no T-Mobile cell service and we have mosquitos!!

  3. Beautiful sunrise. For some reason, this year, I can't seem to get out of bed till after sunrise. Must be age catching up to me.

    I do catch the sunsets though, so it's not over for me yet.

    1. Yes, always hope for us as long as the sun comes up and goes down at the end of our day. :)