Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Full Day of Doing Mostly Nothing!

 Wednesday, Jan. 4th started off with a beautiful sunrise at the Imperial Dam LTVA. As soon as we woke up, we knew a great day was ahead of us. The sun was coming up over the mountain around 7:30 am and the sky was free of clouds other than a few low-lying wisps.

Sky just before the sunrise

Good morning, Sunshine!
The outdoor temperature was lingering around 48F and although I wanted to take a walk around the area, I wanted to wait for the dawn darkness to lift a bit more. Bill and I settled at our laptops to read some of yesterday’s posts and he made us each a cup of our our hot morning boost. Mine is tea and his is coffee.

Within the hour, we were out the door with our walking sticks following a sandy trail 
to the west of us. Of course, I over-bundled, forgetting that a brisk walk over hills and down dales would speed up the heart rate, thus raising my body temperature before too long.

Our guides ahead of us

It was a great trek although we had to dodge a few lower mud holes. 

Burro tracks and other things not shown in the picture
There was recent evidence of burros in the area but we didn’t encounter any this morning. I hope we do before our two-week stay is done.                                                                                                              
You never know what kind of set up some people have
out here as their home base
This picture needed to be in grey
to get the full affect

We came off the trail to the main road, Ferguson Road, right at the Christian Service Centre. This is like a little community in the BLM offering propane, church services, mail service, thrift and book store, water and a Solar Shack. I know we’ll go back, it isn’t open on Wednesday.

The rest of the day was easily filled, first bacon and eggs on the Weber Q and then after dishes, I helped Bill adhere the strip of LED lights we bought in Quartzsite a few weeks ago. We’ll need to pick up the wire to finish the process of hooking them up.


Ladder holder and tape dispenser-er

Relaxing time was next so all three of us set out to do just that. Each with our book and Clemson in his tent we settled under the awning on this gorgeous day.
Bill and Clemson under the sun shade

Before too long John, my brother-in-law dropped around to have a look at the installation process of our tilt kits for the solar panel and the two of them climbed to the roof. When he left, we had made plans to go with them to Yuma on Thursday.

Clemson getting used to his tent again

You talking about me, Mom?

Fine then, I'm going to sleep now

but wait! Daddy wants to join you

Okay so we can settle down for a snooze
Soon it was Happy Hour and Rob and Pat joined us for a nice visit and a tea. The time flies when we are having fun, no matter if it is a busy day or the opposite. Bill did manage to get his drone out for a flight today to get some pictures of our location.

An overhead shot of our Suite

A little closer from a different angle

Permission to take this one of Rob and Pat's set up
By 4:30 the temperature had dropped and a memory of home soon drove us inside. Yes, this place seems to be inhabited by hungry mosquitoes and they come out just around dusk. Bill barbecued our Tilapia filets and potatoes for supper while watching another beautiful sunset.

I hope you had an enjoyable day today, until next time, Good night!

Thanks for following along with us on these lazy days. Retirement in the southwest is pretty darn nice.


  1. The warm, sunshine sure does make for wonderful winter days. and the area you are in is wonderful. keep having too much fun there.

    1. Yes we are loving it here. We have yet to explore the whole area.

  2. The kind of doing nothing days appeal to me. What a cute tent you have for Clemson. Where did you get it? Our dogs would love it too I'm sure. Another question, bacon and eggs on the Weber Q because of the odor inside or other reason? I think Benno would like to have a drone also. Looks like fun.

    1. The tent was something we weren't positive he'd use but he does if I put his blanket in there and sometimes my shirt. :) We got it a couple of years ago at Camping World in Mi. We cook the b & e outside as often as we can because of the spattering mostly but if the weather is not conducive we do it inside. Bill loves his drone, saved his pennies and bought it last year. His other rc planes are too big to bring, especially our first year.

  3. I'm surprised that Clemson doesn't object to Bill getting into his private space.
    I didn't think we had Mosquitos down in this area. They must be Snowbirds as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy these Beautiful Warm Days.

    It's about time.

    1. Clemson didn't tolerate it for long, he couldn't figure out how to get out! ha ha cute to watch and Bill was only in it about 5 minutes or so. Yes, up where we are there are skitters around dusk. Other areas here do not have them. lucky us. :(