Friday, January 6, 2017

An Overdue Day with my Sister, Trip into Yuma, Prayers sent back Home

Thursday, Jan. 5th we had made plans to go into Yuma with my sister, Gayle and her husband, John. They were driving and we all had a few things to do in the city. 
What a gorgeous sunrise

We left our site at 9:30 after leaving a note with Rob and Pat on how to get into our Suite and let Clemson out for a run. We didn’t know how long we’d be but it looked like it was going to be a full day. It was so nice of them to offer to do that.

First stop was for laundry and at the same time waiting for the wash loads, Bill went next door and got his ears lowered. Nice job and fast for $12! He came out looking all spiffed up.

From there we headed to the Arizona Market, to a busy parking lot and we toured the many vendors, some familiar from last time and some that I hadn’t visited before.
It was nice being chauffeured around Yuma

I found a couple of deals, especially the genuine leather belts for $2 each. It was on my list and I was pleased with my find.

We had a bite to eat at the food court while listening to the 2-piece band. They were awesome playing a little bit of everything, even some older tunes. Gayle and I had a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich and it was delicious and filled the gap. We’d all had something quick at 7 back at camp so by 1:00 we needed a boost.

Bill found some things too, as did Gayle and John. Bill will tell you about his purchase in an upcoming post. I think it is a guy thing as he was spending his own play money. Gayle and I picked up some fruit and veggies in the market, a much better price than at the grocery store and a whole lot fresher too. We were given a sample of the Rio Red grapefruit and couldn't resist buying some. So naturally sweet and juicy minus the pucker up taste.
Sorry for the blurred photo

We visited a few places, the Super Store, Harbor Freight, Lowe’s and Fry’s before heading home around 4:30. I enjoyed the time with Gayle, very much, we hadn’t spent any alone time with them since they arrived and they are leaving this area tomorrow for Quartzsite.
I think this will work better than the plastic rack
I am currently using in my cupboard which only
holds 7 plates
Pulling into the area of our site we could see Pat and Rob sitting outside and the little head of our baby popped up looking at the truck. He wasn’t sure who it was, since we weren’t in our own Ford, but I’m sure he knew it was familiar. He came running to Bill as he got out and covered his face with doggy kisses.

We sure appreciated our friends yesterday when the day turned out to be longer than we’d expected. Pat said that Clemson was a joy to have, he was such a good dog. That was reassuring and even though past his normal supper hour of …..5? 4? 3? Or whenever he can convince Bill to get it for him, he apparently wasn’t a nuisance. Pat teases that Clemson usually gets his way by just staring at Bill long enough and Bill tries to hold off as long as possible. The time changes aren’t helping any!

How long could you resist this face?

We got the groceries inside and he got his longed-for meal. He was happy and we were happy to have the fridge full again of our essentials. I guess we are getting old because a full day like that wears us out. We were glad for the day but just as glad to be home so we could relax again.

Supper was a quick, non-planned, non-healthy can of Bush’s beans and a couple of Ballpark Beef Franks with toast. It was enough to fill the gap and settle us down for the evening.

Gayle had told us that they watched a new NCIS on Tuesday evening and we insisted that it had to be one they missed since we didn’t think the new shows started until this coming week. Well, we apologize to my sis now, because our PVR had taped the same premiere showing and we were able to watch it last night.

We missed Bull and NCIS New Orleans but hopefully will find them on a different channel soon. We were obviously messed up on our dates and times, aah such are the lives of a retiree.  I made us a cup of tea and we finished off the last 2 peanut butter cookies from a batch made last week as we enjoyed a couple of the Jason Bourne movies.

Today we were sending prayers back home to Bill's step mom in Stratford. She was going in for surgery Thursday and we would touch base in the morning. Update to that, Marilynne came through the operation fine and is on the road to recovery. 

It was a great day, the weather was very warm under a gorgeous blue sky. I didn’t carry my camera around so don’t have many pictures to share.

Thank you for reading and as always, I love your comments.


  1. Glad to read that the surgery went well.
    When writing a blog having your camera with you at all times becomes a necessity. You just never know what you might miss otherwise.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick and Kathy. We are relieved that all is well back home. We have Bill's small Canon pocket camera but I don't always think of it. I like my Canon but it is heavy and awkward when I'm shopping.