Sunday, January 8, 2017

And I Thought Yesterday was a Lazy One!

Sunday, Jan. 8th takes the cake! I woke up to a beautiful sunrise again around 7:30 and had to snap a picture, of course. 

Bill must have had a restless night as he didn’t hear me get up. I am grateful that Bill is the official doggie-let-outer person after dusk settles and before dawn appears. So, after getting up at 6 to let Clemson out, he crawled back into bed and as soon as his head hit the pillow, he was sound asleep and so was the pooch.

I read the blog posts to catch up on the latest news and Bill made an appearance at 8:30. He never sleeps in that late so I’m glad I thought to close the door to the bedroom.  The outside temperature was registering at 50F and inside it was 61F thanks to our Blue Flame heater. Since heat rises and I knew it was warm up in the bedroom, I bumped it up a notch and made myself a cup of tea.

Lazy was the word of the day because before long the clouds rolled across the sky and I decided not to walk. Yes, sometimes something so simple can make or break a plan for me. So, sue me! We tried calling Dad on Google Hangouts after Bill got up but it was too late. He obviously was already at the hospital with Marilynne so we’d try later.
Our neighbours pulled out and left quite a 'mess' behind.
Hmmm, I'm glad they are only going to the dump station
and coming back again with full water tanks
because we would miss them!
Bill had filled our 45-gal. water bladder yesterday down at the office/dump/water station of the LTVA and added vinegar to give it a good sloshing and clean out. He left it in overnight and then today after our scrambled eggs he hooked it up to the pressure washer we brought and gave the Suite a quick wash. The belly and tires were quite muddy from the last rain and dirt we’ve driven through. What was left of the water in the bladder, Bill let run out into the bush garden behind us. 
Bill patiently waiting for the water to drain
 Once emptied he drove over again and filled the bladder up to top up our fresh water tank. It doesn’t take long at all with the little 12 volt rv pump and we’re good to go. We were down to about half a tank full, 46 gal. We are so pleased with our water consumption rituals and I know every boon-docker has to come to their own decisions on how to ration.

He was bustling and I found myself sitting, once again, on my butt just reading and enjoying the heat of the sunshine with Clemson. It doesn’t take much to encourage our little four-legged munchkin to sit with me these days. He was up and down from my lap, up and down from his stool and then when he got too warm, into his shady tent with his teddy.
Clemson is content in his tent with Teddy
He was happy and outside with me for 80% of the day.

After a bite for lunch, Bill went over to help Rob with an underbelly job he’d planned for today. Let’s just say it wasn’t an odor-free job and leave it at that. Two hours rolling around on a tarp in the dirt, lots of chatter and lots of contortions, they finished what they set out to do, with success, I might add. Rob was happy and very appreciative to Bill for his help.

The boys are hard at it

All arms,heads, hands and legs are involved here
If you'll notice, they even have a Fresh Air Inspector on duty
(in purple at the right of the photo)
Two showers later in their own rv’s, our men came to Happy Hour smelling like …… well, let’s just say they smelled much better than before they went in for their wash down. I’m teasing, of course, just happy that Bill was able to help. 

That is what it is like, rv’ers are always dealing with ‘things’ and sometimes having an extra pair of hands (or legs in this case) and an extra head with suggestions makes the chore much easier and cheaper.
Clean up after a job well done

Rob, dressed for the job at hand
Don't we love a man in uniform?
By this time, the sun was out in full force and we enjoyed the heat with a drink and good friends. Before we knew it, time had flown by and we got dinner started. Bill and I had a nice T-bone steak with mushrooms and a salad. We are both concentrating a little harder on what we are eating after noticing that we each have put on a few pounds. Could be my laziness, you say? 

Anyway, all (most) things can be fixed and we’re working on it. Our steak and salad were delicious. After dinner, we managed to get in touch with Dad on Hangouts and found out that Marilynne is doing well and could possibly go home tomorrow. That is great news.
Two Ultralites went over us today

You never know what you'll see if you pay attention

This one flys over and then aims for the sun
 The evening cooled down and once inside we settled in to watch one of our favorite
programs, Madam Secretary. That is the fun part here regarding television. With the time change (which we seem to be on Arizona time although in California) we have to remember to turn the tv on 2 hours earlier than the actual time of the program. Got that? Yeah well, Bill is getting really good at it and we hardly miss our shows.

I hope you have had a great day as well. With just under 3,000 steps reading on my Fitbit today I am promising myself to get out in the morning. Tomorrow is another day.

Thank you for reading. I love your comments.


  1. We sometimes get busy and use it as an excuse to avoid our daily exercises. we are in such a position but looking forward to the day that there won't be any excuses. Glad you're Enjoying the warmth.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. I don't even need to be busy for an excuse!! Sometimes I just don't feel like going for my long walk and take shorter ones. I can see why people say this sun heals what ails you. :)

  2. The daily walkabouts are always part of my day even if it is just a short one. Nothing like enjoying the desert sunshine , and being lazy is a bonus of retirement.

    1. You probably walk more than anyone I know, George, that is awesome! I'm sporadic, maybe things will change another year. The sun is amazing here even on cooler days and if there is nothing to do, does it mean we're lazy? Ha ha I'll ponder that.