Tuesday, January 24, 2017

And Someone Stole our Sun Again!

Sunday, Jan. 22nd was another one of those dull days. Woke up late at 7:30 and the sky was not going to give up the sun, no way, no how. Oh well, it was a calm start to the day at least, the wind had died.
And this was the thirty second sunrise
Before long that changed and the flags were flopping again. I didn’t walk but instead sat at the laptop for a while in my pj’s. That turned into quite a while as there wasn’t any place we needed to be today.

Around 9:30 after stitching away at my project I made us bacon and eggs inside. A good breakfast fills us up for a few hours. We had decided to take Clemson for the 5-minute walk behind us to see if Steve was home but even though his truck was there, he wasn’t. His Airstream is a vintage model in the mid 70’s and he has had the polishing done to it that has left it bright and shiny. 

We carried on around the area a bit before heading back to the Suite. It wasn’t cold out, really, although the wind can cut right through you. I made sure I was bundled up good. The blue sky  peeked out sporadically but just to tease me. It never lasted for more than a few seconds.

Later on we hopped in the truck to take the garbage over to the dumpsters and drove to the west side of La Posa South looking for Don in his Airstream. We drove further back to the south than we have ever gone and entered the territory marked simply N with arrows.

Oh-oh, we know what this means. Since we didn’t want to encounter any of the Nudists nor did we wish to disrobe, we turned the truck around and headed in a different direction. 

Just about to turn onto our road and Bill noticed that there were two vehicles by Steve’s trailer so we drove over there once more. Never give up, I guess, today’s motto. There he was with his friends so we got a chance to catch up briefly. It was nice to see him.

No sunshine today equals No Happy Hour. No fun in sitting outside if we are all chilly so I made us a tea inside and settled in for the evening, just the two of us. A simple supper of sausage on a bun was enough tonight. For some reason, we weren’t overly hungry.

Monday, Jan. 23rd looked good from the start and even though we’d slept in again until 7:30 we managed to get up, showered and up to the parking lot at the RV Show by 8 am. Mind you, we missed our coffees but did manage to grab a bowl of warm oatmeal before we left. I took my laptop along so we could catch up on our blog reading while we waited for show time.

The sky started to improve by 10 am

We were parked really close to the tent again
 This time we wandered in and around a few of the rv’s outside the gate. The Cedar Creeks’, Solitudes’, Montanas’ and the Redwoods’. Very nice but we are just looking at the new features rather than the units themselves. We still believe we have the best. And that is a good thing, it keeps us from making a move!

We do like the bathroom in one of the Cedar Creeks, with full shower and two sinks in the vanity. That is very nice and also, we like the new step system offered on a lot of the new Cedar Creeks and Solitudes. They just lift up inside the door, no folding necessary. Smart idea!

this place would be hopping on a hot day, I'm sure

Sign outside the Beer Belly booth
We walked through the Big Tent again, much quicker this time due to having been there once already and also because of the sparser crowds. The wind was playing havoc on a lot of the outside tent shelters which is unfortunate. The weather is playing a part on the number of patrons wandering through.
Need a garlic grater?
 I picked up a couple more of the free items offered and then we skirted across to the Tyson Wells area of Quartzsite. I wanted to peruse the Discount Food tent and pick up some coffee and canned goods for homemade chili. That is Mike’s influence from Phannie and Mae. He was talking about chili, homemade and otherwise. Thanks Mike, it is a great idea for supper tonight!

I tried sitting outside in the sun with my book around noon hour but even though I was bundled, the wind blasting at 25 mph from the northwest drove a chill right through me. Bill wasn’t surprised that I didn’t stay out more than 10 min. and read inside, instead. I was thinking a walk might be in order to increase my daily step intake today but the clouds are moving over and there is a threat of rain showers.

Not typical weather for the Q apparently, but here it is and we have to endure it. Those of you back home saying ‘ah, poor baby’, true but we did come here for the heat, remember? Tomorrow promises to be a better day so will look forward to that.

Our friends may be moving on tomorrow because of the cooler temps and propane usage for their heater and fridge. When boondocking, everything other than warm weather and sunny skies plays a part in our stay. We all have to do what is right for our individual units and comfort. We fully support whatever each other has to do to be happier. We will miss them if they move out until we see them again at Pilot Knob.

I read for a bit while Bill and Clemmy had a brief siesta on the couch. The wind rocked them to sleep, I’m sure of it. Closer to 5:00 I started frying up some ground beef for chili. An early preparation meant we were eating around 5:30 but that gave me time to take Clemson for a walk/run after we ate and before it got dark.

It really isn’t that cold out if you are dressed to ward off the strong winds. This wasn’t our favourite kind of day, and it is discouraging but here we are, the days are a blessing no matter what the weather is giving us. We love it here and all of what this lifestyle offers.

And the temperamental sun sets on another day

Thank you for reading along. I love reading your comments.


  1. it is what it is and certainly much better than back in Ontario. We do love the wide ope space though. Soon it will get better, we hope. Nice to have you guys here as well.

    1. This is great and at least we know that a couple of colder, windier, cloudier days doesn't mean they will last. It makes us appreciate those sunny days even more!

  2. I never would have guessed what "N" meant. Who would ever want to go nude in the desert!

    1. We were told in advance but just weren't sure how far back we could go before we saw TOO much! ha ha Too chilly for me to go naked!

  3. It was nice to meet you and Bill today. Hope to visit more in the next few days.

    1. It was very nice to meet you and Sue as well. The days are getting better now again. Yay!