Friday, January 13, 2017

And We Deserve Another Rest Day. Who says? I says!!

Friday, Jan. 13th is a quiet day for us here at Quail Hill. We woke up around 6:45 am and went about reading yesterday’s blog posts. It was pretty dark out there and I’m almost in withdrawal with no beautiful sunrise. 

The clouds are plentiful and we can only hope the sun makes an appearance later.

We worked hard yesterday, at least it feels like it! My goodness, laundry, shopping, eating and visiting seems like a full day of work in the life we are living. The bonus is that we are doing it on our own time, at our own pace and enjoying every minute of it!

Bill and I checked the solar batteries and they were low so I thought I’d boil the kettle for my morning tea instead of using the Keurig first thing. In an hour or so if we need to, we can run the generator and not wake anyone up.

So, after our first cup we hiked down my ‘new’ trail together. Bill admits that he doesn't particularly enjoy walking. He has walked for his job most of his life and now he could care less if he took part. BUT, he does walk with me because he knows he 'should' and because he knows I like having him join me.

I’m glad I take my walking stick along, not to help me walk, but on the sandy hills I like it for leverage. We don’t need any sprained ankles! Bill takes one as well but his is in case he needs to protect me, don’t you love it?
Our walk down the trail brought us closer to this
large red coach off in the distance

The sun peeked out so this will be my ‘morning sunrise’ shot for the day.

 We managed to get over a mile in and headed back for our second tea/coffee. Not sure what the day will bring but we’ll follow the weather and see what comes of it.

After a filling breakfast of bacon and eggs on the Weber Q I decided that if we were leaving before Monday, this would be my last chance to visit the Thrift Store again. I have been very good at removing clothes from my closet when I bring new things in so I put together a small bag of about 5 items to make room for the 4 items I picked up on my last visit.
I’m happy that a couple of things went next door as Pat is always open to check good used articles of clothing just like I am. I invited Pat along and drove up to the store just after 10. We poked around and each found a couple of things to bring back home. One being a vintage metal sign of Mennen’s Toilet Powder (circa 1950’s) that will look great back home in our outhouse. I think Donna will love it!

Before we left,  I had to take a quick picture of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ that was taking place in my own front yard. Check it out. 
Before.......handsome, distinguished

After..........handsome, younger looking, my Bill is back

It was nice to have my sweetie back again. Although I do like any look on Bill, this is what we both prefer.

After we returned, we put our 4 heads together and came to a consensus that due to the influx of pesky mosquitoes in this area, we will pack up on Saturday and head out. 

We'll leave a small trace here of our visit
Poor Bill has very tasty blood and they have been gouging him for a few nights. Not pleasant at all. Dr. Pat gave him some more Benadryl and itch cream with instructions to use what he needed. She is a Godsend.

Once the decision was made, Bill set to work slowly outside and I did my usual routine inside. A good Murphy’s Oil cleaning inside as I put things away left the Suite smelling wonderful and clean.

Bill took some time to sit outside and as usual, Clemson joined him. A good opportunity arose and with a brush and comb in hand he gave the little mutt a brushing.
Sit still so Daddy can brush you

You're going to look so pretty

Some of it welcome, and some parts were ‘out of bounds’. Mainly anything around his face and front paws was a clear Don’t Touch!

By 1 pm we were feeling a gnawing of hunger so Bill made himself a sandwich and I made a mixture of cottage cheese, salmon, lettuce and tomato. Just something to fill us up until dinner time. It is leftover night so he can at least put the barbecue away today instead of in the morning.

By 1:30 the sun was pushing through the clouds, trying its best to make a lasting appearance.
Finally it pushed the clouds away and made a grand display
I watched it pop in and out and eventually the sky opened up. Boy did the thermometers rise when that happened! We went very quickly from 65F to 68F and both Bill and I changed into shorts. Let’s hope this big ball of yellow follows us tomorrow to Quartzsite, where the temps tend to be about 10 degrees cooler.

This poses the it a message DO NOT STEAL MY ROCK!
or is it simply to save the rock from blowing away. LOL
Oh well, we have warm clothes if we need them and it will be worth getting away from the biters for sure. Tomorrow will be 2 days shy of 2 weeks and our wheels are itching to turn. Hitch itch is what the long-time full-timers call it.

Clemson and I decided it was time for a walk down the trail to the west so off we went. I’m much braver going this route when I have my killer Cockapoo leading the way. Actually, we don’t go too far and are always out in the open.
A young Palo Verde tree
Stop taking pictures of me, Mom, let's go!

Okay little buddy, let's find Daddy
Soon after that, and a bit of reading outdoors the Happy Hour was upon us. I boiled the kettle for tea and invited Rob and Pat for the last one at Imperial Dam. If you were here, you would have been welcome to join us.

Last Happy Hour here at Imperial Dam this year
The time passes when you are having fun and our Happy Hours together are no exception. We shared future plans, past plans, and discussed tomorrow’s plans before saying goodnight.

The sun disappeared again behind the clouds and before long below the mountain to the west. It was a gorgeous day and whether we will return to Imperial Dam Quail Hill next year or not, this was a fun couple of weeks with our friends.

and the sun sets on another great day
Hopefully your day was a great one whether you worked, played, rested or did a little of everything. We’ll catch up with you tomorrow once we are relocated.

And this my friends, is what it is ALL about
 Thank you for reading along on our adventures. We are having a fantastic time!


  1. Sounds like you're having a great time! Always lots to discover. No snow here. We've actually had lots of rain this week. Have mushrooms growing in my back yard....weird for this time of year. Happy travels!MB

    1. Thank you MB. We are having a hoot! Glad you are not getting snowed in like other areas in Ontario are. Donna said it was mild this week. Nice to hear from you.

  2. We enjoy Imperial dam as well such a nice quiet area, safe travels wherever you go and always have too much fun. The itch get's to us as well year round.

    1. Yes, we heard about Hitch Itch from you first and now we've caught it!

  3. Hopefully we'll see you when we get back to Quartzsite on the 19th.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Not sure where we'll be yet but we will definitely see you at some point.