Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christian Service Centre Thrift Store

Our spot at Imperial Dam
Sunday, Jan. 9th started out with another A-1 sunrise. Like yesterday, it didn’t stay but the temperature did slowly creep up regardless of the cloudy day.
Stunning sunrise on Monday
There wasn’t much on the agenda today but I needed to mail a couple of cards back home so dressed for the milder 53F and walked down Ferguson Road to the Christian Service Centre Post Office.
Looking in at the Christian Centre
the trailers you see on the left and right are businesses
I left the Suite at 8:40 and even though I took my time walking the ¾ mile, I still arrived 10 minutes before opening time. No problem, I’ll just wander further down the lane, go over there and up there.

I wonder if the burros are hiding in there

This site has their own cactus
And their own car wreck
Before long I could see traffic going into the Centre so hiked back over the drive.
Post office on the left, a busy place
Administration building on the right with the flag
I couldn’t believe how prompt the buildings opened, right at 9 am, but more so how promptly customers showed up! It was like a steady flow. The post office was a popular spot, folks going to collect their parcels and letters ahead of me. We haven’t registered there so all I had to do was reach in and drop my mail in the slot.

Solar shop will sell and install for you
I checked out the trailers aka businesses in the row and bypassed the Administration/Pastors’ office and walked past the Man Cave and into one of the doors of the Thrift Shop. Aside from the heat in this closed space, I noticed that everywhere you looked there was no available space.

I didn’t have any cash on me but thought it was worth checking out at another time. That time came sooner than later. Bill and Clemson met me on my walk and that was a treat.

After we had a piece of Ezekiel 4:9 bread for breakfast

I was trying to see how far down the road I could
see our flags. This is about 1/4 mile away.

(upon a friend’s recommendation), Rob came to the door and asked if I would like to go to the Thrift Shop with him and Pat. Bill wasn’t interested in going so off we went. He’d woken with a headache so I wasn’t surprised that he lay down with Clemson while I was gone.

This was fun and we found a few things to bring back. I found a rack that will come in handy doing a chicken or roast on the Weber and answered the call of 4 pcs. of clothing. I didn’t mind not being able to try them on since it was Fill a Bag for $1. Pat found a nice jacket for Rob that also fit into the bag so it was a win-win.

After coming back, the rest of the day went along pretty much like a quiet, dull day should. We had a bite to eat for lunch with a cup of tea and read for a while inside. Before too long, I knew it was time for a wee siesta as I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Surprisingly, for me, I dropped off right away and woke up 30 minutes later.

The sun had broken through the clouds and the temperature was peaking at 68F. Since it was soon 3 Bill took Clemson out for a short walk and we were pleasantly surprised that he made the decision to stay outside. Apparently, he likes Happy Hour too!

Rob was outside reading so we picked up our chairs and asked if we could join him. As always, he welcomed us with “You sure can!”.  We exchanged more stories of our past, our families and our plans and at 5 pm said goodnight with plans to go to Yuma tomorrow together.

I made up a dinner of ‘pussy-muck’ as Bill calls it. Basically, a meal of meat thrown into a skillet with the addition of anything the cook can get their hands on. Well, the cook in this case has to be choosy here because of Bill’s taste buds, but I managed to put together a hamburger meal that satisified us both with a side salad. It was filling and we have left-overs for another night.

After dishes, we took Clemson for another walk down the lane (trying to make up for yesterday, you see) and came inside for the evening. Murdoch Mysteries premiere for the season is on tonight so that is a must.
Daylight is lasting longer
I hope your day was a good one and you accomplished things you wanted to do. The temperature at this hour, 7 pm, is still 63F so it will be a pleasant night for sleeping with no heater required.
A few more shots of the sunrise
simply because they are so beautiful!


Thank you for reading, all comments are welcome.


  1. We agree what's not to like about this lifestyle.
    Don't overcrowd your closets.
    Loving the Sunrises and Sunsets.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. too funny about the closets. I always have room for 'new to me' things because when I bring clothes in, others go out. :)
      Yes, the sunrises and sunsets take my breath away each day.

  2. That is a wonderful area that we enjoyed and had hope to get there this year, maybe another time. Love that Thrift shop too, always bargains to be had there .Badly missing the sunshine and warm temperatures, but will soon be back.

    1. This is a nice area and you never know what you'll find at the thrift store. I'm feeling for you guys in the cold, soon you will be back feeling the heat.

  3. Beautiful sunsets Pat! Keep snapping...

    1. Thanks sis! It is hard to ignore the sun's performances!