Monday, January 16, 2017

First Day back at Quartzsite, Az. And my grandson, Taylor, celebrates a birthday.

Sunday, Jan. 15th, 22 years ago, my daughter gave me my first grandson. At 1:38 pm I knew exactly where I was. I was cutting the umbilical cord that disconnected him from his Mom after 9 months.

From this day forward, I was hooked. Taylor has grown from this little munchkin to the strapping handsome young man you see below.

                                                     Happy Birthday Taylor!

Today we woke up at 7 and after a cup of tea, I went for a nice walk around the area. This place is familiar to me so I knew my way around and how far I wanted to walk.

To the east of us, was this beautiful sunrise.

To the southwest was the moon, hanging on refusing to say goodbye.

Once more it was nice to have Bill and Clemson meet me on my way back home.

Bill and Clemson are just silhouettes in the morning sun
                                      This is our beautiful spot in the desert.    

The sky was playing havoc with our brains, first sun, then clouds, then sun again. The temperature was already 51F so we figured if the clouds cleared away, it would be a lovely day.
A knock, knock on the door at 9:15 am and we were surprised to see Gayle out on her morning walk. A brief chit chat and she was on her way and we finished our breakfast.

Since they were set up at the other side of La Posa South, we hopped in the truck and went over to find them. They were pretty much in the same area as before so easy to locate.

John, Gayle’s husband, had ordered solar panels for themselves from Amazon and when they arrived, they had 3 for us as well. We exchanged panels for cash this morning and headed back home to unload them. Three more panels would just suit us perfectly, whether we get them hooked up here or just get them mounted.

It was around 11:30 when we took a drive into Quartzsite to see what kind of mad house awaited us. Well, we found out. It took us 2 traffic lights to get through at I-95 and Main St. because of the congestion. People were looking for places to park just like we were but there were none to be found.

This gal was here the last time we were here! What a thankless job!

We drove to a back-parking lot and turned around, making the decision to try tomorrow but closer to 9 am. Bill wanted to pick up his tilt kits for the panel installation. On the way home, we answered a whim and stopped to look at the motor coaches that were for sale.

No, don’t get excited, we aren’t looking to buy, just looking. We were curious to see what the high dollar ones were like inside. I found THE one and only one that I would ever be interested in and it was a 2014 listed at $500,000 sale price. Enough of that, I can’t even say we were dreaming because I love our Mobile Suite and nothing matches it in my eyes. Apparently, no one could blame us, the reps agreed that in their humble opinion we had the best fifth wheel on the market. Ahem!

Funny thing though, Bill got more attention to his truck than we gave to the coaches. The dealers couldn’t say enough about it and wanted to know how it towed etc. Bill was in his glory.

Back home we had some lunch and I sat outside in my shorts for a while with my book. The sun had taken control of the sky and it was absolutely gorgeous at 69F. Before too long, I had to change into jeans and put on the kettle for our tea. We were invited to Gayle and John’s for Happy Hour today.

Clemson surprised us all by jumping up on Gayle’s lap, something he doesn’t do often. Usually it is mine or Bill’s lap no matter how much encouraging you try. He is a funny little guy and seems to know what he wants when he wants it. Gayle simply said “do you want to come up?” and he gave no hesitation whatsoever.

Well, time flies and even though the sun was still strong in a clear blue sky, we packed up our chairs and came back home before 5. Tonight is sausage night so Bill readied the Weber Q and we made short order of our supper topping it off with a salad.

The sun set and we settled inside for the evening, subsequently for the night. It was another good day here in Arizona. We will end our evening by watching a new episode of Madam Secretary.

Thank you for reading along. It is always nice to read your comments.


  1. Thankfully, your weather has pushed my way. Yesterday was not a good day. I had almost forgotten about the horrendous flood of cars during tent week. Oh, well.

    The best thing I like to do is walk through the high end 5th wheels and motorhomes just to see what they are like. I wonder what I would buy if I were a full-timer, instead of a three month wanderer.

    1. Glad that you are getting the nice weather now. Today looks like another good day, enjoy because it sounds like temps are dropping off for the week of the show. Boohoo
      Yes, it is nice to dream but i don't plan on changing our home anyway. That would involve a high winning lottery ticket!