Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hitch – Itch, We Caught It Today

Saturday, Jan. 14th as planned yesterday in our Happy Hour consult, turned into moving day.
As per usual, my first picture is the sunrise
Most things were put away yesterday, the Suite gleaned to a shine leaving only the generator, the mat and a couple of chairs to pack up. Oh, and Bill had to climb atop the beast and lay down and secure our 3 solar panels.
I caught him on the roof just after he'd finished
By 9:50 we pulled out of our home at Imperial Dam Quail Hill and were headed over to their dump station to empty tanks and fill up our fresh water tank.
filling our 100 gal. fresh water tank first

No line ups here

Rob and Pat at the dump station
We were going to continue this boon-docking experience at Quartzsite. When finished topping up around 10:30 we led the way with Rob and Pat bringing up the rear onto I-95.
Bill dumping tanks while I strolled around
Overlooking the lake are some prime spots

These would be great places to set up camp on a hot day
This is an easy drive

We pass the tanks.....

and this great display as we pass through Yuma Proving
Grounds on Imperial Road for the last time this year

And of course we always look for the Blimp
or Fat Albert as Pat calls it
and only a little over an hour later, we pulled into La Posa South at the Q. 

Just about missed the sign!

We're   b - a - a - a - c - k!
Not thrilled with those clouds though!
Finding the perfect spots for both of us, we settled into the unpacking. The more we do this, the better we all are at it and any original stress from this process (when we first started years ago) rolls off our backs now.

Meeting up with George, Suzie, Melinda and Gerry around 12 noon was very comfortable. We all know each other quite well and understand that even though we are parked beside them, we respect each other’s daytime privacy. 

We get together at Happy Hour and touch base if one of us needs help, but other than that we get the day to ourselves. My sister, Gayle, and her hubby, John are here as well off in the back corner until Tuesday so we will hook up with them tomorrow for sure.

Bill has more set up than I do, so he went about putting his flags up, tilting the panels, setting the co-ordinates for the satellite dish (this is where our 2-way radios come in handy) and pulling out the barbecue and table. I put our metal rake to use by ‘sweeping’ the gravel to remove any of the larger stones in front of the Suite. Once smooth, I laid our patio mat out and pulled out our chairs and little tables.

Bill was fading as he’d not eaten anything since 8 and that was only half a grapefruit. I made him up a sandwich, poured him a coke and put together a salad wrap for myself.

That was it for me and because the sun had disappeared and it felt cool, I turned the bedroom tv on to one of the movies I enjoy watching. If you haven’t seen Shall We Dance with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez, it is a good one to watch. A chick flick but with some comedy as well. I felt quite drowsy and surprised myself by keeping my eyes open.

Happy Hour at Gerry and Melinda’s was at 3 and my movie still had an hour left. Good thing I’d seen it a hundred times before as it was easy to turn it off and join the group with a cup of tea for Bill and I.

The wind had picked up and we actually had a few drops of rain throughout set up and on my way to H.H. We were nestled under their awning and soon we were lost in various discussions from Blue Boys and their contents, to airport security to $18 pies. Lots of chatter and as always, we have a great time.

By 4:30 the chill sent us home and Bill fed Clemson his supper. We read until our tummies told us it was time to bbq our ‘cheap’ sirloin steak from Fry’s. With a salad and our last piece of homemade apple pie, we could settle down with our books and me to write this post.
Still in Arizona so still beautiful sunsets
Now we can relax and get into the excitement of the Big Tent show in Quartzsite. This will be our first time and we are anxious to see what all the hoopla is about!

By the way, there are NO (zero, zilch, nada) mosquitoes here so Bill should be able to heal AND we have CELL PHONE SERVICE again!! Yippee! I can text again!

Thank you for following our travels. Life is good! I love reading your comments.


  1. Welcome back to the Q getting busier by the day, but I found less vendors than in the past so far. The weather will be good now for a few more days.

    1. I guess as long as it doesn't rain or snow it is a good day.

  2. Looking forward to keeping in touch by text again. I missed your daily weather reports! Enjoy your new location sis.

    1. Yes, agreed! thanks, we are popping over to see Gayle this morning.

  3. All settled in. That's good. Once, I get my mail, I will be heading that way. Yuma and I, always like walking through the tent, at least one time. Exciting stuff. Maybe, this year, I will buy one of those $300,000 motorhomes and surprise my wife!

    1. Ha! It would be nice to meet you. I'm sure your wife would love you for that..........well, maybe not. :) We are looking forward to the Big Tent, we think! It is really busy in town already.