Sunday, January 29, 2017

J-e-l-l-o Plans, Strong Winds, No Reliable Internet Yet, Q Mountain, Bloggerfest

 Friday, Jan. 27th in La Posa South was a day we had plans to climb the Q mountain with Gerry and Melinda. Meet at 10 and climb to the flag.
The Q mountain, flag at peak
We woke up to 37F and a strong 19-25 mph wind minimum. I had bundled up early and went for my walk around 8 am. Melinda and I met at one point, the conversation was brief as we shivered inside our jackets “It’s really c-c-c-cold”.

Bill asked “do you really want to climb that mountain today?”. No, not in this wind and by 9 it was still only 45F. Let’s do it another day. Jello.

While waiting for Bill to get cleaned up, I dug out the wigs that I’d purchased last summer. I was in a playful mood, so put them on with the encouragement of Gerry and Melinda next door. They didn’t recognize me the first-time I went over. Too funny. We had fun for about 30 minutes and then it was time to get serious.
Patsy and Gerry in our new dos

Instead of climbing the mountain we drove into Q to pick up some eggs for the Bloggerfest here at the pavilion on Saturday. I wanted to devil some up. At first, we drove to the bank and withdrew some cash, our CPP’s were in, yay! Who says we’re living paycheck to paycheck? We’re not, are to, are not!

The Roadrunner market was next for the eggs, bread and a few other things including post cards. Next stop was the Post Office to buy stamps to mail my post cards. This was disappointing as I stood in a long line for about 15 minutes only to discover she had no International stamps. Are you kidding me? Jello again.

From there we drove to the Chamber of Commerce on Main and I picked up a large map of the town and its vendors drawn and detailed by Paul Winer. He is very popular in this area. Paul runs the Oasis Book Store and is also a talented musician.

We thought we’d maybe stop and have a quick walk through the Big Tent again but the full parking lots turned that plan around. More Jello jiggling. We were back home again by 11 to relax for the rest of the day. Happy Hour was at George and Suzie’s where the wind was blocked pretty good. Tucker was happy.

The surprise at H.H. was when Melinda spotted a road runner coming up through the wash and ran behind us. 
He blends in with the gravel too much!

With Bill’s camera I was able to capture him but they’re not perfect photos. Our first roadrunner! Beep beep!

Supper was barbecued pork chops and salad and for someone who doesn’t normally care for them, I have to admit they tasted pretty darn good with some bbq sauce on them. I was hungry.

We read a bit and watched some tv until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. The internet connection was soooo slow again, so I didn’t even bother trying and went off to bed around 9:30.
All cozy inside

Another good book
First thing I did when I got up Saturday morning was check the temperature, the internet and then the winds. 
Looks like we're good to go!
All 3 were pretty good but only to get on and read blog posts. No way could I check Facebook or read emails. I know things are happening back home and I’m not able to read about them. It is frustrating even though I know it is short term. The Jello is still jiggling.

We confirmed with Gerry that we would make the climb today and then nipped into the Big Tent for the last time, getting there just at opening. We had one thing in mind and that was to pick up some long telephone charging cords. Got a good deal and headed back home.

All bundled with warm clothes, good shoes, water, walking sticks and cameras the four of us went to the base of Quartzsite Mountain. Let’s do this! And do it, we did. From a distance, it didn’t look so scary. Twenty steps in and up, oh my goodness!
Gerry and Melinda reach the top
Well, we did it and we are all proud we did it. Each of us realized very quickly that we are not very fit. 
The 3 Mountaineers
No matter how much walking I do in a day, the type of exertion that it takes to climb a mountain on sandy loose gravel is a whole different ball game.

We toured around after the climb through Q Mountain Vista which is an rv home park. Lots of places for sale, some not worth looking at and others very nice. Found a nice corner lot with an rv shelter for $52,000. Not bad. By this time, with multiple calories burned, our tummies informed us that we were hungry for lunch and we checked out Carls’ Jr. for the first time.
The view was worth the climb

They have very good burgers, if you are interested. Bill and I each had a combo, burger, fries and medium drink and it was just a tad over $15. That is pretty fair pricing too. We’d go back.

We got back to the Suite in time to let our deserted little pooch out for a leg stretch and piddle then gathered our chairs for the Bloggerfest at 1 pm. Lorne and Sue from A Place Called "Away" hosted the event this year and it was a pretty good turn out with approximately 40 in attendance.

The sun was shining and we all took turns talking briefly about our blogs. The questions were “who are you, how long you’ve been writing a blog, why do you write, and is it work or play”. It was interesting to hear the different tales behind the bloggers.
Yuma keeping an eye on the other 4-legged visitors
Dee from Gone Rv’ing suggested a name for people who are not bloggers but people who read blogs. We all thought it was original to name them Blurkers.  (Blog Lurkers). It is a good thing! We need you Blurkers out there!

Lorne Green wraps the group chat portion up
 There were snacks to munch on while we mingled and put a face to a name we’ve only known on line. It was a pleasure to meet Doug and Yuma of Miss Adventure Travels and Jim from Jim and Barb's RV Adventure. Business cards were shared and Bill and I packed up my empty devilled eggs tray and our chairs around 3:30. Thank you Lorne and Sue for such a great job with the gathering.

We walked back in time to join Happy Hour for a while at Gerry and Melinda’s. My sister and her husband also joined us for a bit on their way back in from the Big Tent. It was nice to see them again and catch up on our travel plans.

We sure didn’t need dinner tonight so instead I’m sitting here doing this and Bill is reading his book. I was blown away when at 6:30 I was able to open my 13 unread emails as well as Facebook and even open my daughter’s two latest posts, Two Cents. YAY!

What I didn’t say to the group at the pavilion is that many of our family do read our blogs, Bill’s parents, 5 of our 9 siblings, 5 of our 6 children and possibly 1 of our 9 grandchildren as well as many friends back home. This is a real treat and even though they don’t post, they do like or comment on Facebook when we re-direct it to our home pages.

Okay, there are fireworks again this evening over Quartzsite, we assume, and a warm-looking, mellow sunset. I hope you had a great day. We did and we are exhausted tonight.
Thank you for reading, I’m anxious to follow up on many new blogs tomorrow after meeting so many wonderful people today.

Your comments are always welcome! 

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