Friday, January 27, 2017

Our Sun Returns, A Visit to Plomosa Road, Happy Hour Again

Tuesday, Jan. 24th gave us all hope again when the sun rose over the mountains and the sky was clear of clouds. At 7:45 when we got up there wasn’t even a hint of a breeze. Beautiful.
This is what we want to see every day

My shadow lady walked with me today
she is a great friend and good company
Our internet connection is slow and sometimes so frustrating that it is easier to walk away then persist. There are too many people in the area using it at peak times of the day. Oh well, nothing is imperative to a time frame so we do what we can when we can.

Bill and I had a bite to eat and I had a shower, testing our new Oxygenics shower head. Yes, quite an improvement and worth the expenditure. We’d been invited to check out my sister’s gathering of the Montanas (an unofficial rally) at Plomosa Road so drove over there at noon on their last day. I neglected to get pictures but we walked around a bit and met up with Ann and Bill, whom we’ve met before at John’s birthday party back home.
This Airstream is from Ontario but a nasty dent in the top corner

It was quite busy in the heart of Quartzsite, up over the overpass, but not too bad for someone passing on through. On the way, back home we stopped at the Pit Stop to get propane for the Suite then down Main St. to buy gas for the generator. These places were a challenge to get in and out of, my goodness!
Cute little Bambi Airstream
We stopped at the busy Roadrunner market for a few salad fixings, in and out of there relatively quick and back through the traffic home by 12:45. The sun was still glorious but man that wind was still cold. I couldn’t find any shelter from the bite so another day of reading inside.

Bill unloaded and replaced the propane tank and topped up the generator with gas. Gerry popped over to help Bill with an issue on his laptop just before we grabbed a late bite to eat.
I've seen more of these large coaches this year than
I've ever seen
The afternoon flew by and before long we were falling asleep in the warmth of our Suite. I could hear Tucker next door, barking as visitors arrived for Happy Hour so put the kettle on and we joined them with our tea. The wind was still cool but the sun was nice.

For supper, it was simple because of the late lunch but also quick because our Tuesday night shows started here at 6 pm. I made grilled cheese sandwiches in the frying pan with French bread and they hit the spot.

Shortly after 9, I was ready to finish the snooze I started this afternoon so went up to bed.

Wednesday, Jan. 25th was even better. The sun was glorious, the wind was minimal and we were happier campers once again. Today Bill got out his drone and did some overhead touring, taking pictures afar and close ones of our and our friends' rigs.

Events going on at the pavillion if you wish to attend
I got a lot of walking in today, over 3 miles, so that pleased me. I try for at least 1 mile and am happy when I can make even that happen. Today, Bill emptied half of our gray water tank into the Blue Boy (which is actually gray) and he drove to the dump station while I walked behind. It is so bumpy on these roads that ours seems to beebop all over. It only bounced off a couple of times so not too bad.

After that, the day was for lazing and I do that well. George popped over because we can't see the front of our their unit and said that they would host Happy Hour. Good to know since the day is perfect for it. We read and dozed for a couple of hours before I made our tea and headed over with our chairs.

Clemson sniffs the pee rock before lifting his leg

Bill and Gerry playing with the drone
The drone overhead
It was a large group today, Mike and Dee, Lorne and Sue Green, Rick and Kathy Rousseau and Sandie and Dennis were the newer happy people. 
Thanks George for this picture

Great  shot of La Posa South and beyond
 At 5 or shortly after we said goodbye and headed in for supper. Chicken thighs on the Weber tonight were very tasty with our side salad.

thank you for joining us! I enjoy your comments. 

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