Monday, January 2, 2017

Quiet Relaxing New Years Day

 Monday, January 1st, 2017 was nice and quiet. We didn’t over indulge in anything last night bringing in the new year so were up and at ‘em this morning at the usual time. 
Instead of making a resolution to walk EVERY morning, today I did the opposite and stayed put.

Before 11 am our neighbours, Rob and Pat,
Rob let Pat out before he locked the rv up

Bye Pat and Rob!
packed up and pulled out from beside us. We will miss them but see them again in a couple of days in the desert. I took our bedding to the laundromat. Nice to get things done before we move on Tuesday.
Most original laundromat decor yet
Hmmm nice clean warm sheets.

Bill and I had our morning coffee/tea reading blog posts and then did our own thing. Mine was reading, trying out a new book called With Red Hands by Stephen Woodworth. Going to be a thriller but I’m hooked already at page 88 so I hope that continues.

The sun was bright and warming early although the temperature didn’t get above 60F all day. We’ve had a motor home pull in on the south side of us and they are sooo close, well kind of like we were with Rob and Pat. You don’t always have a choice where you park and the sites are small so we take it with a grain of salt. 

They are blocking a lot of our late afternoon sun so we sat near the front end to read. All the more reason we are looking forward to moving on Tuesday to the desert, open spaces, but we won't complain it was free to park here for two weeks and a great park.

It certainly wasn’t going to be a pool day but I was able to skimp down a bit into a sleeveless top and shorts but only for a short while. Bill had promised Clemson a walk through the gate into the open desert areas of Pilot Knob LTVA so I joined them to stretch my legs too. The breeze was cool so had to put on a jacket. We can let him off the leash and let him run, which he did, fast and often. Nice to see.
Walking in the open area

I thought I'd leave a mark, you know kind of like
marking territory?

Yay! We were here!

There aren't as many rv's in this area now
this is a fee area $40 for 2 weeks or $180 for the season

Returning just in time for our first 2017 Happy Hour at Gerry and Melinda’s we made a cup of tea and wandered over with our chairs around 3 pm. The sun was nice and we had a nice visit as usual. New friends Dennis and Sandy joined us for a bit and the party broke up around 5.
Time for supper and I had burgers to make up for the Weber Q. They were good with a side salad and sure hit the spot. We settled in to more reading until Bill turned the tube on and we watched some recordings of The Blue Collar Comedy program. 

I made up a dish of popcorn with melted butter for a snack. Oh, my goodness! We laughed so much at Ron White, Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy and my favourite, Larry the Cable Guy. After two hours of this, I had to go to bed. It was a good evening.

Tomorrow will be another quiet day so will vacuum, dust and slowly pack things up. We are leaving this park on Tuesday morning like we've watched so many others do over the two weeks. I've loved this park with so much to do if you want to but my favourite is the pool and hot tub. I don't need a partner to do that with me but it is hard to play horseshoes or shuffleboard alone.

Our site #173 early in our stay
There were an incredible number of motor homes coming in on New Years Day and the sites are filling up. I hope you enjoyed your first day in this wonderful year wherever you are and wish you many more in the upcoming months.

Thank you for reading along. I love your comments!


  1. It sure was a wonderful day.
    This is the time of year when all the snowbirds arrive in this area and we will be seeing lots more rigs arrive on a daily basis for the next few weeks then the big exodus begins once again in March. Will be nice to be on the move once more.

    1. It has been beautiful weather here, I'm not sure why the snowbirds wait so long to come here. That's okay though, all the more room for the early birds! Will miss the pool but looking forward to a change too.

  2. We'll be heading to La Posa South tomorrow but already know that George's old spot has been taken. Just have to find something better.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Hope you find a good spot. We won't see you for a couple of weeks. After being so close to each other in the park, we want to spread out in the desert. :)