Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Time to Move on Before we Wear out our Welcome

 Tuesday, Jan. 3rd was the day our two weeks at Pilot Knob ended. It was a great park and we look forward to returning at another time. I loved and made use of the pool and hot tub and walked the roads and desert in the surrounding area often.

Monday was a quiet day and we didn’t get much sun so once I got a chill, it stayed with me. Even though the temperature rose to 65F it didn't help. I read outside for a bit, walked down Frontage Road with Clemson and by mid-afternoon decided to start putting things away inside the Suite. Once I do that, it is the best time to get out the Murphy’s Oil and dust the wood counters.

I usually do a spit dust with my Swifter hand duster but this was time for a thorough job and all of the woodwork from top to bottom got done and it smelled so good! There wasn’t much else to do inside other than close a couple of the high cupboards, things I knew we wouldn’t need again until after we settle. The rest could wait until the morning.

Bill did a few things outside and then we relaxed for the rest of the day. I was too chilled to sit outside for Happy Hour and since we had a huge coach in beside us blocking our view, we couldn’t even see if our neighbours were hosting. It doesn’t hurt to miss a day anyway.
Two motor homes right next to us
blocking sun and our view to George and Suzies
Instead we sat inside and had a couple of shut-eyes while trying to read our books. LOL such a tough life! We had sausage done on the Q for supper, with a salad and some Pillsbury dinner biscuits I’d had in the fridge long enough. Let’s eat them up before we move to where we have no hydro. They cooked up nicely in the convection oven even though they were slightly out of date. The sunset was beautiful, our last Pilot Knob one.
Goodnight, Pilot Knob RV Resort

We watched some boob tube and I found a Murdoch Mystery that I hadn’t seen, or at least don’t remember seeing. Bill was reading so I had a remote in my hand for a change. When that ended we watched the CTV news from back home and I was off to bed by 9:30.

Awake shortly after 7 am I had to relay one of my many nighttime dreams to Bill so I wouldn’t forget it. The one just before waking was of my dad and he appeared twice in two separate instances. I can’t type that without smiling, I miss him and told him so in my dream.

The dreams seldom make total sense but it is fun piecing them together and trying to figure out what triggered things. Even my brother, Bruce, made a brief appearance as a younger adult, sigh, a very nice memory to keep. I haven't had a dream about either of them in a long time, I was overdue.
Ah, Bruce, my older brother

Daddy, could always make us laugh

I went for my walk around the park and snapped some photos of the sunrise. That sky is so pretty, the pictures never do it justice. 
Tuesday's sunrise beginning


Gorgeous over the mountains

After a beautiful show, the sun appears

While walking I called back home to Mom and had a lovely chit chat. Even though repetitive with her questions, a sad truth of her dementia, she was cheerful, funny and very happy to hear from me. “In California, you say? Wow! Couldn’t you have tucked me away somewhere and taken me along?” Such a card she is.

I knew there was the good chance that our Roam mobility cell reception was not going to be fruitful at Imperial Dam LTVA and that was an additional incentive to call Mom before leaving the park. I’m so glad I did.

Along the back fence of the park we seem to be overtaken by motor homes, old, new, large and what have you. Had to snap a picture.

Palm tree on the left is before trimming
Palm tree on the right has just been to the barber

View of Felicity across the road in the sunlight

We pulled out of the park at 9:15 and passed the remains of a tow vehicle which had caught on fire out on the highway.

Coach far enough away so that when the gas tank
of the tow vehicle blew, it wasn't damaged
The driver of the motor home at least was able to unhook from his coach, which must have been quick thinking and acting, as the coach seemed undamaged. We only hope that no one was hurt in this process.

Back in Arizona

Yuma trolley

Field worker's station

We traveled Hwy 8E to Yuma and caught I-95 to the Yuma proving Grounds and turned north onto Imperial Road.
Off in the distance, we could see the tethered blimp,
just before we turned onto Imperial Road

Imperial Road, driving under sunny skies

The gps gave us the slip, once more, and we missed the turn. I don’t care what anyone says, what direction you are told to go, there doesn’t seem to be an understanding that ALL signs leading to campgrounds (for those pulling or driving big rigs especially) should be plentiful and large enough to see at the posted speed limit.

If you never seen one of these signs, you have
not driven in Arizona

Anyway, we had to turn around and look for Senator Wash Road and then Ferguson Road to find the LTVA. 

Bill spotted this long necked egret (?) on the highway
as we neared the LTVA

We arrived still in plenty of time to get set up and feel the warmth of the sun. Rob and Pat were already here at Quail Hill to welcome us and we found a spot nearby but hopefully not too close for us each to have some privacy.
Our welcoming greeters

We had a few choices where to park

And settled on this one

After set up, Bill and Rob went down to pay for our two week stay. It looks like lots of areas to explore so tomorrow I’ll see what I can accomplish in that regard. 

My sister and her husband are boon-docking in this area as well but instead of up on the hill, they are down in Snowbird Mesa in a more desolate area. It sounds quite nice and private, a short distance from their friends. They came to welcome us as well to Imperial Dam.
Gayle and John visited and are camped across the
road at the back of the LTVA, one of those arrows
is an approximate locale
As suspected, our Roam Mobility cells do not show any service so we will have to drive a few miles when we need to communicate back home. I’m having no luck texting either so that is a bummer, for sure. Oh well, we are living off the grid after all and should act like it until necessary!

The sun disappeared about an hour after set up and the 61F felt much cooler than that, even with no wind. I need to put the chill out of my head, layer up and get outside with my book. Dinner will be hamburgers that I made up on New Years’ Day, a nice easy meal for us so no urgency to start it.

I noticed our neighbours outside so put the kettle on for a tea and asked if we could join them. It was a quiet Happy Hour and the first one we've attended where they hosted! We had a great time for an hour and a half , the four of us seem to connect, until the chill drove us inside.
So nice to see the Aljoe's again
The satellite dish is good to go and so is the generator. We are still going to need to run it if we wish to watch any television programs later on. The sun was not plentiful enough today to charge our batteries fully. Having a residential fridge does have its downfalls.

Hopefully you have enjoyed your day. Ours has been wonderful! 

Thank you for reading. Comments are always welcome.


  1. Nice that you have settled in there and are enjoying the area. Ewe love it. Maybe you see the burros in the next day to so , have fun. Sun should be back again tomorrow..

  2. We know what you mean about feeling chilled. Once you have it, you just can't seem to shake it.
    We moved to La Posa South just up from where you were before. Some adjustments but all is good.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I faced it yesterday and had a tea with our neighbours. That warmed me up! Glad you got set up at L.P.S.

  3. I would much prefer the spaciousness of the boondocking sites compared to the close proximity of the rv's and motorhomes in the Pine Knob park. Enjoy the warmth that should be coming your way. We have another snow squall warning in effect today, calling for 15 cm's....hey, it's January in Canada, we are used to it!

    1. Yes, we do as well but if you like the pool atmosphere once in a while we have to take the closeness with a grain of salt. It doesn't matter too much when it is only for 2 weeks and the weather is like this. :) Heard about your storms yesterday, glad you are used to it and don't mind it. Heh heh, we were used to it and didn't want it anymore! :)

  4. Pat & Bill,
    Perhaps if you were to have Long Island Ice Tea at Happy Hour, you wouldn't care if and when you get the chills again?

    Jim & Sharon

    1. Hi guys, yes you have the right idea for sure!