Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunshine Finally, Hot Tub Finally, New Friends, Unfortunate Mishap

Sunday, Feb. 12th brought what I’ve been waiting for. The sky was as blue as blue and the sun had full power all day long. Finally. It was windy though, with gusts of up to 25 mph.

No matter, it was sunshine. After reading blog posts and comments on mine, I took my hiking stick and went for my walk. Into the B area this morning, the most secluded sheltered area in the park. It would be spooky without sunshine so I have only ventured so far, but today I did the whole gammit for one final time.
Strawberry trees forever

Indian Reserve

Stone embankment
It brought me up to a site in A that would be a good spot for us if we ever came back. It faces the southwest and is plenty long for both truck and the Suite. A lot of the sites in here seem to be backwards, at least for our purpose, with the electrical box and sewer pipe on the west side of the site. That means facing north east, total shade. No thank you.
Nice spot for the taking

Rancho Encino Mountain Club across Poppet Flats Lane

Zoomed in to see what it was
I walked back to the area around the pond with the ducks and geese to see the area they were working on yesterday. Yes, looks like the fencing is in place but I still don’t get it. Two fenced in areas, each approx. 20’ x 20’, within a gated enclosure. Ball park?

Lots of swimmers getting away from me

any ideas as to what kind of ball park?
From there my normal detour up to the Lounge and made a huge contribution to the puzzle. Aaah, now whether I get back or not, I know others will complete it with no problem. After about an hour working on it I headed home and found Bill vacuuming the Suite. 

We had bacon and eggs for brunch and because of the strong winds it was just easier to cook inside and albeit faster. With dishes done, I didn’t hesitate to go outside and read my book in that glorious sunshine. It was still cool, around 55F so I needed long pants and long sleeves.
took a picture of this trailer for two people
You know who you are....just add an 'e'
I’m giving Ken Follett a chance, having never read his books before. Immediately, I was hooked on A Dangerous Fortune. I love books that grab you like that. Today was the day I’d decided, come hook or crook, I’m going to the hot tub. Bill didn’t express any interest in going, well, nothing encouraging so I decided to go myself and take my book. Considering I would be wet when I returned, I took the truck.
For my daughter, Bridgette
You could so do this! All you need is the motor home.
I first dropped a book off in the library and noticed one of the ladies that I see here a lot was working on the puzzle. Yay! She offered to move so I could finish it but I had other plans!

Oh my, the tub was wonderful with multiple power sprays all around. I slid in and sunk down to my neck. It felt great. Another couple came to check things out and he told me to think of the blizzard back east as I soaked myself. I did just that.

I settled on a lounge chair for about 30 minutes with my book and the sun was warmer than the cool air. I’m glad I went, I would have regretted it if we had left tomorrow and I hadn’t gone.

Back at the Suite I placed my damp clothes and towel outside to dry and sat down to read some more. Looks like neighbours coming in behind us so watched to see where they were parking. All of a sudden, while watching him pull into a site, I heard a loud noise and saw the back tire of their double axle fifth wheel fall off!

 I felt sick as I jumped up and asked Bill to come out, knowing they would need some help. This is so disheartening to see, another rv’er in distress of some sort but since we are all in this together, we offered our assistance. Bill helped direct him back into his site with all the weight on the driver’s side resting on one tire.

Turns out the axle snapped right at the wheel. It isn’t the best way to meet new friends but sometimes things happen for a reason and we got to meet them at least. Paul from next door had a jack strong enough to lift and hold their trailer so Rick and Madeline could level it. The axle will need to be replaced so good thing they are staying put for a week……….er, maybe longer.
We wish them luck with this repair and will
exchange contact info in the morning
Blessings come in disguise and it wasn’t too long after talking I made mention to Madeline that it was a good thing it didn’t happen on the way up the mountain. It is unfortunate that we are pulling out tomorrow in one sense. They seem like a really nice couple and we hit it off immediately. Hopefully we’ll cross paths again.

Coming back to our home, Bill and I started packing things away. Now that the unit was vacuumed I got out my furniture polish and did a thorough dusting of the woodwork. It leaves a wonderful smell and is all ready for our next adventure.

I think Bill is more ready to move than I am, he doesn’t have the same love for this park as I do. I believe he misses the closeness of others. I, on the other hand, will miss the access to the library, nature walks, friendly staff and now the hot tub.

Settling down for a while in a park is good, we have all the hookups we need so we don’t have to skimp with anything. It is also good to go out in the desert for a while and boondock. This utilizes our solar panels, teaches us to conserve and gives us another whole experience.

We’ve been here two weeks and it is time to move on. We are both ready to pull up stakes. Supper tonight is barbecued sausage and salad. Bill will have his on a bun, one of his favourite quick meals.
Sun saying goodnight
this is the day I should have walked to the hilltop for the
sunset but I've done my 3 miles today and I'm done walking
I hope you have all had a great day on this Sunday. I can’t believe we are quickly approaching the middle of the month of February. At home, if we were still employed, we would be looking forward to Family Day and a long weekend.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment, I love hearing from you!


  1. So nic that your finally got some sunshine and in the spa. Reading done din times then head in down the road, travel safe and see you guys soon. It's quite warm here now, hope it stays that way for you guys too.

    1. Yes, my thoughts exactly, thanks George. We'll see you guys soon, yes, looking forward to some warm/hot temps. :)

  2. Time is flying faster then any of us want it to. We'll be moving around but plan on dragging our feet to head back Home.
    Sounds like your neighbour will be staying longer then he planned.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Time is sure flying, we are also in no rush to head home. Yes, how sad to see others have troubles like that.

  3. Patsy the gated enclosure looks like the fenced in dog playground we have here in our park. Today we had a scare out in the woods when two pit bull dogs off leash came charging toward us and our two doxies. I had to pick both of our dogs up and Benno had to show the walking stick to make his point. So maybe two dog playgrounds, one for small and one for larger dogs? Those people sure were lucky that they made it up the mountain and didn't loose the wheel en route.

    1. You just made me shake my head........I obviously heard wrong. I thought she said ball park but you're right, it has to be a dog park!! Duh me! thanks. Now it makes sense. I panic when dogs come running and sometimes it is all for naught. I know pit bulls have a bad rap sometimes but that would be very scary for you with little dogs and for me with Clemson. I've done that very thing back home when a large dog came running but he was harmless. Yes, they were being watched over for sure.

  4. Well you did miss quite the storm last night. It started with wet, wet snow but turned into strong winds and heavy stuff before bed. It looks very slippery out there this morning and snow to shovel for sure. I have my doubts that schools will be open today! Enjoy your sunshine and warm weather.

    1. Oh goodness! Well, I'm glad I slipped into the hot tub instead of into the snow. Yeuch. Remember, if you don't have to go anywhere, don't. The kids will love the holiday for sure. Woke up to another beautiful sunny day. Time to move!

  5. Had a nice Sunday, it appears. Glad you guys got in the hot tub. Those fiver's were really fortunate to have that wheel fall off when parking. Like you said, it could have been horrible on that mountain road. Have a safe journey to your next destination.

    1. Just me in the hot tub, couldn't talk Bill into it, but I enjoyed it all the same. Those guys were certainly being watched over, hope they get their rig fixed up without too much trouble.

  6. I was thinking dog parks, too. It's always nice when they have one for large dogs and one for smaller dogs. I love Ken Follett books, and just checked my on-line libraries for that one - not there yet. I'll keep looking for it, though. Thanks for the tip. Looks like a really nice RV park! But the next adventure awaits, right? LOL

    1. You're right, I didn't even question when she said what I thought was ball parks until later. :) Clemson would not do well in an area with big dogs either so it is a great idea. This looks like an old book of Ken Folletts so I'm surprised you can't find it Maybe too old? :)