Friday, March 10, 2017

A Gal Sure Could Get Lazy!

Today is Friday, Mar. 10th and we are relaxing at Ridgeview RV Resort. We were both up around 7 and just knew it was going to be a hot one. Yay! There is a wee bit of a breeze but we just put out our awnings and relax. I went for a walk this morning up to the clubhouse and around the main park section.
It must be Friday, there were quite a few jets taking off
I liked this Southwest one
It is such a small town feel in these parks, you get a hello from everyone you meet and most everyone is smiling and not just “fine” when you ask how they are. They are “G-R-E-A-T!” We are all here for the same reason and loving every minute of it.

Whether it is a lazy day or a busy day or a little bit of both, we know how to make the best of it. We chatted with Ken and Nancy for a bit with our coffees and Bill started making bacon and eggs on the Weber around 9. We caught up with our blogger friends by reading their posts and tried a couple of times to make connection with Dad back home.
I’m reading one of Jack Reacher’s adventures and can’t help but imagine his books as movies. I do believe there is one out now with Tom Cruise. Not sure he would be my choice to play the big ex-military so we might have to check it out. I do know that it is a page turner and I love the characters.

The neighbours to the east of us in a Winnie Minnie motorhome pulled out this morning on their journey home to Washington. He is a nice man and chatted with Bill a bit about ‘things’ before they left. It is nice to have an empty spot next to us but we don’t hold out that it will remain empty for long. The park is quite full.

So now we go down a different avenue in today's post, I hope you don't mind. I’ve mentioned in a long, ago post about my unfortunate luck of getting the shingles virus. Not being one of those who get it in one big dose that lasts for a long time but instead small quarter size patches perhaps 6 or 8 times in 6 months or so. My dad was not so lucky and had it badly for a very long period before he passed.

The vaccine Zostafax didn’t help me and we believe that it is because I’d already began having the outbreaks. The first was in 1997 before our wedding and before my first flight to Florida. If anything, the vaccine has eased the duration and strength of the virus. My doctor says I am one in 11 out of thousands to get them repeatedly. 

Oh well, I am still lucky and try not to complain about them. I have pills and cream that aid in the couple of discomforting days before they fade away. More than the meds, thinking of Daddy gets me through the bouts the best.

I mention this now again, because I’ve probably had breakouts 3 times since we left home which isn’t too bad. We’ve stopped thinking that it is related to stress, that just isn’t me, but instead perhaps excitement of things I'm looking forward to. After the event happens is when they appear. This morning I woke up with my second bout in 7 days. It's crazy for sure. Well, we were excited to meet up with friends here in the park.

Anyway, on to brighter things! Ken asked if we’d like to go along with them down to the park along the Colorado River bank. The dogs would enjoy the grassy area as I’m sure the rest of us will too. It looks very pretty from a distance so we will check that out.

It is a pretty park with lots of covered pavilions to eat lunch

Molly proudly walks across the water

She's telling Clemson not to be afraid of the water 

The celebration goes up and down the river
What amazed us the most was our own 4-legged little mutt. At home, you would have to literally toss him in the water to get him to experience it. He has never liked it. Here, without even realizing it at first, he just walked out into about 2” of water following Molly. No fear. Nancy coaxed him out further by offering little treats so now Bill and I know the secret.

Clemson starts in very shallow water with a bribe
Clemson likes the Colorado River. The water was cold but after Nancy and I walked in it for a while, it was quite refreshing.

Notice how deep the water is that he is standing in?

At about 1:30 we hopped in Ken’s truck and took the drive down to the Bullhead City Community Park. This is a beautiful park along the river and the dogs took pleasure in relieving themselves on the brilliant soft green grass. What a hoot watching Molly chase after the pigeons with Ken in tow. She definitely felt that the birds were there for her pleasure.
Molly loves chasing birds, squirrels etc. here she is steadfastly watching the pigeon and visa versa
After a great time relaxing at the park and beach we found a Baskin-Robbins for some ice cream. Just the perfect top up for a wonderful day. I didn't get a picture of us eating our cones so you'll have to just imagine that one. Now we’re full and Ken drove us back home to the Suite. The wind has died down and the clouds have moved in, making for a comfortable afternoon.

Taking a break in the shade
Bill got in touch with his step-mom after we got back to find that Dad has been in the hospital for a couple of days. Nothing urgent enough to call us and Marilynne thinks he should be home tomorrow. We will keep in touch and hope for the best.
It has been years since I've lain on the grass and looked up into the sky

I don’t think the day will get much better so will just sit and read and relax the time away. A few air conditioners are running throughout the park but it isn’t our thing. It has to get really hot and humid for us to turn ours on.

Around 6 Bill heated up the smoked pork chops for supper and I made him up a salad. I like a change so opted for asparagus tonight as my side. I love the chops this way and they hit the spot.

Very large pavilion for family events

Lil' Red Schoolhouse for outside viewing only
I decided to take another quick walk around the park before the sky darkened. I missed the actual sun going down but caught these beautiful shots across the western sky towards the Laughlin casinos.

Goodnight from Bullhead City, Az

And the moon to the east

Thank you for following us today, we feel such a quiet satisfied peace on these quiet warm evenings. Please feel to comment.


  1. If you are going to get lazy you picked a great way to do so. Looks like a perfect day.

  2. Hi. Enjoying your blog from Monroe Wi. On the Nevada side there is a walking trail from Laughlin to Davis dam. Several miles with restrooms and water at each end.

    1. I need a hiking/walking partner. It takes a bit of bribing to get my hubby to go with me. :) It sounds lovely though. Thank you for following along.

  3. Gotta love that area, you not lazy, you retired, this is what retired people do, have fun on the sun.

    1. Thank you for the clarification, George! Lots of sun and lots of fun.

  4. I love the Jack Reacher series and have read them all. There are actually two Reacher movies out and when I am with you on Tom Cruise ... he totally doesn't fit the size that Reacher is and I had a hard time accepting him in the first movie. When I watched the second movie he seemed to fit a little better.

    I hope both you and your father-in-law are feeling better soon 😊

    1. I'd like to see the movies and hopefully it doesn't change my admiration for the book character of Reacher. :) Thank you for your healthy wishes. I'm fine and we're sure Dad will be too.

  5. What a relaxing day you had. It is surely not stress causing your shingles. I have been pondering whether to get a shingles shot. I think I should.

    1. Sometimes until you experience shingles it is hard to know whether to get one and by then it is too late. I would recommend getting it, the first one in Canada is covered by our health plan but until you are 65 you would pay for the second. I am debating on whether a second one would work for me.