Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Trip into Bullhead City, Avon, Windy

Today is Monday, Mar. 13th, the first day of spring break everywhere. Our schools back home are all closed up and the kids are happily playing outside in the cold and snow. Parents are scrambling to set up babysitting services if they work outside the home. When we worked for the school board in London, Bill and I still worked during this week and enjoyed a quieter time on the job, doing catch ups and clean ups.

Here in Bullhead City, it is 75F at 8:30 am with a promise of temperatures in the 90’s. The winds have returned, gusts to 19 mph but it is truly a blessing when it is this hot. It is nice to open windows and know we are letting in fresh air rather than humidity.

I was up by 7 and went out for my mile walk, down the wash, up and over the street and back through the park. When I got back I caught up on blog posts, emails and Facebook. Found this picture on FB greeting me from 5 years ago! My how we change.

Bill slept in this morning and when he got up I had finished my tea and got cleaned up to walk up to the clubhouse with my books. Today they were having Patio Sales so I was curious what ‘junk’ they had that I didn’t need. When I arrived, the lady who cleans told me it was closed due to a mass of bees. Hmm, no sales today. Look at what $ I might have saved!

We both showered today and had a bite to eat before heading into the city. I wanted to check out the Avon store and see if I can pick up some shampoo at a good price. It doesn’t do me much good ordering on line since my orders go directly to my sister’s place in Hanover. I still have dealer status but here I would have to pay her prices.

When we arrived at the Avon store, we noticed the sign saying ‘Closed Monday’. Darn. I will have to go back. Since we were there already, we decided to drive down along the river. Bill’s tattoo artist told us in November that some of the homes down there were really huge and something to see. 

He was right, once we found the right street, we ogled at the size of the houses overlooking the Colorado River. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me so no pictures of the masterpiece homes.

another view from the south side of the wash

The temps were rising by the time we arrived home it was 85F and I found a spot in the shade beside the Suite. I’m just getting into another Lee Child book, Night School, and had to force myself to take a break for lunch. A little cottage cheese and a mandarin orange did the trick. My inner debate whether to go up to the pool and take a chance that it was warm enough to swim in, lost to staying where I was, in the shade.

It was a quiet afternoon and that was okay because we didn’t really need to be doing anything. I put Clemson’s harness on him and we went for a short walk. His little tongue was hanging out so I kept it short.
The cliff beside the walkway
At 3:30 we picked up our chairs, our drinks and our dog and went over to Oscar and Judy’s for Happy Hour. As it turns out, they weren’t home but they had an open patio in the shade and a nice breeze.

Lori, Roland and Shatzi were planning to host but at that time they had a couple of guys come to wash their rv. No problem, we are all so close we could easily relocate. It was a nice visit catching up on our plans for returning home before we decided to head home for supper. Tonight was sausage for all of us on the barbecue.

An arranged rock wall
We had tv programs recording on our pvr during the early afternoon so sat down inside and started watching them during dinner. Remember we have to start watching or recording these 3 hours ahead of their actual show time back home. Once again, we appreciate being in a park with full hookups so we can watch as much tv as we want.

It was a pretty mellow day and I didn’t even get too many pictures. I hope your day has been a good one and that you are enjoying the heat. It sounds like it will be with us for a while.

Thank you for reading along. I really appreciate any of your comments.


  1. thank you for the READ! It did in deed turn into a beautiful hot day. Just what we pay for. :)

    1. you're welcome! thank you for you for the comment and company yesterday afternoon.

  2. Nothing quite like this amazing weather here in the southwest., Keep on having fun.

    1. You too, George! We're gonna miss this.

  3. Interesting rock wall. Couldn't figure out what it was till I read your caption.

    1. I'm not sure if it has to do with drainage or just something to prevent the rocks from tumbling down.