Monday, March 20, 2017

Clemson Up First, Last Laundry in Arizona, Dinner out with Friends, Spring Arrives

Here it is Monday, Mar. 20th and Spring has Sprung. Funny that spring is here when it feels like we are in the throes of summer. It doesn’t quite have the same meaning as it did back in Ontario. I used to really look forward to it. Now since we are heading home I want it to look it and feel it when we reach home.
My last walk to the pool
I think this morning Clemson was awake before the two of us and that is unusual lately. He has been sleeping in pretty good, not moving until one of us does. It was just after 7 when he jumped off the bed, well perhaps Bill was up with him. I had my blind pulled down and window closed because the upper air was on, that is my excuse for my later arousal.
Laundry building
We had a coffee (a good one since we bought some yesterday) and then stripped the bed and took the few dirty clothes we had up to the laundromat. This way we will have clean clothes until we get home. We shouldn't have a need to do a load at a campground on the way.
Check out the morning, afternoon and evening view this couple have every day
So, Bill dropped me off and he came back to grease the wheels/axles on the Suite. He also wanted to wash the windows in the truck, completing the job he stared a couple of days ago. The truck is so clean now, inside and out. In Quartzsite he bought one of those California dusters to keep the dust to a minimum and it works quite well.
Clemson watches me inside
He senses a move in the works, we're sure of it
I took a short walk around while waiting for the clothes to dry and was surprised how warm it was already, before 8:30. Lovely! One more swimming day and the fact that there are a few clouds in the sky does not deter me one bit. My last day to take advantage of the pool.

We have dinner plans with the Dryden gang and we are looking forward to another great time with them. This morning I was just confirming dinner time with Lori when Judy brought me over a James Patterson book. Great!

I’d dropped off two books this morning at the clubhouse and found 3 more that we will enjoy on the road. I love this book exchange thing as much as I love our clothing exchanges back home. It feels good to share.

So, after we had a late breakfast/early lunch I left Bill and walked up to the pool. He had been busy packing up things outside this morning so that there isn’t much left to do. I have the inside of the Suite pretty much packed away too and just have to do the dusting and closing cupboards tomorrow morning. I knew while I was gone Bill would vacuum and then possibly join me.
These palm trees at the pool are looked after and this one is preparing to bloom

the trees have their own irrigation
I had a lot of memories with me on my walk, I get like that when I know it is our last day somewhere. I feel sad and yet very grateful to have been there at all. By the time I arrived at the pool and found it to be completely void of people, I smiled and walked to the chairs of my choice. This is so beautiful here.

One of the staff was trimming the hedge over the brick wall surrounding the pool and at first I felt a bit guilty, lazing while she worked. But then I realized, ‘been there, done that, this is my time to relax’ and settled back. Soon, a few others arrived.
She has a job to do and so do I
Mine is just much easier
Bill came up to take a quick dip with me before heading back for his shower. It felt good to just sit and read until I got too hot and needed to cool off. Then at one point I took my book to the edge of the pool, slipped in the 3’ water and continued to read. You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

The entrance to the Golden Nugget is amazing!
 I had my shower back at the Suite and we followed Roland over to the Golden Nugget Casino for supper at the Claim Jumper. With much inner debate, I decided to go for the calzone that Lori and Judy talked so much about. I also ordered a very delicious margarita.

Holy crap, that is huge!
Similar to a panzerotti (which I’ve loved in the past) but oven baked instead of deep-fried, this large entree was way more than I could eat. Since Bill and I don’t share the same tastes when it comes to certain foods, I couldn’t split it with him like the rest of our party did. No problem, I have leftovers for the road. Thank you, Lori for the tips on how to reheat it without a bbq and an oven.
Bill's shrimp, fries and pina colada
While Roland and Bill walked to get the trucks, Judy took me for a walk through the casino and gave me a few tips for our next visit here. We are pretty naïve when it comes to this gambling thing so I appreciated her input.
We left the group and went to get diesel at Maverick’s before we hook up tomorrow. It wasn’t a bad price at $2.55/gal. although up a bit from a few days ago. We had a quick visit at Oscar and Judy’s to say goodbye, since we aren’t too sure what time we’ll be pulling out.
Lori carries my doggy bag through the jungle entryway
Back home by 7:30 it was time to finish my post and we have a couple of programs to watch on our pvr. I think it will be an early night for me, the heat and the sun and the pool and the food and the fun with friends tires me out in the best possible way. So, I will say goodnight.
Can you believe this is the desert?

And goodnight for the last time this trip from Bullhead City, Az
I hope your Monday, first day of spring, has been fulfilling. Thank you for reading along today. I love to read your comments if you feel like leaving one.


  1. You almost made me shed a tear. You make the goodbyes to your campground sound so final. A new adventure awaits you guys. And you are right, the dogs know when there is a move coming up. Charlie lays on the couch and doesn't want to move when we are getting ready to hit the road. Clemson probably knows you are heading home. Safe travels.

    1. thanks Lorne, I know we'll be back but it is still hard to leave! :) I'm sending you an email for some guidance this morning if you get it on time. thx

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely last day at that park. Safe travels and enjoy the journey.

    1. Yes, made the best of the best. Thank you.

  3. We checked out all these Casinos in Laughlin our first couple of years on the road, some ofd them are really amazing.
    After being on the road 11 years now, we enjoy the many different places we go, get the itch to move on and meeting so many wonderful people in our travels.
    Nice to see you having a great time with the Dryden bunch too, wonderful people they are.

    1. We'll check out the casinos to leave a donation next year.
      This itch feels different, so a little melancholy and bittersweet.
      We love the Dryden gang, lots of laughs and yet still our own privacy, just like our Rock Glen gang. :)

  4. Drive safe on your way home.....the weather here is getting more spring-like every day!

    1. Will do, we will take close to 12 days to reach the border and will probably stay around London/Rock Glen area for a week before hitting for The Ridge. Thanks sis.

  5. That's so funny that you went to the Golden Nugget and Claim Jumpers and so did we 😊 I loved the entrance as well. And we are also leaving today. Safe travels.

    1. Were you there last night? We were there at 4:30 until 6:30 maybe. Safe travels to you too!