Sunday, March 12, 2017

Not Lazy, Retired. Goodbye to our Friends, Sleepy Sunday

It is Sunday, Mar. 12th and another hot day coming our way. Just what we are here for. We have no complaints whatsoever about the weather we have encountered here. Yes, sometimes it was too windy, or too chilly and even sometimes we’re too hot but we are equipped for all kinds of temperatures and have no problem using our furnace, our heater or our air conditioner if we need to.
the spot next to us, no longer vacant
No problem, I still have my morning to early afternoon sunshine

quiet day for take offs
We were up by 7 this morning but I lazed out and didn’t take a walk. Just didn’t feel like it today so later maybe I’ll make up for it. No promises. It’ll be a slow easy one up to the clubhouse. I’ve got books to take back, we’ve both read them and maybe I’ll see how the jigsaw puzzle is coming along.

Donna, here are some great suggestions!

Bill cuddling Molly before she leaves
Ken and Nancy pulled about around 10:15 and as always it is sad to say goodbye to them. We were very glad they were able to book into this park as our guest and spend some time with us. We will keep in touch, as usual, and see them in August at Silver Lake, Mi.
Ken and  Nancy and their rig

Four great friends

see you guys in August!

I made up brunch today, little sausages and hash browns after they left. Lots of food but will tide us over until dinner time, perhaps.

It is Sunday and between 1 and 2 the park offers Ice Cream Social, so we’ll see. I’ve promised to make Bill a bread pudding while here in the park as we have bread to use up, just not sure which hot day to cook!
Reading Lisa Gardiner's  Love You More
 The book I’m into now is a gripper so I’m sure a lot of the day will be spent reading, here on our patio in the shade and possibly up at the pool in the sun for a while. So many choices and nary a bad one.
Bill reading a J.A.Jance novel

The Suite warmed up inside as much as the outside temperature rose but with windows open and fans running, it wasn’t too bad until late afternoon. Soon I found I couldn’t keep my eyes open reading my book so went inside and had a snooze. It was nice and cool with a small fan blowing in the bedroom.

Around 1:30 we realized that if we didn’t get a move on we’d miss the Ice Cream Social. No one “gets a move on” in this 90F heat, so we made ourselves a cone at home, saved a couple of bucks and didn’t have to go anywhere.

Boy, it is a lazy day for sure and it feels great. Finally, after moving around, inside to outside, I was reminded of the time and prepared the steak for Bill to barbecue. While he did that I put together our salad plates.

After dishes I put Clemson’s ‘new to him’ harness on that Ken and Nancy gave us. Adjusting it to fit his skinny little body off we went. Soooo much better now! He can walk in a straight line without the pull of a leash. I’m so much happier with it and I’m sure Clemmy is too.
Clemson walks much better now

Posing with his new harness for Ken and Nancy
When we got back, the sun had set leaving the sky to perform its miracle again. It is so beautiful, it is hard to pick the best picture. I was hoping to see the full moon tonight but it isn’t in the sky yet. Maybe they got the date wrong.

I’m sitting outside with my laptop writing this but even though the screen is bright enough to see my post, I can’t see the keyboard. I guess it is time to follow Bill and Clemson inside to finish it.  I also didn't make it to the pool or hot tub today, too relaxed at home.

shaping for a nice sky again
Life is pretty good, I know I’ve said this many times before. I’ll probably say it yet again. Bill and Clemson and I are having a wonderful time with this retirement thing. If you can do it, as soon as you can do it, we highly recommend it. Whether you travel or not, life is too short to work any longer than you have to.

Thank you for sharing the day with us. I love reading your comments if you choose to leave one.


  1. Nothing quite like this lifestyle enjoy every minute of it while you can.

    1. No doubt we're going to miss this, all of it.

  2. Retirement is great especially after spending your life raising a family and working a career. Lots of people are just too scared to retire.
    The Moon was late rising tonight and then it slipped behind the clouds.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. when I went up to bed at 10 I saw it up there , so at least happy to have seen it. It was nicer the previous evening.

  3. Retirement is hard because it is new. We tend to like to stick with things we know like work and home. But once the move is made there is no looking back. We love our retirement.

    1. Ha ha, yes, retirement is hard because for the longest time we always feel we should be doing something, right? It took us a while, especially back home, to tell ourselves "you don't HAVE to be anywhere, relax"

  4. I saw the full moon coming up over Bullhead City but I never did get a picture of it.

    1. About 10 I noticed it up there but my pictures don't show it well. I preferred the one on Saturday evening.

  5. Nice Sunday you had. It was moving day for me, but not far. Much cooler where I am now and so quiet. I'm going to love this place. I hope the heat lets up for your area soon. It does tend to make you slow down when it is so warm.