Sunday, March 19, 2017

The B A S H at Ridgeview RV Resort, Full Day

Today is Saturday, Mar. 18th and the day that the park club group puts together an all-day event, inclusive with a meal at the end of the celebrations. Bill and I are in this resort under our R.O.D. membership, therefore not having to pay anything.

However, the park is run by a club that we are not members of. All this means is that we will be required to pay a $5 fee for the events/dinner today. No problem, I couldn’t make our dinner at home for five bucks. The rumour, yet to be substantiated, is it also includes 2 beer tickets.
From the hilltop towards the highway and the airport

Looking down onto the driveway entrance to our park
So, I was up on this gorgeous Arizona day before 7 and out the door with my camera and hiking stick. I plan on climbing a bit today just not sure where until I get there. I headed to the east, my normal direction, and then came back towards the main entrance, veering off to the west and then up the hill to the office.
No words to describe this beauty

And these weren't even awake yet

Once up the driveway hill, I notice a fairly easy climb up the hill to my right and hiked up there. It isn’t too steep but it is kind of rocky, meaning my footing wouldn’t be guaranteed up or down so I was glad for my stick. I arrived at the top and was pleased with the rewarding view.

The wildflowers are beautiful and yet I’m still drawn to the beavertail cactus over and over. Even though it was too early in the morning for the flowers to wake up, these few cacti were bursting. I need to come back later in the day and capture their glory.

I can honestly say now that I have walked every road in this park, not that there are a lot but I never ventured up the hill to the east to see the sites and rv’s up there.

Look at the house on the hill in the background

I never really walk alone
A rooster, from the houses (wha?) beyond, was crowing reminding me of our holiday in Barbados. Those dam things crowed all night long! Other than that, these are nice sites up there with a nice view over the park.
Nice "Indian" motorcycle
This old highway bus to rv conversion is just down the road from us
On the way back home, the main street of the park was partially blocked off so the staff could set up tents in preparation of the day’s events.

Assembling the big tent
When I returned to the Suite Bill and Clemson were just getting up. Actually, they got up when I did but only for nature’s calling and they hopped back into bed. I was in bed by 10 so that is enough laying around for me.

An organ player in the shade

After we had our tea and coffee I sat down and finished my book, finally. It was worth it, I’m glad I stayed with it. Bill and I waited until around 11:30 before we felt hungry enough to eat. I made myself a Skinny Muffin with cream cheese, no sugar calories, and Bill had a couple of pcs. of toast and jam. We cleaned up the dishes and I walked up to the clubhouse to see what was going on.
No one knows how to ride a horse so it was easy to contain my excitement
Tents were up and some people were congregated under them having a good time already. The cake walk was at 11 and I missed that, kind of like musical chairs from what we’re told. I noticed that the pool had one occupant only so hi-tailed it back to change into my bathing suit. I’m not missing a day if I can help it.
How beautiful! another reason I love and will miss the palm trees
I love having this convenience of dipping in the pool to cool off on a 90+ degree day. Finding a good couple of chairs, I got in the pool for a swim back and forth. I could hear the girls calling for horse riders for the race. This I had to see. Sure enough 6 people lined up with hobby horses while others lined up to place their quarter bids.
These guys got it right
There were at least 4 races but I only watched one. My disappointment was apparent when not one person knew how to ride their horse!! Come on!!! I know what I’d be doing so next year I might join them and show them how to ride. 😊
This picture is for Charlotte, missing an 'e' but thought of you guys today
 Bill joined me shortly for a swim until the winds picked up. Even though they were seemingly coming from the west, our awnings were out on the east side of the Suite, Bill thought he’d go back and make sure they weren’t affected. It only takes one big gust to ruin our day with a big expense.
Wow! eh? 

We’d made plans to go back for dinner at 4 so walked up and met Judy, Oscar, Lori and Roland at their table. 

Bill, Roland, Oscar, Oscar's 'girlfriend, Lindy, Gary, Cathy, Judy, Lori, my chair
There was some discussion about free tickets for beer and we soon found out if you asked, you got. Now, I’m not a beer drinker, persay, but if you are going to give me a couple for nothing, I’ll drink them on a hot day. We paid for our meal so to me it was a fair trade off.

Judy, or should I say Oscar, was kind enough to offer me a glass of wine in the meantime and Lori poured a rye and coke/pepsi for Bill. Thank you, guys, that was very kind. Dinner was chicken, beans, macaroni or potato salad and cake and was quite good.

After we ate, Jim Allen began to play his guitar and I was impressed with his talent. A few people helped clear away the tables and you had to know Bill wouldn't sit there without lending a hand. 

How many times in our jobs did I see him do this very thing?

Minor spill in Aisle One!
A variety of music, mostly country, helped us all to decide to stay longer and take advantage of the drinks and good entertainment. I even got up and danced to Boot Scootin’ Boogie! Yay!

It seemed so dark outside when I stepped out to catch the sunset but it was only 7 so still light out. When we left at close to 8, it was a beautiful evening. Even though Oscar offered Bill and I a ride on his Ford’s tailgate, we chose to hoof it. He had a gleam in his eye that I couldn’t read when he made the offer.

We stopped in for an extended visit with the Obergs before calling it a night. It has been a very fulfilling day and I can hardly keep my eyes open writing this. I guess that will explain why my post didn’t get on line until Sunday morning. That or the 2 beer at the clubhouse!
I hope you’ve enjoyed your Saturday as well. Thank you for reading along.

Please feel free to comment, I love receiving them.


  1. Glad you had another wonderful day enjoying everything the park has to offer.
    Every once in a while Blogger doesn't post right away so it wasn't the beers.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was a great day for sure. I didn't even post last night, too tired and THAT was the beer! :)

  2. I have walked all the roads there many times, easy walking and hills make for some wonderful views.
    They do have some good celebrations there, we did Valentines day a few years ago, with a free meal and dancing as well. Nice that you got to spent time with the guys.

    1. It is easy walking here with a challenge up the hill if we choose. We had a great time last night with the gang, lots of laughs and more new people to look forward to seeing next fall. I was happy to get my line dance in too!

  3. Sounds like a lovely day that you both thoroughly enjoyed. Keep up the good "work".

    1. The days just get better but slipping by too quickly. :)

  4. You sure had a busy day! Walking, swimming, eating, drinking with friends. Can't ask for a better day.

  5. Glad you are enjoying your time away.....the winter has flown by quickly for us here in Ontario as well. Today is the first day of spring! It is welcome for sure.