Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Time to Move On, Bullhead City, Meeting up with Friends

Tuesday, Mar. 7th is our day to pull up stakes. Seems like that is the same for a few others we’ve talked to. The sun is up, just not over the Mohave mountain range to our east yet, the sky is blue and a cool start to the day. 47F here at the blm north of Lake Havasu City. We will be sad to leave this place, it is another wonderful spot and will return next trip.
I will miss the sun on my Hand Mountain each morning
We have reservations at Ridgeview RV Resort in Bullhead City for a two week stay and that will also be nice to have that time to settle. Soon it will be time to move, move, move on the trip back home to Ontario. We have friends already at Ridgeview, who go to that park twice a year and also our friends from Illinois are joining us for 4 days. Looking forward to it all.

Quiet roads

Even quieter Route 66

We are pretty much packed up, just the usual last minute things to do and they won’t take long. Usually within half hour from when we start, our wheels are turning. We had a bite to eat and were on the road by 9:30.

Turning off I-95 onto I-40W brought us to the CR1 turnoff towards Bullhead City and Oatman. This is the road we missed back in November and ended up taking the longer way through Needles, CA back onto I-95 again. It is weird because what we are looking for is actually AZ-95, the state highway. It brings us into Bullhead City to the Parkway where Ridgeview RV Resort is located.
Kinda cool seeing 5 para gliders and this one with water skiis

Two lane County Road 1 with some construction
No wrong turns or drive-bys this time, we were on the ball. Funny how the scenery we saw on our first trip and was really impressed by, doesn’t strike me with the same punch after what we have seen further west and south. It is pretty here, don’t get me wrong but in comparison? Well, you get my drift.

We arrived at the park and checked in by 11:00 and even got to choose our site. Last time we were in #60 and had a tree at the south-east corner of our spot. I was not happy with this as it took away the only sun I would get on our patio, since we were facing east. Today we chose #61 facing the same way but no tree so we will have the morning sun. With the rising temperatures, I don’t think I’ll mind a bit of shade later in the week.

We also reserved site #62 beside us for our friends, Ken and Nancy who arrive tomorrow for 4 days. We think they will like it. We were all set up inside by 12 noon and I made up a couple of lettuce, cheese and ham cutters for lunch. It feels good to be hooked up to water and electric for a couple of weeks. A little bit of luxury before the overnight stops in our future.

Today, being Tuesday, seems to be the typical day we move and it means getting the satellite dish set up as early as possible. It was easy to find it so we’ll be watching our favourite shows on tv tonight.

We watched our taped version of The Voice from last night and then accepted the invitation to Lori and Roland’s Happy Hour at 3. I’m afraid I was negligent and didn’t get a picture today, next time. We had a great time catching up for a couple of hours before coming back to the Suite for dinner.

The sun was hot and the wind died down before 6, what a lovely evening. When Bill was barbecuing our sausage, he called me outside so I grabbed my camera and caught these guys running through the wash. We were just talking about them with Lori.
Road runner - beep beep
When we finished our sausages and salads we starting watching our shows at 6. Because of the overlaps, we need to record some on our pvr for another night.
My favourite is still the gamble quail
This has been a good day, moving early to a new place and the feeling comes over us of peace and relaxation. I’m hoping the forecast is right so I can take a dip in the pool sometime over the next two weeks………….but not holding my breath, it isn’t heated.
Backed up to the wash in a nearly full park

Site #61

Hope your day was a good one and all the moves happened successfully. 
Good night from Ridgeview RV Resort

Thank you for reading. Comments are always welcome!


  1. Glad you are Safely set up.
    We were looking at the maps today deciding on our trip Home in just over a month.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. yes the inevitable drive home is looming. Oh well, we will be ready.

  2. Nice that you all set up there and all is good. Wishing you sunshine warm weather and not too much win enjoy the area and say hi to the the group when you see them.

    1. Will do, George! Your name was mentioned a few times yesterday at Happy Hour. A bit windy this morning but hopefully not overbearing. The 80+ temps we're expecting might make us grateful for it too. :)

  3. Didn't take long to get your move done. Best way to travel. I have yet to get a picture of a roadrunner. Just too fast for an old man like me, I guess. Have a good time with friends.

    1. No, we didn't have far to go and that is good. For an old man you really get out there and that impresses me. Chasing down road runners for pictures is not necessary. :)It was nice to see one set of friends yesterday and more today.

  4. Replies
    1. yup but he didn't make a sound and I didn't see Wiley anywhere.

  5. Glad to read your move went well and you are all tucked in safe and sound. It is nice to have unlimited water every once and awhile. Enjoy your stay and the warm/hot promised weather.

  6. Didn't take long to get your move done. Best way to travel. I have yet to get a picture of a roadrunner. Just too fast for an old man like me, I guess. Have a good time with friends.