Sunday, March 5, 2017

W-W-Windy Day, Blowing Around the Patio Furniture, More Hair Stuff, More Hiking

Sunday, Mar. 5th at this blm at Lake Havasu and we woke up to the wind howling around the Suite. I rose around 7 and Bill was able to continue sleeping until after 8. We were up late again last night reading. This is unusual for me but not for my night owl.

I should apologize for my pictures today. Since there wasn't much to take pictures of this morning these are from my walk with Jill today.

I was disappointed that the weather guessers were wrong about today, it sure doesn’t look like much possibility of sun at all today and 17 mph winds with gusts to 25. Prospects for a hike don’t look too good, it would blow us around a fair bit no doubt. When the lawn chair and patio table blow around, you know it is windy.
Unusual type of rv - no problem moving with those tires!

Our little fluffy fellow needs a haircut so badly, a professional one, and sometimes the reviews at Pet Smart are good and sometimes they are ‘iffy’. Plus, the prices are on the high end there is never a guarantee of what Clemson will let them do. So, this morning I googled some more private groomers and read the reviews. There are quite a few in Lake Havasu therefore possible I can book an appointment for Monday.
Jill on the Hill
 With no other option, Bill and I lifted the generator off the cargo carrier. Shucks! We only have two days left here and had hoped not to have to do that. Oh well, the batteries are getting low and we need to charge them up for the fridge.

Before we take the next turn to the east, we want to keep The Hand Mountain in perspective
I’d already put the kettle on and we had a cup of tea the old-fashioned way. No harm in that except Bill does prefer a cup of java in the morning and we don’t keep any instant brew on hand. Generator to the rescue. We have heard enough gennys running around us that the noise is nothing to worry about.
Bushy plant in full bloom

the sky was gorgeous with the wispy clouds

I had planned on cooking breakfast, eggs of some sort but we weren’t hungry until closer to 11.  At that time, Bill opted to have some toast instead, since the we had power. At 11:30 I put my soup on the stove to heat it up and that was my brunch. This soup is delicious if I do say so myself! And all good stuff in it and it is fairly low in carbs.
this rock formation looks 'planned'

Ocotillo in bloom

This cactus pushes out of the rock grasping for any nourishment
Naturally, by the time we were finished with our lunch, the sun started to poke through. If we’d only waited an hour we may not have had to exert ourselves for power, but on the other hand we could require it later to watch Madame Secretary. It looks like a new one, finally!
Stopping for a snack
I was there too, but the picture Jill thought she took of me ended up in never never land

I turned the generator off after an hour or so and let the bit of sun do its thing on the panels. I finished my book but decided, instead of starting a new one, to attack my grey roots. My hair has lightened so much with the sun that the grey is showing up darker. Within 45 minutes I was as good as new, well as good as the boxed new will allow.

A Palo Verde tree turns a silvery colour when it dies
Sad because they are so beautiful when they are living

Oops, some 4-wheelers got too close to this ocotillo
Just before I rinsed, Jill came to see if I wanted to go for a hike with her so once I finished my colouring job, her and I set out around 1 pm. With no idea where we were headed and no idea how long, I stupidly did not take my water. Bad Patsy! I did wear a hat and comfy clothes, took my 2-way radio, small camera and walking stick.
Just over that hill, we might see THE view

Definitely a gorgeous view across to the west side of I-95
For two people who just met, we sure hit it off on our hike. Of like mind in many things, we walked at a good pace and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, flowers, rocks, mountain ridges, trees and cacti. There were even a few surprises on the journey. We started out battling the wind until we got lower into the valley where it was calm. Soon we were removing layers of clothing. There were only wispy white clouds skimming across the sky. What a difference from this morning.

A lone poppy
Jill and I would take turns suggesting which way we wanted to go at each fork and we both agreed about half way around, behind the mountain that hides our morning sunrise, to stop, find a seat and have a snack. Jill had water, an orange and a granola bar to share. She’s a smart cookie! I buzzed Bill on the 2-way to let him know we were okay and ‘coming ‘round the mountain’.
A lupin stands alone
We could either turn back and return the way we’d come or forge onward to new trails. It would be 2 miles either way so we went forward. Glad we did because we soon came across the Catchment that provided the wild animals some refreshment. Interesting and wonderful idea but at midafternoon we didn’t see any wildlife taking advantage.

Basically says that we are in the Mohave Mountain Ranges, home of the Bighorn sheep

A catchment is simply a watering hole
We made it back to camp around 3:15, tired, happy and much more acquainted. It was a great hike. I’m so glad she invited me along. The beaver tail cactus are plentiful here and Jill spotted 2 plants already with flowers starting to bloom. Tomorrow, I’m sure there will be more.
I can't say enough about this brilliant fuschia beaver tail cactus flower
And there are so many more on the verge of bursting
 I would have loved to sit outside and soak in the sun. Blue sky was totally clear of clouds but the winds were just too strong and it wasn’t comfortable out there. I returned inside and I chose my next book to read. Bill said he wished we’d kept better track of those books we’ve read, not knowing that I had a list on the go.

The eaves on this roof structure collect the rainwater and it is reserved in underground tanks
and fed into the catchment below

the Catchment is worth taking a walk

Tonight was an easy supper, homemade chicken barley soup and a bun. I got the thumbs up from Bill and since we’ve eaten enough of it, I was able to put the remainder into a container in the fridge instead of leaving it in the pot. It will make for a couple of lunch meals for me this week.

After we ate and did dishes, we called our friends back home, Kathy and Derrick. We wanted to touch base with them and see how they were doing. They follow our blogs on a daily basis but we don’t know how things are with them. It was nice to get through to them on Google Hangouts. Yay! Great talking to you two!

The sun is going down now at 6:30 leaving a dusty setting to the west. That wind sure picks up the sand of the desert, we are lucky where we are with more gravel and greenery now than sand. The sky is hazy on the horizon.

I hope you have had a wonderful day, we sure have. I’ve been fed, watered, entertained and exercised so I can be sit in my recliner to watch some television on this great Sunday night. 

Thank you for following our travels. I love to hear from you!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. What a great way to get to know someone on walk through the beautiful desert. The contrasts of the desert brown, the green plants, and blue sky makes for some beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.
    Stay safe.

    1. It was a great hike with a new friend and what better could we ask for than the desert sights.

  2. Another fun desert day, you are so lucky, your first winter here and seeing desert flowers, this is the most we have seen and the greenest that we can remember in the last 10 years.

    1. It was a great day and the weather surprised us and brought me sunshine after all! Seeing that flower in the midst of all the greens and browns made our day for sure!

  3. Thank you Patsy, for letting me know what a Catchment is. I have seen these roofs on my hikes, but never really knew what they were for. Now I do. Nice to have a friend to hike with. Luckily, I have Yuma.

    1. You're welcome, we learn something every day and than heavens for that!Yes you are lucky to have Yuma.

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