Sunday, May 28, 2017

It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Summer!

Sunday, May 28th and as we approach the end of the month, we also can really tell we are approaching the month of summer, finally. What a beautiful day! I was up just after 7 this morning, not wanting to continue the habit of sleeping in until 8 or 8:30. I got into a rut this past week and put it up to not feeling well. Enough of that nonsense, we found the days were half over before we really did anything.
This was the kind of morning it was
Coffee in my king  chair, shorts and Clemson snuggled beside me
So, up early it was lovely to open blinds to sunshine and few clouds. The thermometer read only 12C but it rose quickly and within a couple of hours it was 15C. That is about 60F for our American friends. The sun fought for control of the sky but it didn’t win although it was quite lovely all-day long.
My Outhouse, er, Restroom Irises have bloomed
Feeling 90% back to myself, I read blog posts with my tea until Bill got up after 8. We chit-chatted about our day’s plans and he headed out to work on his plane. He had a ‘dead-stick’ landing yesterday that created an oh-oh. Minor repairs and I didn’t see him for an or so while he worked in his cargo trailer.
The first of many to bloom for the first time here
Around 10:30 I made him some toast with peanut butter and took it out to him. I was getting ready to go to visit Mom, yay! And he was going to drive me in so he could fill up the car and pick up an electrical receptacle for the bunky. For some reason, the one he plugs his c.t. into wasn’t working all of a sudden. Things that make you go ‘hmm’.
Clemson says "Are you my Grandma?"

And when Mom says "Yes" he snuggles closer
She looked so pretty in her skirt, top and beads
So, I decided that it would be nice to take Clemson back in to see her since Bill would be there to carry him out at noon when we say goodbye. If I was alone, I wouldn’t be able to carry him and walk her to her lunch table at the same time. It would not be appropriate having a dog in the dining room with diners ready to eat.
Add caption

Clem and I were in at 11 and Bill joined us at 11:30. Mom was so happy to see all of us. She even got all of our names right! Wonderful! Unfortunately, she didn’t remember seeing 5 of her granddaughters yesterday though. We had a nice visit and chatted with the fellow across the hall for a while too. Nice man. As usual, Clemson was a hit and had to be taken over to a few ladies for a snuggle.
This corner house in Durham is very interesting
 When we got back, Bill replaced the receptacle and I made up bacon and eggs for lunch. With this cold, I’ve noticed a have a pounding headache almost every day but a nice hearty breakfast or lunch seems to keep it at bay. Who feels like eating much when your head is stuffed and your throat tickly?
Oh, yes. Clemson gets a home cut
I was anxious to get outside in the garden, I showed you a picture of that nasty ‘goutweed’. Thanks F.G. for naming it for me. So, with gloves on and shovel in hand, I dug enough to lift the soil and mulch to get as much of the root as I could. I know this will be a summertime chore but I’m a determined ole gal! Bill popped over to The Acreage for a bit to help Gerry with their new awning.
A little less scruffy, at least
While he was gone, I finished digging until I got every last sign of that darn plant. It does give me a sense of accomplishment, even when I grumble at it all through the process. It was a perfect weather day for this kind of job. Tonight for supper, Bill bbq’d 2 steak and 1 chicken breast and I boiled potatoes inside the Suite.
Now, I'm definitely going to have to buy more  mulch
Tomorrow morning my sweetie is off to London again for another couple of work days. At least when he comes home Tuesday night, he’ll be home for the rest of the week and that will be really nice for all of us. The extra steak is for his dinner Monday night.
I deserved this taste of my Mexican Kahlua
We set about packing his lunch, drinks, breakfast and supper meals and he put his clothes together. At least this time, I’m feeling normal again and the weather is co-operating. Clemson and I won’t be stuck inside because of rain, at least not an all day, every day stretch.
And this book with my feet up
As the temperature starts its decline, I’ve moved inside while Bill has his shower. Shorts and a tank top aren’t enough clothes on a southwestern Ontario evening in May, apparently. The sky is getting ready for an evening or overnight rain by the looks of it, perfect time!
At 4:30 I said to Bill "where are all the geese today?"
I should have been sitting outside at 7:30 when they all came back home
One day I'm going to capture their in-flight landing
I hope your day has been great. I do believe we have turned a corner towards the dog days of summer. Enjoy! At the peak of day, we reached 22C/71F.
Goodnight, Mr. Sun

Thank you for this wonderful day
Thank you for kicking around with me today. I would love to hear from you if you have the time and inclination to leave a comment.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Saturday, May 27th we woke up late. It was 8 o’clock when Clemson and Bill got up for the first time and 8:30 when I entered the new day. There was something in the air that told me a wonderful day was on the horizon. It wasn’t the sun, because there wasn’t any sign of it but it was the pale gray of the ever-present clouds.

Why was I happy about seeing the gray clouds? Simply because they were a far cry better than the dark gray/black ones we had lingering over our Suite yesterday! The wind was um, NIL, Mr. Maple Leaf was hanging dare I say, limp? There was no rain in the air and yet I felt glorious, rejuvenated, lightened and well!
Mr. Maple Leaf 
After tea/coffee we read blogs and comments before Bill decided to go into Durham to fill a propane tank. He wanted to pop in on Rob and Pat to see how they were doing and we wanted to get our fresh water tank filled up as well. So, he had a morning of jobs to do.
The road to Glenelg Community Centre

I cross the bridge over this little creek
I wanted to see our friends as well, but knowing the visit would likely be inside, I still didn’t feel that it was fair to close myself in a room with others. My unhealthy-self needed another day before I was ready for an indoor visit.

Bill left around 10 and within minutes he called to tell me that there was a Plant Sale on Baptist Church Road at the Glenelg Community Centre today. I’ve been curious about that little building so cleaned myself up and drove up the road to see what they had.
My $2 expenditure 
What they had was a tractor and a flatbed trailer filled with various types of garden flowers. I never did get into the building but I met a couple of really nice folk. I managed to find a couple of different flowers and for $2 came home a happy ‘camper’. 
This is my Lady's Mantle, love how the drops of water settle on the leaves
Before I left Jan gave me a small pot with a Lady’s Mantle for my garden. Little did I realize that I already have 4 that Donna planted. I don’t know flowers and plants well enough, apparently. Oh well, I’ll find a spot for it and love them like all the rest.
Another plant, that I don't know the name of, ready to pop in colour

While Bill was gone, I cut the lawn up here in front of the Suite and around the bunky and around the garden and corral. It looks so much better but it took a lot out of me. The sun had peeked out a few times and I knew I needed to stop. Before I sat down, I remembered Bill had told me about a morel down in the corral so went to check it out.
Mullein, not in my garden but it is the 'weed' we dry for tea

He was absolutely right, and a big one it was! I delightedly picked it and within 2 feet I found a second one that had been broken off. I scooped it up and brought them inside. Bill was going to get a chance to taste this delicacy I’ve been talking about!

And it is a big one!
As soon as he drove in, I started frying the bacon, green peppers, chives from my garden and eggs for an omelet. He had a craving for one and I added a second fry pan for the butter and morels. Hmmm, so tasty!
Awnings out, finally close to a perfect day
Bill worked around outside the Suite while emptying the water bladder into the tank and I basically took it easy. This cold has really decided I’ve had enough, I think, only causing me to cough and blow my nose occasionally. Finally!
After the lawn was cut
Clemson and I walked down the lane together and Bill got out his drone and his plane to take advantage of the no-wind day. If you can believe it, we actually put out our awnings for the first time this year! Yay! While he was in the field, Clemson decided to hike down, on his own, crawl through the fence and visit Ellie May’s house next door.
That sun is so warm when it comes out
 After hiking myself over the fence, I scooted the little Columbus (the explorer) back home to Daddy. He had a hard time finding the gap in the fence he went through so I had to guide him, patiently, wanting to spank his little bum. Off he went, up to the Suite lickety-split. The worst part is that he doesn’t listen when we call him back. Selective hearing 101.

This is the nasty green and white plant that is taking over my garden
By 4:30 we had had some sun, some clouds but all in all a gorgeous day. I have NO complaints about this day at all. We had asked Donna to bring us a couple of loaves of bread from The Bread Depot in Hanover. They were coming to the Acreage (6 km away) for overnight to keep their son-in-law company. Ted has a houseful of female cousins at his place so was glad to bid them adieu.
While there, Gerry showed off his new toy
We visited for over an hour and sat at the bonfire while Gerry burned from their junk wood pile. Time to clean up the mess! They were all getting eaten by the black flies but Bill and I had sprayed ourselves before we left home so not bothered. Returning home shortly after 6 we barbecued hamburgers for supper.
Gerry feeding the fire
I made a salad up with mine and Bill had his on buns, his favourite way. During dishes, Bill decided we didn’t need one of our glasses so broke it in the dishwater. Unfortunately, his hand was still in the glass. Dr. Patsy to the rescue and we managed to get him bandaged up for now. One cut looks deep so we’ll keep an eye on it and replace the gauze before bed tonight.
Bill - 2   Glass - 0

Can't wait until these open 

Our goose population has increased
10 landed in our pond tonight
We sit here listening to the frogs singing outside, not quite the choir we heard in the early parts of April but still loud and obvious. The sun is ruling the sky right now so I’m hoping for a beauty of a sunset this evening. I hope you have had a fantastic day, as we have had.
And there it is........aahhh Beautiful!

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Improvement Each Day, In Me, Not the Weather?

Today is Friday, May 26th and so far at 11 am one thing has improved from yesterday. Me. I feel much better, had a fabulous sleep with no interruptions of coughing. I have had a headache for a couple of days off and on but figure it is from the head congestion. That is better now after a walk to the end of the lane with Clemson.
Took Clemson a while to find where I went 

I’ve had my tea, working on a coffee now with a fried morel and an egg. I had a feeling that we had mail so I wasn’t disappointed with my instincts. Mom’s income tax return info arrived, another year settled and filed.
The pond is getting grassy
On my return, I looked in my flower garden and see the rain has brought up more of that stupid vine plant I’ve tried to get rid of. When it dries up a bit, I’ll get out there and go at it again. I’m sure it will be a summer-long project. Hint: Don’t plant it if you don’t want it taking over everything!
Red flag = mail
But what I DID find was another morel! A huge one! So, I picked it and brought it inside. After all the warnings on FB about fake poisonous ones I googled how to tell the difference. This site was very helpful:  
Reading doesn’t always help but the pictures at the bottom were the key for me.

This little baby tasted mighty nice after being fried up in butter
I told my sister it was just a wee taste of an old memory
Needless to say, once I knew it was the real thing, I dusted it off and fried it up with butter. YUMMY! Along with a fried egg, I have a satisfied tummy. When Clemson woke up this morning to go out at 6:30, I realized that it was quite cool in the Suite so turned the Blue Flame heater on low. This was enough to take the chill off for our later awakening.
Had a personal delivery today. Our new passports arrived after 4 weeks.
We don't know who the mug shots are of but we'll keep them.
The weather is still dull and the sky is full of dark gray clouds again. And oh yes, there is the light spatter of rain on my window again. LOL (Lordy oh Lordy). Time for a shower, that will brighten up my day for sure!

And the bonus of the rain is my garden is growing

There isn’t much to say about today, it wasn’t an outside day again so I stayed inside and sorted through our winter pictures. They were pretty much in order already but I want to do something with them. This is a job easy to get lost in, while waiting to hear from Bill as he makes his journey towards home.
Not seeing much promise here
By 3 pm I knew he would be later coming home so planned to eat by myself. That was easy, I just had another chicken salad. I enjoyed it last night and again tonight. Bill takes the opportunity to stop at Costco while in London, we can’t beat the prices of our dairy products. He also likes to pop in and see his Dad on the way home too.
Blanket anyone?
I’m missing out on seeing Mom, speaking of parents. This stupid cold has put me in a position I don’t like. It isn’t that Mom ‘knows’ I’m not visiting, but I know it. I’m looking forward to getting rid of the sniffles now so I can get up to see her as soon as possible.
Not  getting any better
The good news of the day is that the ruling came down, after the Grey County council meeting today, that there will be a new Long Term Care residence built in Durham. We all know that Rockwood Terrace was to close and were afraid that our loved ones would have to move to a new location in Markdale. I’m sure it isn’t good news for the residents of Gray Gables in Markdale and I do sympathize with them.

Grey County is moving forward with a plan to build a new amalgamated long-term care home in Durham and eventually sell Grey Gables in Markdale.
In a weighted vote of 54 to 33, with Southgate deputy-Mayor Norman Jack absent, county council approved a motion during its committee of the whole meeting on Thursday that begins the process to build the new 166-bed facility in Durham. It is to be operational by 2025 to replace the aging Rockwood Terrace, with the plan to also include selling Grey Gables as a retirement/assisted living facility and use the funds to offset the cost to build the new home.

This will not affect Mom, we are fairly sure, since it will be a long process and years down the road. It was a tough decision but came out in the favour of the Durham residents.

I watched a bit of television as I finished this post before settling in my recliner to wait for Bill. I hope you have made the best of this day and you have managed to keep dry.
And at 4:30 this bright light came from nowhere below the cloud
Where was it all day?
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cold, Cold, Go Away, The Rain May Stay for One More Day

Thursday, May 25th came just as expected. The rain started last evening after 8 pm. We’ve always said that the rain should come in the overnight hours, then no one would ever complain about it. Today was to be a washout for sure, but we were prepared this time so it isn’t as depressing. Expected. I can almost hear my garden growing.

(I didn't get any pictures taken today, so thought I would share some original photos of The Ridge before any work was done to it.)
The overgrown Ridge when my brother-in-law took possession
Gerry is standing in the lane that I walk regularly
 I woke up when I heard Bill rise to have his shower around 7 but just rolled over and stayed snuggled in the covers. When I heard him making his breakfast I got up and sat downstairs with him for a while. My routine now is to peek into the fridge making sure he has grabbed everything. He doesn’t need me to but I feel better than finding something after he’s left.

The corral
My sister, Donna, is the model here
I went back to bed and before he left, he crawled up and gave Clemson and I our goodbye kisses. I don’t know if I dropped off or just lay there with my mind active, but it was 9 when I finally got up. On a rainy day like this, and still feeling the cold lingering, no place to go, I felt fine just wearing my loungers. I have no one to impress today!

this is where we are parked
 I read blog posts and comments from yesterday with my tea at my side. The cough seems to be settling down better so I didn’t take that cough syrup but I did take another Tylenol Cold tablet. Some days my tea tastes so good and today was one of those days. I always take cream after squeezing and removing the bag plus a tablespoon of coconut oil. Yum.

Clemson checks it out too
Bill texted at 10:45 that he arrived safely. Okay, good. He has one job today at noon which will last the afternoon and two tomorrow. Phil promised to have him out of CanAm at 4 since it is the weekend. Cute, but we know he’ll get out as soon as he is able.
There was a lot of machinery and old junk around
Didn't deter Clemson, he liked the long grass
This is one of those days when I remained in my jammies, only changing from slippers to clogs when Clemson needed to go out. I’m beginning to think the little bum likes the rain, he had to go 4 times in 2 hours. Good thing it is a mild enough day and a gentle rain. I forgive him, it gave me some fresh air which I otherwise wouldn’t have got.
They had to have all of this old stuff removed

Truck camper, anyone?
This is up on the hill where my veggie garden is now
I read a lot of my book, I did a crossword puzzle, I swept the floors in the Suite, watched re-runs of NCIS and cleaned the bathroom. Other than that, I sneezed and blew my nose. A day’s worth of it but I feel better, even better than late yesterday. Getting there. For supper, I give credit to our friend Nancy.

I dug out her recipe for a chicken salad, one she served us when we visited her and Ken in a park in Las Vegas, Nevada. Boy, that seems like a long, long time ago and it was only December! Back to my meal. I opened a can of chicken breast pieces, blended it with Hellman’s mayo and added green pepper pieces.

the driveway after the guys chopped it down the first time
 With salt and pepper, I dolloped 2 large spoonfuls on a bed of lettuce with tomato chunks. The only thing I left out was the cooked macaroni she had blended in. It was great either way and I was quite satisfied.

Big improvement in the corral - first cutting
After eating and cleaning up dishes, I made myself a cup of mullein tea as I sit here and type. Family Feud is on with Steve Harvey, entertaining background noise. The rain seems to have stopped, actually about 2 hours ago. It has never budged from the 12C I woke up to but with no wind today, it feels unbelievably mild. Tomorrow will definitely be a better day, hope to get Clemson out for a walk or two.
Entrance to The Ridge
I hope your day has been a good one. The good news, Bill is not showing any more signs of getting this cold from me. Yay! 

I hope you enjoy seeing how this property looked when my sister and her husband bought it in 2014. Before anything was done to it, it was offered to us as our summer home. Not only did Donna and Gerry have a vision, I could see us up there as well.

Thank you for reading. Your comments are always appreciated if you wish to leave one.