Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SUMMER SOLSTICE, Yay! Clemson and Mom On Our Own.

Wednesday, June 21st I woke up to Bill’s alarm but only briefly and I was off to sleep again. At least it was more appropriately 6:15, I think. He was in and out of the shower before I woke the second time. I’m glad we packed things together for him last night, he didn’t need to rush this morning.
Not so great start to this Summer day
Hi-Tech - our London mechanic
 His first destination today will be an oil change at our favourite mechanic haunt, Hi-Tech Auto Care in London. Bill will enjoy chatting with Dan and Brad at the shop while getting the Toyota done. Funny, I just had a flashback of my Dad in the garage in Lucan doing the oil change on his Chev Impala.

Our outdoor/indoor gauge in front of  Bill's Father's Day cards
It doesn’t look like a nice day to be driving at 7 am with all the fog. I can’t even capture Bill going down the road. Looking across the pond it is amazing how lush things are from all the rain. It is quite lovely, I must admit. I hope to see and feel a bit of warmth today but it is only 12C/53F so we have a long way to go.
See ya sweetie! Look after my car!
 As I drink my tea, I try and settle on what I can do today. It feels kind of nice to not HAVE to do anything. It has been a few days full of commitments of one kind or another. I’m not complaining, I like to be doing something for the most part but a quiet day of rest and reading is okay too.
Looking out across the pond
I dumped my little kitchen compost pot this morning up on the hill and must remember next time to give the big bin a stir. I sometimes wish I wasn’t so observant. Walking back, I saw a hummingbird lying on the ground beside the Suite.
Clemson was shivering with his new haircut so I put his sweater on
He has less hair to keep him warm and cuddly
 Bill and I had heard a small thud on the window last night but figured a bird had hit and flew off. This explains the small sound but it broke my heart to see the end of his wee life. I need to dig another grave, just a small one this time. I feel bad because I have feeders out for them and yesterday there were at least 4 hummers around.
and I put a sweater and slippers on
So, Clemson and I spent most of the day inside until early afternoon. I read for the most part and we took a walk to get the flyers from the mailbox. I swept the Suite, brushed the carpets and finished by washing the tile floors. It was another good excuse, when I was done, to sit with the pooch and read more about Harry Bosch. This book is so good and I will be finishing it tonight. It was cloudy and cool so I wasn’t missing anything outside.
Rob spoke a bit with thanks on behalf of Aunt Mary
At 2:30 I cleaned up and drove to Rockwood Terrace to attend the dedication and unveiling of a painting for Rob’s Uncle Archie. The temperature never seemed to change much until the sun came out at 3 and we got up to 19C. Whoop whoop! While at the dedication, standing in the back, I saw Rob, Pat and Aunt Mary seated in the front row. Archie was Mary’s brother and passed last fall.
Sorry for the blur of this lovely family picture
Such a beautiful painting of Archie’s farm. Two portraits of him, one on each side of the tractor and each one from a different era. An old Ford Fairlane sits in the background near the house. The painting was hung at Rockwood for everyone to appreciate. It was a nice event with many attendees’ present. I’m glad I went.

I spoke to Aunt Mary for a while and Rob and Pat’s kids. It was nice to see Sandra, Bill, Trevor, Trace and Karen. Gee, I hope I remembered Karen’s name correctly. I said my goodbyes and headed to F & S to check out the mulch that they have on sale. I’m sure $5 for their large bags is not a bad price but Bill texted to say there was a sign out this morning saying cedar mulch 3 for $12. If I can save money, all the better.

When I got there, I asked if that sale included the Black Beauty mulch and it did not. I’m not desperate for it at this point so will wait and see if it comes on sale. I need the black or else I’m looking at re-doing the whole flower garden. No thanks. I got back home again before I remembered I was going to pick up some Miracle Grow, shoot! I need to make a list.
Someone was thirsty

At home, there was at least more sunshine although it was still very sporadic. Clem and I hung around outside for a while, walking down the lane again. Ellie May came over just long enough to throw Clemson some new scents to follow then she drank all of his water. On our walk, you had to know it was time to see another Yertle and sure enough, there he was.
Inside the Suite I read some more until it was time to feed someone. At the same time, I realized that I hadn’t eaten much all day. That is one problem when I’m alone, I don’t feel hungry so don’t take the time to make anything. Today, however, I had a banana smoothie I made up yesterday and drank it throughout the day along with a few pieces of cheddar cheese.

The scent dance
I pulled the last of the sausage/potato casserole out of the fridge and warmed it up around 5:30. With all the clouds today I didn’t unplug from electric so knew I could use the microwave. Now at 7 the sun comes out but it is too low to benefit the panels on the roof. We think the transmitter on the portable panel is done so can’t count on that. Bill was going to check on getting another one while at CanAm.

I'm not up for a game of  Hide and Seek but he is!
I heard from Bill at one point that he needed me to scan a document to him so took care of that earlier in the day. The oil change was done so he put in a couple of other visits while in the city before driving to Lambeth.

He stopped at AVF to see the boys and then to the School Board warehouse where we used to work. He chatted and caught up with Deb and a few other former co-workers. I wish I could have seen them again too but I’m happy that he is touching base with them all the same.

I cleaned up dishes and finished The Crossing. It was definitely a page turner. Of course, the sky has cleared out and it looks beautiful out there. Well, better late than never! I am going to think very positively about tomorrow and pray for some lovely sun. I went online this morning to Yelp and made a review of Bath and Biscuit for dog grooming. We were both so impressed with them. While searching for the business, this popped up in the GTA. This is my maiden name and I thought it kinda cool!
Anybody home?
My sister and her husband went out to the Saugeen Airport this afternoon to see the Snowbirds. Bill and I would have gone had he been home, but we have seen them in London in the past so maybe another time. I’m sure they put on a spectacular show. This is the smallest town where they have been scheduled to perform, how cool!
The flies want in now? It is the nicest part of this day!
I’ve got a new book lined up but probably won’t get into James Patterson until tomorrow. I have a taped program that I like to watch so will close my post for today and go watch it. I don’t know what kind of weather you have had in your area but I hope you are enjoying this 15 hours of daylight. Happy Summer!

Thank you for following my day with me. You may leave a comment if you wish.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Last Day of Spring, Clemson’s Haircut

I was awake and up before 7 am on Tuesday, June 20th. I saw a bit of sun this morning when I took Clemson out for his piddle. Snapped a picture and by the looks of the forecast, that is all we will see of the sun today! Bill was up soon after I plugged us in to electric and turned the Keurig on so I made him a coffee after my tea.

We sat and read posts and did our normal grumble at the weather. There are always things to do outside if the day is appropriate but we’ll have to see if this is one of those days. Can’t wash the Suite roof on a day when it could rain at any time. Because the Bread Depot is not open on Mondays, (we forgot that when Bill went yesterday) we’ll take a drive to Hanover this afternoon.
I've been watching this sign and dilapidated flage
Today, I noticed the new Canada Flag was hung
thank you!
So, it was time for my shower, not that it was noticeable, but a couple of days had passed since my last one. This life style is sure different than our working days, it isn’t necessary for a daily shower unless we’re mucking in the gardens and what have you.
Posing in his new haircut
And he smells really nice too!
Clemson goes in for 11 to the Bath and Biscuit for his haircut and the works. Bath, nail clip and meeting a new groomer. I hope he isn’t nervous and behaves for her. He will sure appreciate the shorter ‘do’ when the warmer weather returns and he will be spiffy for Canada Day and his birthday!

Yesterday, I mentioned that Bill and I would be going to Hanover this afternoon and also going to get more water for our fresh water tank. Those plans kind of got turned upside down as I had other things going on but Bill took the truck to Hanover on his own. He got 2 loaves of the best bread at The Bread Depot and then went to the Acreage to fill our water bladder.
He sits with his front paws crossed
We were both surprised when Kate at Bath and Biscuit told Bill to come and get Clemmy at 12:30. That is good timing and we were even more surprised when he came out looking perfect! I don’t understand how they can get him to stand still but never-the-less, she did a fantastic job and we would highly recommend her for $50. He looks so handsome!

What a crappy day, excuse me but we had rain, teensy spots of sun, a brief thunder storm and cool temperatures. None of it amounted to much including the thermometer not rising above 16C. Who believes that summer arrives tomorrow?

I wasn’t walking, I wasn’t out enjoying the garden and I wasn’t sitting outside reading my book so that means I didn’t take many pictures. I think Clemson stole the show there. Anyway, the day passed, I finished what I was involved in and by suppertime, with doubts about the sky, I boiled and then fried 3 sausages inside for supper.
He must feel so much better with his hair short
I peeled up a couple of small potatoes and steamed broccoli and corn to have with them. It was a typical inside meal for a cooler day. When dishes were cleaned up, Bill went out to dump our black tank and I made his sandwiches, filled the water bottles with milk, cranberry juice, orange juice and put them with coke and water in the cooler. So, for anyone keeping track, burgers, sausages and potatoes with corn for supper.
I think he is saying, Thanks for the haircut, Dad!
Yes, Bill is leaving in the morning for 2 nights this time and the joke is that I hope he isn’t weening himself off Clemmy and I. He has things going on tomorrow and then going to work at CanAm for a couple of days. He’ll be home on Friday evening.

I hope you have made the best of your day, you probably had better weather than we did here on The Ridge.

Thank you for reading. If you wish to make a comment, please do so.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Rockwood Terrace, Hanover and Ellie May Visits, Fire Starters

Monday, June 19th isn’t going to bring us much sunshine so those who don’t like humidity will be happiest. It was dull, full cloud start up to the day. I got up around 7:15 although I felt I could have slept longer. That is what a dull morning does to me. I don’t mind the earlier start, I dislike missing the morning.
Ellie May comes for a morning visit
We had our coffee and tea together while catching up on reading. Whenever I see the school bus zip by at 8 I am reminded firstly of how nice that I don’t have to go to my job at the School Board. Secondly, I'm reminded that school is almost out. Approximately 8 or 9 days left depending on where you are. The children must be excited.

I put a light jacket on before 9 and walked down to the mailbox. I hope this mail that I’m putting in the box isn’t late, but it might be. Should have done this Friday. It is chilly sitting at only 16C/61F so far. I see some blue sky sitting at the horizon to the north I’m positive we will see some sunshine today.
Crazy skies
Bill and I both got cleaned up, each with a different destination this morning. He wanted to go to Canadian Tire and Marks Work Warehouse in Hanover. I am going back up to Rockwood to visit Mom and Aunt Mary. Rob, Pat and Aunt Mary herself gave me permission to call her that so I do!
Pretty display at Rockwood
She is a dear lady and I enjoy getting a chuckle and a smile out of her. It is a bit of a challenge given her limited abilities from her stroke, unlike Mom who is fully capable to drop a laugh and a smile easily. At some point, I will introduce them to each other. I know that Mom won’t remember her if they meet in the hallway but that is okay.

So, around 9:15 I was ready to drive into Durham. I grabbed a banana to eat since I wouldn’t be home until after 12. It hit the spot especially since I wasn’t really hungry yet. I spent two and a half hours at Rockwood Terrace before walking Mom down to lunch.
No matter which way you look, different cloud formations
She is such a character, asking me whether I should be pulling her chair out for her! She can move better than 70% of the residents in there! We laughed together at that one. Aunt Mary is getting used to my visits now, recognizing me each time she sees me.
While talking to Bill under the car shelter I noticed this nest
He took immediate action and destroyed it
It is amazing how neat the nests are
When I left there, I drove to the Esso station on Hwy 6 on the south end of Durham. I had a Lotto 649 ticket that was a winner. I didn’t know how I was going to spend all my winnings!! So, in the end I put that $2 towards another ticket and picked up a Lottario and an Ontario 49 as well. Any win is a bonus in my opinion and fun to play.
My tiger lilies are getting 
I got back around 12:30 and felt hungry so Bill and I had some lunch together. The temperature is creeping up to low 20’s so it makes for a comfortable day at least. Not much sun to speak of though. Bill and Clemmy had a little snooze and I had my coffee while they were lying down and then joined them soon after.

Walking down the lane again, we see this fellow
Taking a nap wasn’t working for me so within 15 minutes I was up again. I have a multitude of things going through my head from summer visitors, friends, sister’s Ladyfest, Bill going to London so needless to say I decided to get up.

This is not a painted turtle but he is not the brute I've seen before
He was probably 8"long and 5" wide
I searched high and low for a tin foil pie plate but didn’t seem to have one in the Suite. Hmm, I had to use one of my older 2-egg fry pans to melt the wax and we all know this isn’t the best scenario. Cleanup might not be fun. Anyway, that is what I did. I poured melted wax into the egg cups filled with shavings, let it set and then wrapped them individually in waxed paper.
15 fire starters
I had wax leftover so put waxed paper into 3 muffin slots, filled with sawdust and poured wax on those as well. So, now we have 15 fire starters when we need them. I hope they work as well as the dryer lint does. Time will tell! The sun was looking gorgeous out there so I slipped outside with my book to enjoy some of the fresh air.

Clemson enjoyed some time out there with me while Bill worked away in his cargo trailer. I’m not sure what is going on in there but I keep hearing his vacuum running for cleanup. Whatever it is, airplanes are involved.That is his domain and I don’t offer any opinions or advice on what he should do. He seemed pleased when he finished for the day but claimed there was more to be done.

I came inside around 5:15 and fed Clemmy and then went back out to read some more. I walked down the drive to see if there was any mail left in the box but the flag was down. At least the card was gone, yay!

On the way down there was another turtle, mid-size, trying to cross the lane in a hurry. When he saw us coming, he turned around and booted it back the way he had come. Then he stopped. Hmm, strange looking one, didn’t look like the painted but not a full-size snapper either. I didn’t bother him, just scooted on by. When I looked back, he was gone, not sure which way.

Around 6 o’clock I came inside and started to make up a salad. I had some thin, easy grilling pork loin chops that I planned on frying inside. They wouldn’t take long and it wasn’t worth starting the Weber Q for 10 minutes. My mind is already planning meals for Bill’s supper while he is in London.
The pork chop was pretty good
We cleaned up dishes and I wrote a bit more on this post while having another glass of red wine. This is a Pelee Rouge from Kingston, Ontario and not a heavy flavor but a nice light wine. I can drink a couple of glasses with a meal but on an empty stomach, it sure hits me! I’m not much of a drinker, apparently.

Get ready for a beautiful sunset
 I took another walk down the lane just to settle my supper and then settled in to read a few more chapters. If it were nicer outside, without having to add more clothes, I would sit out there. Instead my recliner is calling to me. Just as I got back in the Suite, it started to spit a bit, good timing. Bill soon joined me and we read together for awhile.

This one should be a painting, AWESOME!
I hope you’ve had a good day and were able to enjoy some outdoors. Thank you for reading. If you wish to comment, please feel free.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father’s Day, Stormy Night, Lazy Day

On Sunday, June 18th I woke up to the wonderful fresh air coming in through my bedroom window. Actually, I had it closed when I went to bed last night just after 9 (I was exhausted!) because of the rain storm. I opened it at 12:30 waking up feeling quite warm inside.

This morning was giving the indication of another rainy day and sure enough our weather forecast confirms that. We don’t mind, it is what it is and will take a lazy day. We crawled out of bed closer to 8, in no rush to rise.

Today is Father’s Day, as you all know, and I wanted to wish all you Dad’s a wonderful day. I hope all of your kids did the proper thing and contacted you one way or another. Bill’s texts this morning were frequent which was nice and has heard from all of his girls and our friend, Colin from B.C.
A new wildflower in the yard today
We had our first coffee/tea sitting at the laptops reading blogs and comments from yesterday. The sun didn’t exactly come out but it was trying a couple of times and it is 21C so a fairly warm day. He called his Dad before 9 and had a nice chat and a few chuckles.
And in case I hadn't seen enough turtles this week, this month..........check this out!
I just realized that Clemson forgot to get his daddy a card. I think he is forgiven though since he doesn’t get an allowance and doesn’t have a job. I picked up the slack by making Bill a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast, juice and coffee.

Bill has a couple of little projects that won’t take long so maybe a movie is in order. We haven’t done that for a while. Sitting here debating about what to do first, my daughter, Bridgette, called Bill. She never forgets a birthday or special day. I raised that girl right!
Bill posted our sign
Bill hung our Steep Hill sign while Clemmy and I walked down the lane. No turtle sightings in our path but there was one little one in the middle of the country road. This just will not do so practicing my ‘picking up a turtle’ technique I placed a thumb and forefinger of each hand on the shell and tummy to move her to the side she was heading for. Placing her in the grass she remained with all body parts tucked neatly inside. As long as she doesn't turn around and go back!
Sweat pants finished
 I had no real plans to do much today but got out my sewing machine. I had a pair of sweat pants that were about 4” too long so cut off 3” and hemmed them. These were a second-hand pair of my ‘tall’ sister, Donna’s, and they fit nice enough to spend the time on them. Bill also got a really nice pale blue long sleeve shirt given to him but while the shirt fit him nicely, the sleeves were too short. I cut them off and hemmed those too.
Shirt begun
When I finished that, Bill and Clemmy had stretched out in the recliner. Bill isn’t just a pretty face, he had suggested earlier in the week that I use some of the wood shavings to make my fire starters. We have a full garbage bag of these shavings to use as a deodorizer in our outdoor Restroom. Usually I use dryer lint for my starters but don’t have access to any without a clothes dryer.
egg carton, candles, wood shavings
I found some old candles in Aunt Mary’s house that were destined for the garbage and asked Pat if I could have them. She obliged with a smile when I told her what I’d use them for. So, today I filled each cup of a cardboard egg carton with shavings, packed as tightly as I could. Tomorrow, I will melt the candles and coat the sawdust. Once it solidifies, I’ll cut the cups individually and wrap them tightly in wax paper. When the wood is damp and we want to start a fire, these work like magic.

No, they aren't cookies
I went for another walk down the lane way and then came back to sit outside. Within minutes of reading my book, the clouds once again opened up and dribbled a bit of rain on me. Looking at the sky all I could see was blue sky, sunshine and about 3 white fluffy clouds. I wasn’t going to melt so waited it out.

Bill heard from his second oldest daughter, Charlotte, who called when I was outside. It makes our day on these occasions to hear from our kids. 

By 3:30 the sky has pretty much cleared out
Clemson was having another off day so needed ‘attention’ this morning until his tummy settled. We’re not sure if it could be from the marrow bone a couple of days ago but it passed as usual. He sat on my lap most of the time while I was outside with my book.

For supper tonight, we had leftover Sausage and Potato Casserole. It is similar to scalloped potatoes with the meat in the same pan. I love it and will make it again. I made us each a salad on the side. Remembering that I opened a bottle of red wine with Krystal last night, I poured myself a glass with dinner. That is a big bottle, so I think I’ll be having a glass every night for a few nights. Where are you Krystal when I need you? Bill isn't in to the red wine. It is good for me, right?
Clemson enjoying the wind and the sunshine
After dishes, I settled in to finish my post. I’m glad that I start writing my post in the morning when I get up. It isn’t the wine, but my mind would draw a blank otherwise. Maybe not as interesting pics today but that doesn’t take away from the great day we had together.

Even though we had a couple of bouts of rain, after 2:30 the skies cleared for the most part. The sunshine made many appearances and I grabbed as much of the outdoors as I could. The temperature reached 25C which in our books is perfect. There were other parts of Ontario with much higher temps and higher humidity.

Bill ready to chow down to breakfast
I’m heavily into this book of Michael Connelly’s, it caught me up from the get-go. It is really hard to put down! 

Good night from The Ridge
I hope you’ve had a wonderful Father’s Day.
Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave a comment if you wish.