Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Trip to London, Doctor, No One Home

Thursday, June 1st arrives and we’re into a new month just like that. What a strange day. It is cold to start, 7C and yet sunny. The wind was fairly strong first thing not that we noticed. From the get-go, we got up at 7, showered, nibbled and were on the road at 8:30 for London.

Today, Bill had a doctor’s appointment for his physical or whatever you call the complete overall check. The appointment was for 11:30 and we arrived at the parking lot next door around 11:15. You have to pay to park in their lot, Im-Park gets their share, so today we decided to pull into the Starbucks lot instead.
Our Restroom Iris garden
Once Bill walked in for his appointment, I drove down Oxford St. to the Cherry Hill Village Mall. I needed to kill at least 45 minutes. I was pleased to see that there was a Metro in the mall so I picked up a few groceries that I knew Costco doesn’t carry. This mall is frequented by the seniors from the apartments and condos surrounding the area. I felt very young.
From the quiet streets of downtown Durham

Where you can stop at a gas station and take a picture of someones 1966 Ford
After picking Bill up, we went to Costco at the north end of the city and found the 5 or 6 things we needed and headed east out of the city. On both our minds at the same time were the words “I’m so glad we don’t live here anymore” but only one of us spoke them. On the far side of London and approaching 2 pm we needed to get some lunch.
A & W ‘s teen burger combos with root beer fit the bill. I was either starving or else the food was honestly really good! Or both?
to the craziness of driving in London
We drove to Stratford as it is on the way home but in the hopes of seeing Dad and Marilynne briefly. Unfortunately, when we arrived there was no answer at their door. It usually is an unannounced visit when Bill stops in and that has worked well in the past. Sorry we missed you, Dad, I’m sure you’ll see Bill this coming week.
Dad and Marilynne's building
After Stratford, I took over driving the rest of the way home. I know Bill was tired too so it gave him a chance to shut his eyes. As we approached Varney I handed him my camera to take a picture of this huge Adirondack chair. It has been painted white for years, and when it needed it, repainted white again. We knew it was at the stage, it needed attention. It was a pleasant surprise to find it repainted today, in red. I wish they had painted a few slats in white, you know why.
Varney's chair attraction, it is actually more red than this shot shows

My old alma mater in Arva

Bill leaving the Dr.'s office
As we drove into Durham, Bill suggested we stop at Aunt Mary’s house to see if Rob needed his help tonight to help load the chest freezer onto the dump trailer. We were just in time. Rob, Bill and Trace were beginning to set it up for loading. Bill jumped in to help and they succeeded. We hung around a little while and Bill and Rob made plans to meet again in the morning. Things are moving along so that is a good thing.
I saw this and thought of "Bob's Eyes", a fellow blogger
We got home shortly after 5 to find out just how windy it had been today. Our Mexico sign had blown off the hitch and both recycle bins were tipped and blown around the yard. I think I’m glad we weren’t here. Clemson managed to hold the fort down in our absence. Food was on his mind when we walked in with the groceries. 
Bill being in his 65th year, Dr. Persaud offered him his shingles and tetanus shot for free. Bonus!
the mall was just down the road from the doctor's office
Looks like another bit of cleaning is required for my camera lens
Tired out from the long day, we realized that we weren’t hungry enough for supper. Maybe later in the evening, we’ll need to munch on something. Even a bowl of cereal might be in order.
Before we left this morning I walked down and put a card in the box
My sister has a birthday in a few days
The rain is expected to arrive this evening and it really feels like it. No, it doesn’t feel like June. It is 14C and mostly cloudy as I finish this post at 6:30.
Pontoon boat on the Avon River in Stratford
Thank you for reading, I am happy to read your comments if you wish to leave one.


  1. Sounds like a pretty productive day you had, pretty nice day here, no complaints.

  2. Another busy day for the both of you.
    It seems like you're getting our weather a day later.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.