Wednesday, June 7, 2017

And the Sun and Warmth Returns, Visitation/Memorial in Stoney Creek

We wake up Wednesday, June 7th to beautiful, gorgeous, brilliant, sunshine! I was dreaming again and it was one of those reoccurring ones. I always seem to dream about getting lost (direction-wise) or getting left somewhere not able to reach Bill. My deep-rooted fear perhaps?

Last night at The Ridge
I was up at 7:15 and opened all the blinds in the Suite. By the time I poured my tea, Clemson was up and went out for his morning business. Realizing how warm the sun was, even though it was only 10C in the shade, I turned the inverter on. I unplugged from electric and turned the portable panel to face east.
Clemson's get away gate
Bill slept until 8:30, my night owl, and was pleased to see the blue sky when he got up. As I finished reading blog posts I decided to try and learn a bit more about my camera. My sister, Audrey, tries to feed me valuable information. She refers me to various websites but it is still a lot of ‘tekky/camera’ speak and I’m lost before getting too far.

Depth of field, I get and now found the button, and ISO I know how to change, however changing the f-stop while in AV mode is beyond me. I’m still willing but unless it sinks in this brain, it is useless to me when outside taking pictures. LOL I don’t know how you camera guys do it.
Pretty little yellow flowers

Our pond weeds are almost reaching the surface
So, Bill finished his coffee and I pulled the plug on the gray water tank. It was full and needed to be drained before my shower. Our fresh water tank is below 50% so my sweetie is going to fill the bladder this morning. He will fill the small propane tank today so I can barbecue also while he is away. With the weather turning nice, I’m sure I’ll be doing that.
Full barbecue tank

Filling our fresh water tank
 He wants to make sure I have everything I need before he departs for a couple of days. My hero. I remember when we lived at the house in London, for the first few years I dreaded using the barbecue. I don’t know why, it was just always ‘Bill’s job”. Maybe I thought it would blow up or something. Who knows?  I’m happy to know how and to be comfortable with our Weber Q.
I've mentioned our corral a number of times
This is a view of it from the top
No horses, though
With all these jobs done, Bill hopped in the shower. Clemson and I walked down the lane to mail a letter. He needed to stretch his long legs before we left him alone for 7 hours. We have backups in case something were to happen, we know people who don’t live too far away who would come and get him.
This bumble bee was loving my geraniums
We left the Suite after a light breakfast and although the gps took us a different way than we’d originally thought, we arrived in Stoney Creek at the Funeral Home at 2:30. We travelled Hwy 10 for the most part until catching the 410, then the QEW and so on. We knew we’d come home a different way.
Through Priceville, then Flesherton

Pretty town of Shelburne

Some plates make me chuckle
 It was a nice little reunion for Bill and I, seeing many of his cousins and Aunt Ruthie. These are all relations on his Mom’s side of the family. So, Glen, Gary, Greg, Uncle Ray’s sons. Cheryl, Maryann, Heather, Donna Marie, Colleen. Gary’s son, Raymond and Constance. I think I’ve mentioned everyone we knew. We were sad to have just missed Peter and Kelly. Darn!
After the afternoon visitation ended, we were invited back to Uncle Ray’s house where Glen lives for a drink and something to eat before heading home. This was really nice, we were both hungry and the food was delicious. Thank you, Cheryl and MaryAnn.

These are awesome skyscrapers! 25 - 30 stories high

The Burlington Skyway
We left the house on Pottruff Rd. and took Queenston to the QEW. We couldn’t believe the traffic coming from the other direction! We were very glad to be heading north.
The QEW was packed coming the other way
 We crossed over the Burlington skyway and I captured a few pictures of Lake Ontario and even the CN Tower off in the distant haze.

A little intimidating! 

Beautiful wild flowers


Newest Arthur water tower
When we saw the traffic advisory that there was a slow down AFTER Guelph Line, we were grateful to be turning off ONTO Guelph Line. This would take us home the route we wanted which included Hwy 6 through Fergus, Arthur, Varney and Durham.

Donald Brown Funeral Home
This was an absolutely gorgeous day and we enjoyed the blue skies and sunshine even though we were in a vehicle for most of it. We’re glad we took the time to go to the visitation since Uncle Ray did not wish to have a funeral. It was a nice quiet celebration with his closest family members.

We arrived home at 7:10, a much shorter time period than our drive out. 

Coming up the drive we noticed not one, not two but three female turtles off to the side digging nest holes. My goodness, we are overrun! I love it. 

One, two

Three, all in a  row
 Then when we got to our gravel parking site, one special greeter sitting there waiting for us. As we looked each other in the eye, I snapped this picture.
He/she is so cute!!
We didn’t need supper tonight since we ate just after 4 but Bill barbecued up 4 burgers. He will take two for his supper tomorrow night and leave two for me for Thursday and Friday night supper. We set about packing the rest of his stuff up so he will be able to leave for London by 6 am.

I hope you have had a great day. I have included last night’s stunning sunset at the beginning of my post as well as tonight’s gorgeous display below.
An early shot of tonight's portrait
And The Ridge says goodnight
Thank you for reading along. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Patsy,
    I deal with the camera problem by keeping it on auto. :O) Those turtles are gonna take over your place.


    1. Good point about the camera. Me too, really. I just feel I'm not getting the most I could out of the camera. :) I know, the turtles are plentiful!

  2. It is nice to be able toes relatives you have nit seen for years. We have travelled all those back roads many times and alway enjoy them, more great weather coming.

    1. Funerals always bring families together, so it is more of a celebration of life. That Guelph Line is a nice drive. Lots of little spit towns so you rarely travel over 60 km.

  3. The little towns and backroads are the way we like to travel. Your sunsets are always so beautiful!

    1. Yes, back roads are definitely fun! Thank you! The sunsets have been awesome here the last few nights. Bill just shakes his head as I run in and out to capture the changes. Ha ha

  4. Looks like you are going to have lots of baby turtles.
    Sounds like you had a long day in the truck; sad to lose someone but nice to be able to gather with family and celebrate their life.
    I was just thinking, as I read what you had to say about using your camera, (and yes, I really was jealous when you and Bill got out of your truck at the metal sculptures in Borrego Springs and you each had a beautiful camera...LOL),I do not remember asking what kind of camera you have. I am starting to do some research, as the goal is to purchase a camera before we leave this fall. I want something I can do some close ups with along with distance but is not to complicated to operate. It is getting complicated enough trying to pick one out...:)
    The little yellow flowers are so sweet and the sunsets beautiful.

    1. I just hope I get to see some of the babies before they scamper off to the water. :)
      It was a nice gathering and no one was sad. He is not in any more pain now.
      Our cameras are Canons. Mine is an older model EOS 30D and Bill's is a few years newer 70D. We love them even ifI can't figure a lot of things out, they are great for good pictures. Your phone has been taking some awesome pictures, if I recall that is what you are using. :)Good luck with your search.

    2. Thank you for the information. Yes, I am still using my phone but really looking forward to having a decent camera...there are so many times I wish I could zoom in on things in the distance.
      (Fingers crossed you see and are able to get some pictures of the babies before they scamper into the pond.)

    3. I was using my camera one or two days when it was inconvenient to take the big camera and it wasn't too terrible. I can touch the screen on my camera to zoom in to a certain extent. You'll find the right one! Canon obviously is only one of many great offerings. I hope to see those babies too!