Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Another Cool Day, Meeting Aunt Mary, Visiting Mom, Daughter Time

On Tuesday, June 6th I was up before 8 for a change. Not much, but still up. When I saw the kind of day it was going to be I would have rather stayed in bed! It was dull, 11C/51F and the windows were spattered with sprinkles of rain. It isn’t going to get much warmer today so I will look forward to the next 7 days of sunshine.
The drive home from Durham with my little motorcyle on the dash
I had my tea while Bill and Clemson slept on and caught up on reading blog posts. We heard late yesterday afternoon that the memorial for Uncle Ray is on Wednesday so today is mostly a free day. Bill will not be going to work until Thursday morning this week.

Today, I am going in to meet Aunt Mary, officially. I met her at Uncle Charlie’s funeral but it was a hectic day for the family and it was a lot of people for her to meet and greet. Pat and I will meet at Rockwood so we can be properly introduced. Rob has asked me to be an unrelated witness to a meeting with her and their lawyer, later this week. I’m happy to help in any way I can.
A lovely picture of Aunt Mary and Pat reminiscing over pictures
At 10:30 I met Pat at Rockwood and we had a lovely visit with Aunt Mary. She loves her new wall mounted television! I wandered down the hall at 11 to visit with Mom. She was deeply involved in her book and didn’t hear me come into her room. As always, I was welcomed with a heartwarming smile. After a few minutes, Pat joined us so she could meet my Mom before she headed home.
sorry this is blurred
I was able to walk into Mom's room unnoticed
She was so engrossed in her book
I walked Mom down to lunch and she gave me her kiss and hug goodbye. She was so happy and a delight to sit with. I headed out and witnessed a couple of breaks of sunshine on my way home. Fleeting though, so I didn’t want to blink and miss them. It was just before 12:15 when I arrived back at The Ridge. I drive slow up the driveway because the turtles cross more often now.
My winter geranium in bloom
 Bill was lying on the couch with Clemson. The little guy has a gurgling tummy today and likes someone to sit with him when he is feeling this way. We all have our favourite things when we’re sick.

I wanted to show you my new garden wagon
this will come in handy for moving things around
 We made up some lunch, Bill made his standard peanut butter and cheddar sandwich and I had some cottage cheese and fried up some chicken hearts I found in London last week. Might gross some of you out, but I love them and seldom find them packaged on their own.

We are still getting the odd piece of mail delivered to the post office box in Durham. When that happens, Bill and I sit down and one of us makes contact with the sender. Some are easier than others to contact and then there are those who are just slow in making the change.
My iris' are ready to pop

After a walk down the lane to see what the postmaster has left in our rural mail box, I decided to take a wee siesta with the boys. Seemed like a good day for it. We’ll take this day as a relaxing day before the visitation tomorrow in Stoney Creek and Bill’s work on Thursday.
We all had a wee snooze, usually 20 – 30 minutes is all I need and such it was today. I crept downstairs and decided to make use of the rhubarb I got from Aunt Mary’s house last week. It is just the right amount to make Rhubarb/Strawberry Crisp. Bill is so lucky!
Why do I need cookbooks, I usually search on-line for a recipe
Another blurred one..........gotta stop using my phone for pictures
I have ribs boiling on the stove for a bit too before putting them on the Weber for browning. I owe my man a good supper after grilled cheese last night. No sauerkraut in the Suite but barbecue and sweet and sour sauce will do nicely.

Around 5:15 I lit the bbq to discover that we were out of propane. Wow, that has been a long time. We last filled the Weber tank in Wayside, Az while staying at Alamo Lake State Park. That was mid-November so I’d say pretty awesome to last that long.

Bill came out and moved one of the 40 lb. tanks from the Suite for me to use. I was outside when my daughter, Bridgette, called and made my day even brighter. In place of sunshine, a nice conversation with my baby girl. What is so nice is that she just called to catch up and say hello.

Our baked potatoes and ribs were ready at 6:15 and we had a delicious meal. It is either potato or a salad or a veggie for us with our meat, no need to eat more than we need. Besides, the dessert is in the oven.

Ready to pop in the oven

After things were cleaned up I wandered once more down to look for the same hole Mrs. Yertle was sitting on last night. I do believe this is the nest she has chosen. There is no hole.
Last night's picture of her final nesting location
I even took my laptop outside (don’t laugh) with the picture to pinpoint exactly where she was. I found the spot and it is perfectly covered over, no one the wiser. I just want to keep an eye to make sure the little guys get out when it is time.
Blooming Corabelle in a shovel
Inside I removed the crisp from the oven and it smells delicious. Naturally, it is after 7 pm and the sky is starting to clear. Did we expect any less? The blue sky is all around us at the horizon and I’m taking that as a positive. The weather is going to straighten up starting tomorrow. Bring it on!
There is the blue we want for many days in a row
I hope you have enjoyed your day. We had a good one here even though we didn’t accomplish a lot. I met someone new, had a lovely visit with Mom and had a great chat with my daughter.

Thank you for reading today. I love hearing from you.


  1. Nice that you got to meet Aunt Mary and visit your mom. Too bad you did not have sauerkraut, I alway have a good supply on hand even though Suzie does not eat it. The weather will soon be amazing.

    1. It was nice to get 2 visits in at Rockwood. Didn't miss the sauerkraut at all this time. Bill loves his sweet and sour sauce for ribs anyway and I like barbecue sauce. It was delicious.

  2. Hi Aunt Pat! I really enjoy reading your posts, but rarely comment. I had to today to let you know I too enjoy chicken hearts, a taste I know I got from my dad! Little bits of info like that always bring dad to the forefront of my mind and I wanted to share! Have a good week! Alaena

    1. Hello Alaena! Wow, how wonderful to hear from you! I'm thrilled with that memory too, Bruce and I used to fight over the chicken/turkey hearts. I think he even liked the gizzard which I don't care for near as much so I let him have those. :) Do you also eat beef heart? Maybe that is going too far? I love them too. So great that you read along and even better that you took the time to comment! :) xoxo

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Love the pictures of your flower gardens and the turtles.

    1. Thanks Deb, it was a great day for a cool one. :) Summer is coming today!

  4. Your garden is looking nice. Look forward to seeing more blooms.