Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bill Goes to London, Pat Goes to Durham, Clemson Stays Home

Thursday, June 8th and we both have things to do and places to go. Bill’s alarm went off at 5:15 and thankfully it is a gentle musical tune as I was sound asleep. He tries to be so quiet and when Clemson got up for his piddle, I fought to stay awake.
Nice start to the day
The sun was just booming through the Suite windows when I got up at 5:45 to make sure everything got packed from the fridge. Bill decided at the last minute to dig out our Kool-a-tron cooler since there was so much to take. He can plug it in during the drive to London and find a place at CanAm to do the same.
Well, looky here
At 6:10 he pulled out of the Ridge and I went back to bed. It was a fruitless gesture though, since I felt awake and couldn’t go back to sleep. No worries, I was up at 6:45 to welcome this wonderful day. I paid a couple of bills, made my tea and read blog posts from yesterday.

There is not a breeze in sight this morning and it would be a perfect day for a yak ride but it isn’t something I’d do on my own. I think this weather will be sticking around for a while so hopefully Bill and I can get out there early next week. We have a busy weekend planned.
this was taken looking up into a blue sky with wispy clouds
Weird outcome
It is 14C at 8:00 and going up to 23C today, woohoo! I want to get into town to help Rob and Pat a bit more. Their sale is Saturday and I’m sure there are still things to do in preparation of the big day. After the weekend, things will slow down to some extent which will be good for them.
Eyeball to eyeball
At 9:00 I spoke to Aunt Mary’s lawyer, on behalf of Rob, and will meet him at Rockwood to see her. It is really, really hard to deal with a stroke victim and when it involves matters of both finances and the heart, even tougher for the family.

This one in the corral, half way up the hill
I've never seen so many turtles in such a short span of time
I have a few groceries to pick up in town so after lending a hand at the house and dropping off signs for the sale, I stopped at Foodland. I wasn’t at the house long, just priced a few more things and made up some posters and we all called it a day.

I was back home around 2:45 and really lazed abut for the rest of the day. A walk down the lane to check out the nesting situation and then I found myself in a lounge chair until 5. I’ve started another Harry Bosch book called The Last Coyote. Bosch is the detective, a series by Michael Connelly. I did not enjoy The Hour of the Hunter as much as I’d hoped. It was a J.A. Jance. Good story line but she wanted to narrate much of the Indian culture, meanings and history. I don’t want that distraction in my mysteries.
Only 45 pages in and I'm hooked
My long, lost hubby finally called at 7:30. I hadn’t heard from him all day, which I told myself didn’t mean bad news. He is still in trouble though for not letting me know he arrived safely. After a couple of apologies and a tease about how easily he forgets ‘us’ back home, he was forgiven.

Each year, there are more on these plants and I always forget what colour to expect
He orientated on two rv’s today so has been busy. After speaking, we both went about warming up our hamburgers for supper. I had mine on the plate with a side salad and he would be having his in buns. We’re kind of eating together. 😊 I sent a dish of the rhubarb crisp just so he knows “who loves ya, baby”.
With the blinds and the outside door open...........

This is my inside view of the Suite, all natural lighting at 8:50 pm.
I noticed a large painted turtle coming up the east side of the corral again this afternoon. It wasn’t ugly and prehistoric looking, so I knew it wasn’t the snapper. This must be a grandma or grandpapa though, it was huge compared to the others. This one hung around a long time up there, just chillin’ (like Patsy). I wanted to wash it off, so much crap on its back and scarring.
Clemson licking his chops after licking off the ice cream carton
So, inside for the evening I will read for a bit until the sun drops and then maybe watch a recorded program on our PVR. I dozed outside in the chair in the sun for a while so I will not likely be tired until 10:30 or so. We’ll see about that.
A lead up to tonight's finale
I hope you have enjoyed this fabulous summery day. The temperature rose to 23C here with  just the right amount of breeze. I'll take another one just like it tomorrow!
And there it is. Wow!
Thank you for reading today. If you wish to leave a comment, please don't hesitate.


  1. Two more beautiful sunset pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Always something to do get it done them relax with a good book.

    1. Yes, I don't mind keeping active but I sure do like the relaxing with a book side. :)