Thursday, June 15, 2017

Driving Miss Marjorie, Surprise Museum Visit, Bill Home Again Jiggity-Jig

I woke up around 6:30 am on Thursday, June 15th and could not only see the sun around the edges of our blinds, but I could hear the winds. There are clouds filling the sky but they look like huge cotton balls being pulled apart with patches of blue here and there.
Without checking the temperature, I can tell when it is cooler by my coconut oil
Today, it was not liquid but not solid either
I texted Bill to let him know we are up so he could call. It was just before 7. It was nice to hear that he drove to his former haunting, I mean, flying grounds last night and one of his fellow flyers, Jack Caan, was there. They had a nice catch up chat.

So, getting on with this day I turned on the Keurig for my tea. Last night, before I went to bed, I checked our solar battery power and it was sitting at 12.7 so I didn’t need to plug in to electric overnight. I didn’t turn the tv on at all, instead I read my book for a couple of hours. That makes a difference. This morning the batteries are still charged to 12.5% so doing good.
On the left, my banana smoothie
On the right, tea with cream and coconut oil
I refreshed the water in my wild flower vase and watered my sole Christmas Cactus. It seems healthy, getting new leaves which hopefully means flowers soon. I can’t believe the strong winds up here again. The good news is that the sun has burst through and taken about 80% control of the blue making for a warm day.
Today, I finally took the time to clean my camera
I'd noticed a few spots again lately
I got cleaned up, had another glass of my banana smoothie. This would be a very ‘regular’ diet, wink wink nudge nudge if you get my drift. I’m not usually quite so…. On the ball in that department.
When I pushed the button to raise our tv I caught a glimpse
of my flowers in front of the black screen
Had to grab my phone camera
I took Clemson out for a walk before I drove into town and that wind discouraged him. He was happy to come inside after a few minutes. Can you imagine being 12 lbs. in a 30-km wind? What a strange weather day, calling for some sun, some clouds, possible thunderstorms and lots of rain.

Once I was dressed and gave the pooch his treat I drove to Rockwood Terrace in Durham. The sun was out when I arrived but it didn’t last. I arrived around 9:15 and was happy to see that breakfast was over and residents were mostly venturing back to their rooms.
Inside the Waterfront Museum, Owen Sound
On the 3rd floor, I saw Mom ahead of me heading in the direction of her room but stopping to ask a visitor where her room was. The nice thing about a home like that is the mutual understanding, we’re all basically in the same boat, visiting a loved one who needs some assistance of one kind or another. Mom and I walked to her room and I’m so grateful every time she sees one of us, her face lights up with recognition. I know that won’t be there forever, so take the blessing now.

I asked if she’d like to accompany me to Owen Sound to drop off a couple of trees and she was delighted to get out. Not with the ‘get me out of here’ intent, just the ‘how nice that will be to go for a drive’ purpose. With her signed out and her walker folded in the back seat, Mom hopped up into the seat of the monster truck like a pro.
Mom and Wendy
It has been a long time since she has been out, I think, so I vowed to try and take her out more often. She loved it and laughed at how ‘new’ everything seemed. The trees in all their various shades of green, small houses, big houses, country living, town living but her main conversation was ‘please don’t ask me to drive home’. God love her, she was very happy not even the rain dampened her spirits. Or mine.

We totally surprised Wendy at the Waterfront Museum, she was not expecting Mom. I was glad to be able to see my little sister in such delight at seeing two of us instead of just me. We unloaded the tree, Mom met the co-op students a number of times, she played with Bear and we soon said our goodbyes.
Mom plays with Bear the gorgeous Autism Dog in Training
When we got back to Rockwood, it was 11:30 so we opened up a puzzle and put the border together, together. By then, it was time to take her down for lunch. Waving as I went through the outside doors, I always feel a satisfaction from our visit.

I had some empty wine and beer bottles in the truck so made a quick stop at the Beer Store. Not picking up, just dropping off today. From there I swung into the parking lot next to Foodland. Their parking lot was jammed! A few things on sale for the fridge and freezer and I headed home. Clemson was happy to see me although he was probably up sleeping the whole time.
Mom had us giggling about her looking fat
Before anything else, I checked our solar batteries and found they were holding their own at 12.5 but knew to plug in before using the coffee maker or microwave. I took the time to give the Suite a good dusting through with the Murphy’s oil, it smells so nice. Or is it Pine Sol? Anyway, all the same.

It has been a full morning even though not physically straining, I feel exhausted. With such a dull day and a cool 18C it felt like a great time to have a siesta myself. The winds seemed to die down tremendously when the rain started this morning, so I’m pleased about that. Clemson and I curled up on the bed and had a nap for about 45 minutes.
Saying goodbye
When we got up, I felt better, energized. I had pulled more mini sausages out of the freezer yesterday so wanted to make something with them. A casserole was in my head and found one online that would satisfy my thoughts.

I cut and fried the sausages until slightly brown and set them aside. In another bowl I added milk, chopped onion, chopped celery, frozen mixed veggies, salt and pepper to a can of cream of mushroom soup. I sliced 3 peeled potatoes and layered with the sauce and sausages.

This tasted delicious!!
 Once the potatoes are done, I’ll sprinkle with shredded cheese and cook for a couple more minutes until melted. I’m looking forward to it with a salad on the side. I will be eating it alone tonight, but there will be leftovers for a couple of nights when Bill is home. He called at 5:30 and is soon on his way home.
There she is..............hopefully layng eggs
He sounded tired and confirmed it. I don’t think there will be any extra stops tonight. I worry when he is tired and driving and have to trust that he uses his best judgement. Clemson had his supper at 5 so we took a walk down the road to the mail box so he could wear it off or settle it at least.

You will not believe what we saw. Yes, another Mrs. Yertle the Turtle nesting. She is late so I hope she is happy with the spot and lays her eggs. I’ll check later and see if the hole is covered. I truly don’t know how the people who put videos on of the actual egg-laying process get those shots. The nest hole is so small and her shell pretty much covers it. Anyway, kudos to those photographers!
Daisies behind the outhouse
As it seems typical, around 6 pm the sun appears and the temperature jumps a couple of degrees. I know it is warmer in London area but I’m not complaining about what transpired here. The windows have been open most of the day and the outside door to the Suite has been open letting air in through top and bottom screens.

I have a book to finish so I’m not waiting for the sun to set tonight to post. I’m expecting my honey around 8:30 so that usually means 8:15. We are always happy to see him drive up the lane, no matter what time. I hope your day has been a good one. 

Thank you for reading today. All comments are welcomed.


  1. It was nice to get your mom out for a drive and fresh air. Nice that Bill will be home again.

    1. Great visit with Mom and a great day!

  2. I love the picture of Mom and Wendy in the museum. She certainly doesn't look like the 91 year old that she is! I know she loves to get out, maybe we'll have to plan for a gathering at the Acreage one afternoon with Gayle, you and I?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Me too! She was so happy, they were so happy! We should do that for sure. I've emailed the rest of our sibs for those who don't read my blog.

  3. I really like how your flowers popped in front of the screen.
    What a special day to have with your mom, great pictures. I wish you many, many more like that...(((hugs)))

  4. How nice you took your mom out..looks like she enjoyed the day! I'm thinking you are going to be over run with baby turtles! Your salad and dinner looks yummy..

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