Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father’s Day, Stormy Night, Lazy Day

On Sunday, June 18th I woke up to the wonderful fresh air coming in through my bedroom window. Actually, I had it closed when I went to bed last night just after 9 (I was exhausted!) because of the rain storm. I opened it at 12:30 waking up feeling quite warm inside.

This morning was giving the indication of another rainy day and sure enough our weather forecast confirms that. We don’t mind, it is what it is and will take a lazy day. We crawled out of bed closer to 8, in no rush to rise.

Today is Father’s Day, as you all know, and I wanted to wish all you Dad’s a wonderful day. I hope all of your kids did the proper thing and contacted you one way or another. Bill’s texts this morning were frequent which was nice and has heard from all of his girls and our friend, Colin from B.C.
A new wildflower in the yard today
We had our first coffee/tea sitting at the laptops reading blogs and comments from yesterday. The sun didn’t exactly come out but it was trying a couple of times and it is 21C so a fairly warm day. He called his Dad before 9 and had a nice chat and a few chuckles.
And in case I hadn't seen enough turtles this week, this month..........check this out!
I just realized that Clemson forgot to get his daddy a card. I think he is forgiven though since he doesn’t get an allowance and doesn’t have a job. I picked up the slack by making Bill a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast, juice and coffee.

Bill has a couple of little projects that won’t take long so maybe a movie is in order. We haven’t done that for a while. Sitting here debating about what to do first, my daughter, Bridgette, called Bill. She never forgets a birthday or special day. I raised that girl right!
Bill posted our sign
Bill hung our Steep Hill sign while Clemmy and I walked down the lane. No turtle sightings in our path but there was one little one in the middle of the country road. This just will not do so practicing my ‘picking up a turtle’ technique I placed a thumb and forefinger of each hand on the shell and tummy to move her to the side she was heading for. Placing her in the grass she remained with all body parts tucked neatly inside. As long as she doesn't turn around and go back!
Sweat pants finished
 I had no real plans to do much today but got out my sewing machine. I had a pair of sweat pants that were about 4” too long so cut off 3” and hemmed them. These were a second-hand pair of my ‘tall’ sister, Donna’s, and they fit nice enough to spend the time on them. Bill also got a really nice pale blue long sleeve shirt given to him but while the shirt fit him nicely, the sleeves were too short. I cut them off and hemmed those too.
Shirt begun
When I finished that, Bill and Clemmy had stretched out in the recliner. Bill isn’t just a pretty face, he had suggested earlier in the week that I use some of the wood shavings to make my fire starters. We have a full garbage bag of these shavings to use as a deodorizer in our outdoor Restroom. Usually I use dryer lint for my starters but don’t have access to any without a clothes dryer.
egg carton, candles, wood shavings
I found some old candles in Aunt Mary’s house that were destined for the garbage and asked Pat if I could have them. She obliged with a smile when I told her what I’d use them for. So, today I filled each cup of a cardboard egg carton with shavings, packed as tightly as I could. Tomorrow, I will melt the candles and coat the sawdust. Once it solidifies, I’ll cut the cups individually and wrap them tightly in wax paper. When the wood is damp and we want to start a fire, these work like magic.

No, they aren't cookies
I went for another walk down the lane way and then came back to sit outside. Within minutes of reading my book, the clouds once again opened up and dribbled a bit of rain on me. Looking at the sky all I could see was blue sky, sunshine and about 3 white fluffy clouds. I wasn’t going to melt so waited it out.

Bill heard from his second oldest daughter, Charlotte, who called when I was outside. It makes our day on these occasions to hear from our kids. 

By 3:30 the sky has pretty much cleared out
Clemson was having another off day so needed ‘attention’ this morning until his tummy settled. We’re not sure if it could be from the marrow bone a couple of days ago but it passed as usual. He sat on my lap most of the time while I was outside with my book.

For supper tonight, we had leftover Sausage and Potato Casserole. It is similar to scalloped potatoes with the meat in the same pan. I love it and will make it again. I made us each a salad on the side. Remembering that I opened a bottle of red wine with Krystal last night, I poured myself a glass with dinner. That is a big bottle, so I think I’ll be having a glass every night for a few nights. Where are you Krystal when I need you? Bill isn't in to the red wine. It is good for me, right?
Clemson enjoying the wind and the sunshine
After dishes, I settled in to finish my post. I’m glad that I start writing my post in the morning when I get up. It isn’t the wine, but my mind would draw a blank otherwise. Maybe not as interesting pics today but that doesn’t take away from the great day we had together.

Even though we had a couple of bouts of rain, after 2:30 the skies cleared for the most part. The sunshine made many appearances and I grabbed as much of the outdoors as I could. The temperature reached 25C which in our books is perfect. There were other parts of Ontario with much higher temps and higher humidity.

Bill ready to chow down to breakfast
I’m heavily into this book of Michael Connelly’s, it caught me up from the get-go. It is really hard to put down! 

Good night from The Ridge
I hope you’ve had a wonderful Father’s Day.
Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave a comment if you wish.


  1. Father's Day here was wonderful as well, at least we had warm weather and mostly sunny skies, Glad you guys got to enjoy it as well.

    1. It was a great Father's Day for us also. Love this life!

  2. Your homemade fire starters are a great idea, Patsy! I have a fireplace insert that I burn throughout the winter and these would not only be fun to make but also a money saver.
    Thanks for passing that along. You are so creative.

    1. I must admit that I haven't tried the shavings ones yet BUT if you buy these in a camping store it is what they are made of. The lint (if you use a dryer) works well too as an alternative. Good luck!

  3. Sounds like Bill had a nice Father's Day.
    We had rain sprinkles on and off all day also. Though the sun did come out here just before it went down.
    Can I just say your Clemson knows how to

    1. I trust Tom did as well, it wasn't a bad day at all weather wise.
      Clemson is the master at relaxation!

  4. Yes, I'm sure red wine is good for you!

  5. Happy Father's Day (late) to Bill..looks like a wonderful day! Love your new profile picture! I write my blog so I can remember the day before..and finding myself asking Ken "what did we do yesterday?"..oh well, at least we get up in the am..haha

    1. Writing my blog every day is my memory too. Sometimes we have no clue what day we did certain things. Most often it doesn't matter but if we want to know when we topped off the water tanks, for eg. I can usually answer that by going back to my blog. :) You're right, getting up in the morning is a bonus! No toe tags!