Friday, June 16, 2017

Foggy Start, Looking After the Yard, A Lesson, Clemson Gets a Treat

Friday, June 16th I woke up to some fresh air in the Suite from a few open windows and a gorgeous 18C already outside. The horizon was covered in fog but it didn’t take long at 7 to see the sun burn it off. What can I say? It looks like a perfect day!
Still no hummers at my new feeder
I needed to descale our Keurig so did that cleaning yesterday before Bill came home but it didn’t perform for me afterwards. I know this has happened before and he has the patience to get it going again but it takes numerous tries. Finally, after he got up at 7:30, he got it working and we had our first hot drink by 8.
The corn in the field behind us is having a growth spurt
I wanted to write an email to my siblings and children about my time with Mom over the last couple of days. Not all of them read my blog. I know, I know!!! Anyway, after reading posts from other bloggers I took my tea and laptop outside to compose the letter. We all try to keep others informed of our visits, especially for the benefit of those who live far away and can’t see her as often.
The grass cut up on the east hill
That is my veggie garden in the back corner
Bill finished his coffee and started to cut grass down the front of the property. It has really grown. He only has a half tank of gas so will do what he can. My job this morning is to put on my knee pads and weed the gardens. The rain is not particular and seems to pay as much attention to weeds as to our plants.
Our peonny bush at this end and the droopy hostas
I sprayed myself with sunscreen since it was too warm already to work outside in long sleeves and pants. I love the feel of the sun on my skin so will protect myself this morning. I also wear a ball cap and today I even had those garden knee caps. I have the worst knees, can’t kneel on them without discomfort so these were great! Thanks Pat!
Rhubarb Patch, now designated
I started up on the hill at the hostas Rob gave me. They don’t look too healthy and I wonder if the grass is choking them out or didn’t I get the roots deep enough? I’ve transplanted so many hostas in my time that I find that hard to believe but anything is possible. I pulled grass out using my hand, like a hand mower kind of, so we don’t have to use the weed whacker around them at all.

Then I moved to the rhubarb plants. They didn’t produce anything worthwhile this year so I need to make a change. Get rid of the grass surrounding them and give them a garden patch of their own. The ground was easy to dig in that area so soon it was finished. From there I cleaned up around the two hostas by the patio table and gave them a clean out as much as I could. Too rocky so my attempts were futile.
The back field, all nicely manicured with a cut
By the time I finished that, Bill had stopped cutting, needing to go to town to get more fuel. We decided to take a run into Mount Forest to Roberts and pick up the oil and filter needed to do an oil change on the Cub Cadet. All 3 of us went for the ride.
Looking from the west along our car shelter
Again, to get a perspective, my veg garden is straight through to the very end
On the way there I had Bill stop at West Grey Butchers in Varney and I picked up a bag of 6 small marrow bones. Clemson will get a treat and hopefully his smile will be brighter. When we got back I gave him one outside and it kept him busy for quite a long time. Digging and biting to get at the yummy marrow inside.
Clemsons marrow bones
Scott, the butcher cut these for me
When we got back from town we both grabbed a bite to eat before going back at it. There was work to be done and the day was young. If rain comes as expected tomorrow, it will be a day where we can sit back and relax.
Oh, this is nice, Mom
Bill finished the back field and I worked in the flower garden with my hoe and hands. Digging up even more of the goutweed. It is less and less each time but it still makes me grumble at it. Once more the garden soil is refreshed and weeds removed.

Cleaned up for another week or so
I realized that the heavy iris flowers that are bent and leaning on other plants need to be removed. I took my clippers and snipped them off. This still leaves lots of buds and other beautiful blooms. Was this an err in judgement, God, when you created these gorgeous flowers? How could such a small stem be expected to hold up such an abundance of blooms? Never-the-less, I couldn’t throw them out.
So, I laid them on my bench

Before standing them up in this pot
I took Bill out a water when I took a break and soon indicated to him that I was finished. I put my garden tools away and joined Clemmy in the shade of our awning. There is just enough of a breeze to keep the humidity down. Soon after, he put the mower away and joined us.
Bill cuts the field
The boys had a snooze indoors and I found the hammock quite comfy in the shade of our little cherry tree. We have one of those body pillows that stretches right across the end of the hammock. I had finished my Michael Connelly book, last night, and had another one I wanted to read still involving Harry Bosch. This one is called The Crossing. After a couple of chapters, I had to close the book and my own eyes as well.
In the hammock under the shade of this tree
Knowing that Donna and Gerry were at the Acreage, Bill and I drove over to fill our water bladder. This is my lesson for the day. Of course, Clemson came too. Step by step Bill told me what to do to hook up the hoses to fill the bladder from Gerry’s well. It seems simple enough and he stood back while I went through the motions.
From a distance, the Iris look pretty
They won't last long, they aren't in water
When we got back here he did the same thing. He instructs, I act. I am a hands-on person and can’t remember things unless I do them myself. Except for the final squeezing (not really) of the bladder I completed the process. I’ll do it again another time until it becomes second nature, just in case I need to do it on my own. I appreciate that my brother-in-law has offered if necessary.
Bill found more of these marsh iris'
We started the Weber for burgers around 6 and had the works. I even had mine on a bun too! Burger, bacon, cheese, lettuce, mayo, tomato, onion and dill pickle, oh my! With dishes cleaned up, we ventured outside to our chairs as it was probably 5 degrees cooler. We’ve yet to turn the a/c on this season and as long as we can stay cool with other means, we will.
At the end of the day, this is what is left of Clem's marrow bone
Clouds have moved in and the wind has died down. It is a beautiful night. Checking emails periodically throughout the day, my family note has prompted many responses. Wendy’s made me chuckle, reminding me of Mom’s attention to one student in particular at the museum. What a flirt she can be!

We’ve received a message that Bill’s third oldest daughter is coming tomorrow for a visit and supper. This will be lovely, being Father’s Day weekend. Krystal, it will be great to see you!
Another shot of my little garden
This has been a great day. As we sit here with our books, we are listening to spatters of very light rain on the awning. Don’t you love a gentle summer rain? It isn’t going to amount to much this evening, I don’t think, perhaps overnight a bit more will water the grounds again.
I took this picture of the clouds and pretty sky

And then I noticed the sun is visible on the horizon
I hope your day has been good too. Thank you for reading today. If you wish to leave a comment, please do.


  1. We had an wonderful day as well. I sure hope you enjoy all that yard work after 25 years of doing our acreage it was time to retire and enjoy the sunshine, reading, travelling and each other. Don't burn yourselves out. You do have a very nice property there though.

    1. We do enjoy it or we wouldn't be doing it! :) It isn't 'work' to us, no deadlines, no punch in times, no boss! Heh heh We can work at our own pace and the rewards are awesome too. If we are outside we are still enjoying the sunshine.

  2. You sure do have beautiful sunsets 😊

  3. The best way to learn is learning by doing. Your place is looking well cared for!

    1. You're right and doing it often enough so I don't forget! :) Thank you F.G.

  4. Your place is a beautiful green! The garden's looking awesome too. Have to ask, what are the white discs around the garden on the string?

    1. Thank you Shirley. Those white discs you see are actually aluminum tart plates, my attempt at keeping the birds away. If I'd found cheap blank cds I would have used those. :)