Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Goodbye Sweetie, Cooler but Gorgeous Day, Christmas Trees, Mom

On Wednesday, June 14th I heard Bill’s alarm at 5:15 am but was quick to dismiss it when he shut it off. At 6 he came up to kiss me goodbye and I got up for a proper hug. I hate seeing him go but at the same time, I’m glad he can do this because he likes it so much. The extra money doesn’t hurt either.

I dozed until 7 and then got up to join Clemson downstairs. I made a tea and read blog posts. It looks like it is 16C/60F out there already and full sun. I had 2 ½ bananas that went really soft, I’m not big on banana bread when Bill isn’t here so put them in a blender with flax seed, cream and milk. I would have used yogourt instead of the milk if I'd had enough in the fridge.
After cutting the grass up the little hill
To get a treat (my smoothie) I have a job to do first so I put on my runners, hat and with my direct line to Bill in my back pocket pulled the lawn mower out of the very clean shed. I had a full charge on the battery but it didn’t last long enough in the grass on the 2nd driveway (east side of the corral). I ended up putting ear cover on and cutting the rest with my weed eater. LOL slow process but it worked well enough.

I have a few small pieces of bulky garbage to take to Durham for Rob’s load to the dump tomorrow. He is a sweetheart for letting us do that. I’ll load that up after my treat. Hmm, this banana smoothie is delicious!! I still haven’t made Al’s concoction up but I never seem to have the ingredients. This works for now. I’ll do it again.
Clemson and I drink a lot of water these days
Also, while in Durham I’m going to pick up 2 Christmas trees, I mentioned them before, from Rob and Pat to take to the Owen Sound Waterfront museum. Probably tomorrow I’ll make that drive. Bill won’t be home until the evening. Time to hop in the shower!
Bit by bit the iris all bloom, I'll be sad to see them done for the season
I was out the door at 11:00 and had a special gift for Rob, but he had to share with Pat. First, I thought I would drop in to see Mom before her lunch and although the parking lot and front street was packed, I found a spot near the school to park Black Beauty. I never begrudge a walk when I am alone.
We walk back from getting the mail
I found Sleeping Beauty on the bed and when I gently touched her hand she pulled it away. She was in the clutches of a dream so I rubbed her arm and spoke to her. Who wakes up smiling? My Mom, that’s who! If I ever need a boost for anything, I know who to visit. ‘When she is good, she is very very good’. There is a nursery rhyme memory for you. We had a wonderful visit before I took her down to lunch and said goodbye. She was in great spirits and kept commenting on me being as brown as a berry.
Is that a Monarch butterfly?
 From there I drove to Countess St. to meet Rob and Pat and unload our garbage. He commented a few times about the loads of garbage to take to the dump and how neighbours kept bringing more over. I know he was teasing so said “at least your friends aren’t doing that!” We have such fun together and I so enjoy their company even as we work together.

We had tea time (aka Happy Hour) together around 3 or so and Rob tasted his share of the Rhubarb Crisp. I think it doubly sealed the deal, ‘we is buds’. 😊 Pat made him promise to leave her some for later today. I had a couple of cookies for energy and we got back at it until we called it quits around 4. I wasn’t there for long but I think it is impressive the progress that is made each time I see them.

On the way home, I stopped at the Durham post office and checked for mail. Since we’ve changed our address to Priceville with most everyone, it has been a few days since having anything in that mailbox.
As I stepped closer and zoomed in, it was confirmed.
And there was an actual flutter of the wings here, showing off I think
Pet Peeve: Inside the outside door there is a sign where the mailboxes are: “Please do not leave junk mail on the radiator”. Hint: Don’t leave junk mail anywhere, take it home and recycle it! Hint #2: Give the staff instruction “NO JUNK MAIL”. Hint #3: Don’t be a litterbug, stop throwing it on the floor! Drives me nuts.

Today I picked up at least 20 pcs. of junk mail off the floor and took it in to the girl at the counter. She was grateful and said that was only the 3rd time today it was necessary. LOL After I left, I wondered if they have tried leaving a recycle bin out there………. hmmm. Next time, I will ask. End of gripe.
they are actually different pictures I took, but I was waiting for the wings to open more
So, I got home and Clemson and I walked down to the mail box as the red flag was up. More junk mail, but really, I want these flyers. I know how to recycle, they don’t end up on the road. I slipped, this is the real End of gripe.

Pat offered me a few rollers for Brenda, my stylist friend in London, so I unloaded those into the bunky until we see her next. They were just going into the garbage anyway. I found a couple of small puzzles for Mom, just the right size and number of pieces. She'll love them and can do them right in her room.
the new feeder is a little different than my old one
Inside, I mixed up some new hummingbird food and set it to cool. The hummers aren’t overly frequenting yet, but I have a feeling they soon will be with this heat. Looking out at my original feeder now, I see it is empty just from this morning when I was cutting grass. I don’t want them to lose interest in a good spot. Bill bought me a second feeder at the garage sale so hope to keep them around for the summer.
The old feeder hangs in our little tree beside the patio table
The rest of the afternoon was me sitting outside between sun and shade reading my book. So hard to put a good story down. Clemson is in and out, trying to find that perfect comfortable spot for his weary little bones. There is a lovely breeze, just enough for a sun-sitter like me.

Before I knew it, it was 7 o’clock and I realized I hadn’t eaten yet. That banana smoothie and those 2 cookies and cup of tea obviously filled me up. No tummy rumbling was going on. Regardless, I had pulled out some of my frozen chicken hearts and fried them up in bacon fat. I dished up some 4% cottage cheese, the fattest I could find and with the hearts wrapped in a slice of fresh bread and butter I had a heart sandwich for one! Reminder once more of my Dad.
Beautiful, just sitting there while I snap
It was quite tasty and went down well. I’ve spoken to Bill a couple of times today so I know he is in good hands. I’m wondering if he made it out to the Forest City Flyers flying field tonight. He mentioned it and I’m sure he would enjoy seeing a few of his fellow flyers. I hope that worked out and should hear later about it.

It is a balmy 26C/80F outside and a balmy 25C inside the Suite. Clemson needs a haircut (booked for next week) so I’m sure he is feeling it more than I am. The breeze is coming in the windows so I don’t need to turn the a/c on but might need to walk down the lane once more to cool him down.
On the way back, he had returned to his leaf
This has been an awesome day, from beginning to end. I feel I accomplished a lot, the lawn looks good, I helped friends, I saw my beautiful Mom and got lots of reading done on this gorgeous spring day.

I had a comment in yesterday’s post requesting a couple of inside pictures of my book so these are for you, Ken and Shirley. Thank you for reading today, I hope your day has been great too.
You have several options for each individual page
It depends on how small you want your pictures

these are the three books I have made so far
It's fun!

If you wish to leave a comment, please know that it will be read and appreciated.


  1. Glad that you are have are having so much fun fun with Rob and Pat they are supper people. I too love the chicken hearts as a special treat they are amazing! Glad you got to enjoy some nice outside reading time as well. perfect weather for it.

    1. Good friends, good fun, good food, good weather and good reading. Everything is good!

  2. Hi, I have been reading for a while and never commented but I enjoy your blog and your spirit! Always happy yet with a little bit of real life thrown in!

    1. Hello a.f.c.g. so nice to hear from you! Even nicer that you took the time to comment. Thank you!

  3. I make a book every Christmas for my mother-in-law with pictures and updates from hubby and I and our three children. Often the grandchildren will also write up a little note for Great Grandma 😊

    1. they are awesome and once you get into the programs, they are as easy or as complex as you like. I love that your children join in. :)

  4. I gotta try creating a book like that! Looks great!

  5. I love the book..thanks for sharing! What a wonderful keepsake for you and much later down the line for kids and grandkids! I need to get a hummingbird feeder, have had them staring at me through the screen door lately..haha..

    1. My younger sister did 3 similar books. One of each side of the family, Mom's and Daddy's. I bought a copy from the site of each. The third which you might remember my post of Mom reading. Called Paper Kisses includes their personal letters back and forth before they got married. I want to buy my own copy so I can read it over and over. :)
      Yes, once the hummers come, they are lifelong friends. :) Funny, staring at you humming 'feed me feed me!'