Monday, June 12, 2017

Hot and Cold Water, Storage Shed Cleaning, Grass Cut, Suite Swept, Owen Sound Delivery, Sister Visit

On Monday, June 12th we woke up after a great sleep. The windows were open as we decided there was a cool enough breeze coming in that we wouldn’t need the a/c. The frogs were even quiet enough for Bill to fall asleep in good time. We were both in bed by 10:30 and up at 7. A good night's sleep.
Bill drove the garbage and recycle bin down at 8
Clemson and I went to retrieve it around 9:30 am
Bill was opening the blinds to let the light in while I made up the bed. Looked like a great day. The clouds moved in soon after 8 but with the heat, it was quite acceptable not to have the sun. After coffee/tea we set to work outside. Bill wanted to prepare the hot water tank for flushing and cleaning so followed the vinegar/water treatment he found online at RV Geeks.
We used 5 bottles of vinegar, next time we'll need 10 of this
small size
While doing that, he decided that he may as well go for water and fill the fresh water tank. We were still just above 50% but he would be headed to London on Wednesday. Let’s get ‘er done today. I pulled out my battery mower and cut the grass up here on our flat living area before it got too hot out.
all cut for another week
I was still pretty warm when I finished but wow, it looks so much better without all the dandelion stems standing 6” tall. I used the second lowest setting with the blades since we are now getting more heat and less rain. That made three jobs completed.
Breaking up and loading the leftover paneling that was stored up top
From there, we started emptying the storage shed. Items on shelves were re-evaluated, some replaced and others tossed but all re-organized. The floor was swept and a few less things went back into the shed when we finished up. We had paneling leftover from Bill’s work on the bunky, thinking we might have use for it, we stored it. Now it is broken up into fire pit size pieces and will be burnt.
Putting my little wagon to work
Job #4 done. We hadn’t eaten yet so grabbed a sandwich at 12:30. Toasted tomato and cheese for me. It was tasty. We drove into Durham to meet up with Rob and Pat once more. This time I was bagging up leftover Christmas items from the sale. Not all people are in the spirit to shop for these things in June so Pat generously accept my sister, Wendy’s offer to take it for the Waterfront Museum in Owen Sound.
All back, nice and organized
Bill helped Rob load and unload a few things into the trailer and I loaded the truck to capacity. Unfortunately, Wendy was working at Grey Roots Museum today so we didn’t see her, but a couple of staff gratefully accepted the donation. We have 2 Christmas trees yet to take over but all in good time.
John down in the meadow

They have the most lush periwinkle I've ever seen
It is blurred because I neglected to stop for the photo

Gayle up at the house comes out to greet us
Since we’d driven that far, on the way back we stopped at my other sister, Gayle’s place just east of Chatsworth. We found John down in the meadow with the Montana and I walked up with him to the house to meet Gayle. Well, what do you know, it was time for Happy Hour! The guys made us a coffee and we sat in the gazebo for an hour or so. Nice visit and we were soon on our way home.

The drive home down country roads was a nice one

I love this tree on Baptist Church Road
The tree trunk is covered in vine
 Arriving at The Ridge just after 5, we had a card in the mail box for a  parcel to pick up tomorrow. I can't wait to get it tomorrow but I have to Clemson got his meal first and Bill started the Weber Q for ours. I had remembered to thaw 3 rib eye steak and while the barbecue was heating up, I washed up a couple of potatoes to throw on as well. I felt famished tonight and with lots of butter, sour cream and salt and pepper, it was delish!
That is a big steak but I ate the whole thing!
Because the hot water valve to the inside of the Suite is turned off while the vinegar rinse is working, we boiled water for dishes. A 24-hour ‘boil’ is what is recommended to clean the tank once a year. When the dishes were done, I went outside to the night air, it was about 5 degrees cooler out than in.
When Clemson and I walked down the lane this morning,
yet another turtle was nesting

Later, returning to the same spot, it was covered over
Yay! Nest site #3
I wrote for a bit and then took a walk down the lane. I didn’t see any of my reptile pals but thought I’d count, for curiosity alone, the number of attempted nest holes. Would you believe there are 45? On top of that, I know at least 3 spots that have been covered over eggs. We wonder how many of those holes were done by the same female. 
Pregnant turtles are obviously very choosy.

We all love the Chapman's Ice Cream bars
Clemmy can't wait for the little bit we leave on the stick
Coming back there were little tiny fliers that seemed to like my sweaty flesh so much so that I got some Off and sprayed myself. They don’t seem to be biting, but just making me itchy. Now I can sit outside and finish my post. It is only 7:00 so we will see who wins out. Bill has joined me with a book and Clemson is cooler on his stool.
Good to the last lick
The hammock was brought out of the shed this morning and it looks quite tempting over there by the bunky. I doubt there will be a sunset tonight since we aren’t seeing any sun, but I’ll wait to post this for another couple of hours just in case.
the hammock in a temporary spot for now
Bill and I sat outside for a couple of hours. We felt a few spatters of rain but it was still early enough to want to stay out so we put the big awning out. There is no wind to speak of again and it was quite nice until we came in around 9:30. This is the kind of evening we enjoy.
Clemson enjoys his stool with us outside
I hope your day was a good one too. Ours was productive and pleasurable. At 10:00 it is still 24C.
Worth the wait
Thank you for reading my post today. Comments are always welcome!


  1. It sure was a wonderful day just to enjoy this amazing spring weather, so nice to site outside until after dark. Glad you enjoyed it too.

    1. We take what comes and enjoy it the best we can so these wonderful days are a bonus! :)

  2. Wow! Made me tired reading your post! It'll be interesting to see how many baby turtles you end up with! Steak dinner looks awesome, makes me hungry!

    1. Ha ha, no doubt! I just hope to see some emerge from the nests. :) Steak was good, it wouldn't pass the food guide as we didn't need a veggie. That would be too much food.

  3. Our day was awesome today! I'll be posting about it.