Saturday, June 17, 2017

Jobs are Done, Company Comes, Relaxing Day, Storm Warnings

I was awake at 5:30 on Saturday, June 17th so after letting Clemson out for his piddle, I crawled back into bed for a few minutes. At 6 I realized I wouldn’t drop off and got up. I took the opportunity on such a beautiful morning to go for a walk down the road. It was so nice and I saw not one other vehicle or person on my journey. Wise people were still in bed on this Saturday morning.
good morning!
Sometimes just walking outside with nature is the perfect time to mull things through your mind and I was doing some mulling. When I returned half hour later, Bill was up so I made my tea and joined him at our laptops. Reading blog posts is our morning reading so once that was out of the way we moved on to the rest of the day.

Bill wanted to change the oil this morning in the Cub Cadet so at 7:30 he was out doing that and will probably do some weed trimming along fence lines. A comment from yesterday indicated that we are doing a lot of yard work for being retired and that is true. Yes, we are retired but that was an inside job, on the clock for over 30 years. I feel this is different.
My walk this morning down Baptist Church Road at 6 am
 The property is for us to look after while we stay here and we accept that. I enjoy gardening, wouldn’t miss it if I was in a place without it, but I do love the rewards and satisfaction from my efforts. Sometimes this is the only exercise we get, and neither of us can sit around all day. The good news is that we don’t have to report to a boss and we work at our own pace, on our own hours. That might explain why we do what we do.

returning home again around 6:30
I drove into Durham, saw Rob and Pat briefly and then to visit Mom and Mary at Rockwood Terrace. When I walked in my sister Donna was already in Mom’s room with her, doing crossword puzzles. Both visits were good, it is nice to know two people when I go there now. I was home just after lunch.

Bill said there were thunderstorm warnings all around the area and he had put the hammock away and closed the sheds. It was thundering while we made a sandwich for lunch. A toasted tomato for me, was just what I needed to fill the gap until supper. I felt exhausted, perhaps getting up so early and the busy morning was taking its toll.

All three of us went up and laid down for 30 minutes. I dozed but not for long. At least I rested my eyes and felt better for it. Krystal, Bill’s daughter, arrived at 2:15 for the afternoon. She drives a cute little white Mazda. We spent the time inside the Suite because even though there were bouts of brightness, the occasional rain determined our location.
Krystal in the Suite
I planned supper for 5 and we weren’t too far off the mark. We had Mediterranean chicken breasts in the convection oven, mashed potatoes, broccoli and corn. So glad to have company, it means we get a decent meal! Ha ha. Krystal contributed to dinner with the Butter tarts she brought. Yum yum.

It was a great day and we were thrilled that she took the time to fit us into her busy schedule. She left around 6:30 back to Milverton. She is a busy gal, for sure. Bill and I were going to put the few dishes in the dishwasher but decided to just wash them up by hand instead. Usually when company comes, we utilize the benefit.
Until next time, Krystal!
Donna texted and advised that we keep an eye on the tornado warnings in the area. It looks pretty good now, with white cloudy skies but the weather radar is indicating some nasty winds coming over us later this evening. Time to batten down the hatches once more. I’m glad I’m not alone here tonight.
Rain on the window, the blurring side is rain pouring from the slide eaves
By 7:00 we were in the throes of the rain and the winds picked up around 7:30 coming from the northeast. We closed windows now that the Suite had cooled down and watched the heavy black cloud move over us from the same direction. Just heard from Krystal at 7:40 that she arrived home safely so that is great. Enjoy the rodeo, Krystal!
Strange clouds to the south
It will be an evening of on again off again rain and storms so will close this post. I hope you have had an enjoyable day. We did!
The sky of many changes

At one point, there was light on the horizon
Thank you for reading. If you wish to leave a comment, it is appreciated.


  1. Glad that you enjoy your yard work it looks awesome. I get my fill here just mowing the lawn when we around the area. It was so nice to have Krystal stop in for a visit. Not bad weather here at all just rain about 2 pm for 45 minutes, then a beautiful day Keep on having too much fun.

    1. Did you get storms in Plattsville last night? It was a mild day although cloudy for most of it.

  2. Sounds like you had a couple of wonderful days in a row. Nice to be able to do what you enjoy doing in your own time and pace. The rewards can be seen in your pictures, you have a beautiful place to spend these summer months.
    When I saw the picture of Bill's daughter my first thought was...what a cutie with a beautiful smile.

    1. I like that we can putter away on our own time.
      Krystal is a sweet gal in all ways.

  3. Sometimes I think I would like to live somewhere that gets lots of "weather" in Arizona it is just hot hot hot! I try not to think of yard work etc as keeps the body moving and is good for us.