Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Last Day of Spring, Clemson’s Haircut

I was awake and up before 7 am on Tuesday, June 20th. I saw a bit of sun this morning when I took Clemson out for his piddle. Snapped a picture and by the looks of the forecast, that is all we will see of the sun today! Bill was up soon after I plugged us in to electric and turned the Keurig on so I made him a coffee after my tea.

We sat and read posts and did our normal grumble at the weather. There are always things to do outside if the day is appropriate but we’ll have to see if this is one of those days. Can’t wash the Suite roof on a day when it could rain at any time. Because the Bread Depot is not open on Mondays, (we forgot that when Bill went yesterday) we’ll take a drive to Hanover this afternoon.
I've been watching this sign and dilapidated flage
Today, I noticed the new Canada Flag was hung
thank you!
So, it was time for my shower, not that it was noticeable, but a couple of days had passed since my last one. This life style is sure different than our working days, it isn’t necessary for a daily shower unless we’re mucking in the gardens and what have you.
Posing in his new haircut
And he smells really nice too!
Clemson goes in for 11 to the Bath and Biscuit for his haircut and the works. Bath, nail clip and meeting a new groomer. I hope he isn’t nervous and behaves for her. He will sure appreciate the shorter ‘do’ when the warmer weather returns and he will be spiffy for Canada Day and his birthday!

Yesterday, I mentioned that Bill and I would be going to Hanover this afternoon and also going to get more water for our fresh water tank. Those plans kind of got turned upside down as I had other things going on but Bill took the truck to Hanover on his own. He got 2 loaves of the best bread at The Bread Depot and then went to the Acreage to fill our water bladder.
He sits with his front paws crossed
We were both surprised when Kate at Bath and Biscuit told Bill to come and get Clemmy at 12:30. That is good timing and we were even more surprised when he came out looking perfect! I don’t understand how they can get him to stand still but never-the-less, she did a fantastic job and we would highly recommend her for $50. He looks so handsome!

What a crappy day, excuse me but we had rain, teensy spots of sun, a brief thunder storm and cool temperatures. None of it amounted to much including the thermometer not rising above 16C. Who believes that summer arrives tomorrow?

I wasn’t walking, I wasn’t out enjoying the garden and I wasn’t sitting outside reading my book so that means I didn’t take many pictures. I think Clemson stole the show there. Anyway, the day passed, I finished what I was involved in and by suppertime, with doubts about the sky, I boiled and then fried 3 sausages inside for supper.
He must feel so much better with his hair short
I peeled up a couple of small potatoes and steamed broccoli and corn to have with them. It was a typical inside meal for a cooler day. When dishes were cleaned up, Bill went out to dump our black tank and I made his sandwiches, filled the water bottles with milk, cranberry juice, orange juice and put them with coke and water in the cooler. So, for anyone keeping track, burgers, sausages and potatoes with corn for supper.
I think he is saying, Thanks for the haircut, Dad!
Yes, Bill is leaving in the morning for 2 nights this time and the joke is that I hope he isn’t weening himself off Clemmy and I. He has things going on tomorrow and then going to work at CanAm for a couple of days. He’ll be home on Friday evening.

I hope you have made the best of your day, you probably had better weather than we did here on The Ridge.

Thank you for reading. If you wish to make a comment, please do so.


  1. Too bad your weather was yucky again , we are not that far apart and the weather so much different. A lead you did some thing done that needed doing.

    1. Hopefully summer is better than spring for weather! Life is still great, regardless. Things get done when they need to.

  2. 99 degrees here in the Okla. Panhandle. Hot and muggy!! Sure would trade with you!!
    Don in Okla.

    1. Wow! That is crazy. We heard that Arizona was 109F yesterday! I'll try not to complain so much! :)

  3. Clemson is a cutie! The way time is flying you'll be back in the southwest in no time! Hoping to meet up with you then :)

    1. A cutie and full well knows it! Ha ha
      I know, it is almost July already! We defnitely need to meet up this winter!

  4. Clemson sure looks spiffy with his new haircut...:)
    Our weather yesterday was interesting...and running errands I got wet and when I got home the water in our back parking area was up to my ankles. Since, the rain is not going away anytime soon I have decided to embrace walking in the rain...go with flow so to speak...as long as we do not float away...LOL
    Happy Summer!

    1. Now that it is cooler again, he is often shivering. Back on with his fleece sweater!
      Good for you, I was trying to do the same but I can't get past the damp feeling.
      Happy summer to you too! Soon it will feel like it as well!