Friday, June 9, 2017

Nice Spring Day, Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign, Bill Comes Home

On Friday, June 9th I woke up shortly after 6 to see brightness peeking through the living room blinds. Yay! I don’t know why but I enjoy waking up (period) but mostly after a what seems like ‘long’ evening without Bill. It means this is the day he comes home.

 I got up at 7 and let Clemmy out. It was 14C/57F already and felt wonderful outside. I’ve been lazy, dazy in the morning and haven’t been getting out for those nice long morning walks. Shame on me, I have no excuse. Anyway, I opened the blinds, turned the inverter on and unplugged from electric. The solar panels should have a wonderful day!
Clemson found the sunny spot
I did my morning chores, Clemson’s nature call and fresh water, making the bed, turning the portable panel towards the sun before I contacted Bill to tell him we were up. We usually turn the panel at night and I had done that already.

 I have dishes from last night to clean up so turned the hot water heater on. It wasn’t worth doing dishes last night with 2 plates, a bowl some silverware and a glass.  We try and remember to turn the water heater off over night and during the day when we aren’t using it. Saves a wee bit of propane use.
One guy on the right, leaving a freshly dug hole
The guy on the left, came scooting out from under the truck
How ever did I miss him?

At 9 I headed into Durham to lend a hand once more at Aunt Mary’s house. With the sale tomorrow, there are a few things I might be able to help get ready and there are signs to be hung. I think I’ll work this morning and into the early afternoon but plan to be back home around 3 if possible.

When I got back from Durham, I soaked up some rays

We found lots of things to do but when I left at 2:45 we all felt that things are ready, set, go. Bill and I will be there by 7 to help pull things out, things we didn’t want outside overnight. We know there will be some early bird shoppers. Just bring money, is all I can say!
When I left, I stopped along the way home on Hwy 4 and hung 4 signs just inside the town limits. Pat and Rob will hang more tonight to catch people from the other directions. The clouds moved in early afternoon, while Pat and I were sorting through Christmas decorations. I’ve never seen so many and it obviously distracted me from the sky.
I hung my dart board with the nails I got from Rob today

I don’t think we got anywhere near the 27C that was forecast for today but at least it wasn’t cold and that is a bonus. The sun decided to make its reappearance around 5 o’clock fighting with the clouds. At 6, the sky was looking much better. I’d heard from Bill around 5:00 that he was leaving London. This meant he had finished his Costco shopping.
I’m thinking he was going to drive to Stratford and stop in to see his Dad since we missed them the last time we were through. That gives me a good idea when to expect him depending on how long a visit. I’ve asked my sister, Donna, to pick up a couple of loaves of bread at The Bread Depot in Hanover. Since they will be at the Acreage, it is closer to get it from her. 5 minutes versus 20 minutes makes sense.
Clemson riding without his seat belt
and getting a little cocky about it

Supper was easy and fairly quick tonight. I had one hamburger patty with bacon to heat up and a salad on the side to make. That was done and cleaned up by 6:30 and by then, Donna had invited me over to the Acreage for a bit. Knowing Bill would be home by 9ish, he texted me as he was leaving Dad’s, I drove over with Clemson for an hour. Going out the drive, I kept to the far left to avoid 2 turtles. Aren’t they done yet?
This guy is up the hill headed for the farmer's field

Wasn't afraid of me at least
They were just finishing supper and Mike hadn’t arrived yet. The bugs are still crazy over there, they seem to like me. Either I smell good or bad, hmmm. Donna started a fire up at the front area of their property and we sat for a few minutes. Within minutes of me leaving, Mike drove in.

The bridge on Baptist Church Road
I was home by 8:15. Sure enough, another ‘yert’ was digging a hole along the lane. As I slowed to snap a picture, out from under the truck came another one, scampering across! How did I miss him? LOL you wouldn’t want to know me if I ran over one. That would break me.

First things first, our little hairy pooch needed a bum bath. I’m sorry, but that is exactly the nature of it. Sometimes he has difficulty in that area and let’s just say the view from the cheap seats isn’t pleasant. Not his fault, and he sure feels better after a tubby tub in the sink.
How does your garden grow?
After he was cleaned up, we took a walk down the lane to the mailbox. I knew the flyers would be there but have a feeling they were there as early as Wednesday. She doesn’t always put the flag up when it is just flyers so you never know! It is a lovely evening u here on The Ridge. I don’t have the bugs and right now there isn’t a titch of a breeze. 19C and only going down to 14C I think tonight.

Just watching my little Corolla turn into the driveway now and it is 8:48. Happy Face! So that is it for me. I hope you have had a nice day today and a little more sun than we did. Better still tomorrow.
Pretty sky tonight again

And we say goodnight from The Ridge
Thank you for reading. If you wish to leave a comment, I’d love to read it.


  1. Our was wonderful lotsa sun and reading going on here. But you were pretty busy there and enjoyed some pretty decent weather as well.

    1. A great day and even better because my sweetie came home. :)

  2. Your place is really blooming now, beautiful! I wish I was there to visit the sale those things! Once again, beautiful sunset! Have a great day!

    1. I wish you were here too for the sale!! Hardly worth the drive but I know what you mean. Heh heh
      By the end of the season you will be sick of my blooms, turtles and sunsets. :)

  3. Sounds like a busy but productive day. Your garden looks wonderful. I cannot believe I get to say this but we have actually been having blue skies. Though being in town with all the buildings no pretty sunset pictures so I am enjoying your lovely ones...:)

    1. Towns do interfere with the sky pics and you can only dream of the Borrego Springs sunsets. Or enjoy mine and I'm glad you do!