Monday, June 5, 2017

October Day? Dollar for Dollar, Birthday!

Monday, June 5th is another day when I can help purge Rob’s aunt’s house and get ready for the sale. I was up around 8 am and saw that the weather wasn’t going to be very nice for hanging outside. I had my tea and breakfast before heading out to Durham around 9:30. I didn’t commit to any particular arrival time so the ‘boss’ couldn’t chastise me.
The front fence line all trimmed up nicely
Bill wanted to get the weed-eater out and clean up around all the fences before he had to go to London this week. It looked like it could rain anytime but I don’t think it did. Pat and I got a lot accomplished today in the house, I set about putting prices on things while she brought even more stuff down from upstairs. There just aren’t enough hours in a day or enough energy in people our age to keep up the pace.
Bill did a nice job trimming
 Bill arrived in Durham around 2 after finishing his job at the Ridge and helped Rob with a few things. At tea time, Rob made a run to Timmy’s and we sat and chatted and rested for 20 minutes. It was after 4 and time to call it a day anyway.
this is for George, from Our Awesome Travels
 "Competition" I believe it is entitled
 We always manage to have a little fun in the midst of a working day. Rob and Bill loaded up the items Brenda bought into the truck and a garden wagon I ‘bought’.
Following Bill home
There isn’t much to write about today, it was busy but quiet. Bill wanted to show me something at the end of the corral which explains what Mrs. Yertle was doing yesterday, back and forth, up and down. 
From googling this, these two are 'test' holes

Another test nest hole
She was busy but it will have to be seen whether there are eggs in each one.
Two more..................
So, after Clemson ate his supper, he and I walked (or should I say ran) down to the end of the lane way for some exercise. We found Mrs. Yertle trying out another nest site.

That wind, even though not strong, is cool and it only got up to 15C today. We found another turtle nesting alongside the lane and 3 other holes. I need to google this whole thing and see what I can find out.

Dark clouds are hard to read
Inside, Bill wanted to vacuum the Suite so we plugged in to electric. With the clouds overhead, darkening by the minute, I decided we’d have a simple grilled cheese sandwich with a pickle on the side for supper. Neither of us enjoys standing outside to barbecue in cool weather.
The hostas I planted yesterday are perking up already
Clemson thinks they need watering
Today is our friend, Kirk’s, birthday. Kirk and his brother own CanAm RV Centre where Bill works. Super nice guy and I wanted to wish him a very Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Kirk! (far right front corner)
Supper was good, I fried our grilled cheese sandwiches in a frypan with butter. I added sliced onion rings to mine since I love the two tastes together. Melted cheddar and onion. Yum! Bill likes his with ketchup, his choice of tomato. 😊
We cleaned up dishes and I googled the turtles, it is quite a story for another time. We had a recording of America’s Got Talent with Tyra Banks so settled in to watch it. We enjoy these shows for entertainment and when the first act was the chicken playing America the Beautiful on a keyboard, we were definitely entertained.

The dark clouds have lightened up and I see more blue skies now at 7:30 then we have had all day. It looks like a nice evening. I hope you have had a wonderful day.

Goodnight from The Ridge

Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for your comments.


  1. Yo keeping busy there helping Rob and Pat having too much fun.
    Love the competition photo, a couple of mean looking cowboys there.

    1. We were laughing so hard it is a wonder I got them settled down to take the picture. They thought you'd enjoy it too.

  2. Love the competition photo..too cute! Once again, a beautiful sunset!

    1. Aren't they cute?! They did what they were told, for once!