Monday, June 19, 2017

Rockwood Terrace, Hanover and Ellie May Visits, Fire Starters

Monday, June 19th isn’t going to bring us much sunshine so those who don’t like humidity will be happiest. It was dull, full cloud start up to the day. I got up around 7:15 although I felt I could have slept longer. That is what a dull morning does to me. I don’t mind the earlier start, I dislike missing the morning.
Ellie May comes for a morning visit
We had our coffee and tea together while catching up on reading. Whenever I see the school bus zip by at 8 I am reminded firstly of how nice that I don’t have to go to my job at the School Board. Secondly, I'm reminded that school is almost out. Approximately 8 or 9 days left depending on where you are. The children must be excited.

I put a light jacket on before 9 and walked down to the mailbox. I hope this mail that I’m putting in the box isn’t late, but it might be. Should have done this Friday. It is chilly sitting at only 16C/61F so far. I see some blue sky sitting at the horizon to the north I’m positive we will see some sunshine today.
Crazy skies
Bill and I both got cleaned up, each with a different destination this morning. He wanted to go to Canadian Tire and Marks Work Warehouse in Hanover. I am going back up to Rockwood to visit Mom and Aunt Mary. Rob, Pat and Aunt Mary herself gave me permission to call her that so I do!
Pretty display at Rockwood
She is a dear lady and I enjoy getting a chuckle and a smile out of her. It is a bit of a challenge given her limited abilities from her stroke, unlike Mom who is fully capable to drop a laugh and a smile easily. At some point, I will introduce them to each other. I know that Mom won’t remember her if they meet in the hallway but that is okay.

So, around 9:15 I was ready to drive into Durham. I grabbed a banana to eat since I wouldn’t be home until after 12. It hit the spot especially since I wasn’t really hungry yet. I spent two and a half hours at Rockwood Terrace before walking Mom down to lunch.
No matter which way you look, different cloud formations
She is such a character, asking me whether I should be pulling her chair out for her! She can move better than 70% of the residents in there! We laughed together at that one. Aunt Mary is getting used to my visits now, recognizing me each time she sees me.
While talking to Bill under the car shelter I noticed this nest
He took immediate action and destroyed it
It is amazing how neat the nests are
When I left there, I drove to the Esso station on Hwy 6 on the south end of Durham. I had a Lotto 649 ticket that was a winner. I didn’t know how I was going to spend all my winnings!! So, in the end I put that $2 towards another ticket and picked up a Lottario and an Ontario 49 as well. Any win is a bonus in my opinion and fun to play.
My tiger lilies are getting 
I got back around 12:30 and felt hungry so Bill and I had some lunch together. The temperature is creeping up to low 20’s so it makes for a comfortable day at least. Not much sun to speak of though. Bill and Clemmy had a little snooze and I had my coffee while they were lying down and then joined them soon after.

Walking down the lane again, we see this fellow
Taking a nap wasn’t working for me so within 15 minutes I was up again. I have a multitude of things going through my head from summer visitors, friends, sister’s Ladyfest, Bill going to London so needless to say I decided to get up.

This is not a painted turtle but he is not the brute I've seen before
He was probably 8"long and 5" wide
I searched high and low for a tin foil pie plate but didn’t seem to have one in the Suite. Hmm, I had to use one of my older 2-egg fry pans to melt the wax and we all know this isn’t the best scenario. Cleanup might not be fun. Anyway, that is what I did. I poured melted wax into the egg cups filled with shavings, let it set and then wrapped them individually in waxed paper.
15 fire starters
I had wax leftover so put waxed paper into 3 muffin slots, filled with sawdust and poured wax on those as well. So, now we have 15 fire starters when we need them. I hope they work as well as the dryer lint does. Time will tell! The sun was looking gorgeous out there so I slipped outside with my book to enjoy some of the fresh air.

Clemson enjoyed some time out there with me while Bill worked away in his cargo trailer. I’m not sure what is going on in there but I keep hearing his vacuum running for cleanup. Whatever it is, airplanes are involved.That is his domain and I don’t offer any opinions or advice on what he should do. He seemed pleased when he finished for the day but claimed there was more to be done.

I came inside around 5:15 and fed Clemmy and then went back out to read some more. I walked down the drive to see if there was any mail left in the box but the flag was down. At least the card was gone, yay!

On the way down there was another turtle, mid-size, trying to cross the lane in a hurry. When he saw us coming, he turned around and booted it back the way he had come. Then he stopped. Hmm, strange looking one, didn’t look like the painted but not a full-size snapper either. I didn’t bother him, just scooted on by. When I looked back, he was gone, not sure which way.

Around 6 o’clock I came inside and started to make up a salad. I had some thin, easy grilling pork loin chops that I planned on frying inside. They wouldn’t take long and it wasn’t worth starting the Weber Q for 10 minutes. My mind is already planning meals for Bill’s supper while he is in London.
The pork chop was pretty good
We cleaned up dishes and I wrote a bit more on this post while having another glass of red wine. This is a Pelee Rouge from Kingston, Ontario and not a heavy flavor but a nice light wine. I can drink a couple of glasses with a meal but on an empty stomach, it sure hits me! I’m not much of a drinker, apparently.

Get ready for a beautiful sunset
 I took another walk down the lane just to settle my supper and then settled in to read a few more chapters. If it were nicer outside, without having to add more clothes, I would sit out there. Instead my recliner is calling to me. Just as I got back in the Suite, it started to spit a bit, good timing. Bill soon joined me and we read together for awhile.

This one should be a painting, AWESOME!
I hope you’ve had a good day and were able to enjoy some outdoors. Thank you for reading. If you wish to comment, please feel free.


  1. Good day here. Glad you had a good day too. You do seem to have a awful lot of turtles over there!

    1. We should change the name of this place!

  2. You keeping pretty busy and out of trouble there. Nice sunset photo.
    Nice to see you getting used to pork chops, if cooked right so tender tasty and healthy.

    1. Things are great. The sunset blew me away, wish I was a painter.
      Pork chops are getting better. I wish there was more fat in them though, you know me!

    2. We prefer bone in chops or pork steaks they have more fat and much tastier.

  3. I like the new lead in photo of the three of you. Nice scenery as well. You can keep the snappers over there, we don't want them at the Acreage!

    1. Thank you Doh. the snappers are so ugly!

  4. The sunset picture is truly is amazing what God/nature creates for us on a daily basis. Again, thank you for sharing...:)
    Nice picture of you, Bill, and Clemson at the top.

    1. When we have a day without much sunshine, I am so surprised to see the most beautiful sunsets! If only I was a painter!
      Thank you, we like that picture of us at Elephant Butte State Park. That is a park we will definitely go back to and next time choose our site overlooking the water.