Monday, June 26, 2017

Strange Spring, Questionable Summer, Visit to Rockwood and Owen Sound with my Sister.

Monday morning, June 26th at an early time, Bill’s alarm went off. He was up and at ‘em by 5:15 or so I presume since when I woke at 10 to 6 he was coming in to kiss me goodbye. Guess there isn’t much sense in getting up yet. It is a dull, dreary day this morning so I stayed where it was warm and watched him drive away. You notice how the more often he leaves, the less I get up? I know he doesn’t expect me too and that way he can do his own thing without me distracting him.
My first job of the day
By 6 he was gone and I curled up under the covers for another half hour. It was only 12C outside and 17C inside. Clemmy was shivering so I put his sweater on to warm him up. I’m not expecting miracles today from the weather so will just dress accordingly. I have a busy day planned anyway so it won’t matter.
Blue sky to the west
After my tea and blog reading, I loaded up the garbage and recycle bins on the back of Black Beauty and drove them down to the end of the lane. They don’t come until 9 but I like to do this with lots of time to spare just in case they got an early start.
Gray to the east
I wanted to head into Durham to visit Mom and Mary for a bit so fixed myself a bowl of cereal. Not my breakfast of choice especially when I’m not hungry but needed something in my stomach.

 After washing up and getting dressed I made contact with Debbie from our sister’s Painting event. We plan to have her do a house party while we are together and I needed to confirm the picture, the number of guests, address and time. All set now!

I headed into town at 9:30 am. When I arrived at Rockwood Terrace, I parked the truck on the street as I usually do. I went down the hall to see Aunt Mary first only to find that she wasn’t up to a visit today. No problem, she indicated that Wednesday would be a good day so I’ll see her then. That seemed odd but all I could do was inform Rob.
This is my reward for spending time with Mom
Walking back to the west hall, I found Mom in her room looking through a photo album. As always, she was happy to see me and gave me a great smile and hug. We chatted for a bit about old pictures in her album and I suggested we get a 100 pc. jigsaw puzzle out. That may sound childish but let me tell you how hard it is for me to see someone who was excellent at doing 1000 pc. puzzles, to have to do such an easy one. The good news is that she doesn't realize it.

Saying that, last summer and fall she wasn't able to put hardly any pieces in on her own, we had to basically put them in front of her. This is a huge improvement and she loves it! She chose the one with puppies that I brought her from Aunt Mary’s house. Once we finished the border my sister, Donna joined us and we finished it off lickety-split. We had a lot of laughs.

It was another hour before lunch so we put that one away and pulled out a 300 pc. one. A bit more challenging but we quickly got the border done and were off and running. Mom enjoys the banter and Donna and I can tease her and easily make her laugh. At noon, we walked down to the dining room with her for her lunch with promises to come back in a day or two to help finish the puzzle.

From there, I left the truck parked and rode with Donna to Owen Sound. We were on an adventure to Value Village for their 50% off day. We encountered heavy rainfall a few times during the drive but luckily it stopped by the time we arrived. We didn’t have to dodge raindrops on the way in to the store.
Even though we were missing a piece, she was still pleased
We were in no hurry and had fun shopping individually and together. We tried on and came home with new to us clothes. This, for me, meant 8 pcs. in, 16 pcs. out. Don’t laugh, I needed to empty hangers anyway to make room. I have a bag on the go now for our September clothing exchange!
We actually had so much rain, some had settled up on The Ridge
At 6:00 I warmed up my leftover Beef sandwich from the restaurant yesterday. It was filling enough and I know there will be some ice cream or popcorn for a later snack. The rain has been on again off again and the temperature actually rose to around 18C this afternoon. Now, at 8 pm the sun is bright and the sky is mixed.
Your guess is as good as mine, what that sky is gonna do next
I settled in to finishing my post and as I’m writing I wanted to ask if anyone has ever had responses with unsuitable advertising from Blogger? I noticed a couple yesterday but didn’t think much of it, just deleted them. Today there were at least 10 more. I sent a note to Blogger so I’ll wait and see if I get a response, was just curious if anyone on Blogger had any of the same issues.

I’m very happy with the way today went, a nice visit with Mom and good shopping with my sister. I heard from Bill around 7 after he finished a long day at work so the day is a success. I hope you have had a great day as well. I do believe this weather is going to straighten up tomorrow.
Goodnight from the Ridge

Thank you for reading. All comments are welcome!

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