Sunday, June 25, 2017

What is That in the Sky? Rockwood Terrace, Grass Gets a New Cut, finally!

Saturday, June 24th I actually had 2 bodies beside me, none with toe tags. Great! My sweetie got home last night at 10 pm and we had things put away and were in bed soon after. I slept until close to 6:30 but just stayed in bed and did my leg stretches before getting up around 7 ish. Great looking day out there! SUNSHINE!
Can't see the shy hummer, but he is on the other side of the feeder
Just his tail tip showing

Bill was up soon after I got the blinds open. We both slept well for the most part. Bill said he was awake with leg cramps for some reason, probably being on his feet pretty steady for 3 days? Weird, he used to get them but not since before we went south. Thankfully they passed and he was able to get back to sleep.

So, we had coffee and tea together and read post comments. Bill had a lot of catching up to do with reading mine and other bloggers’ posts and had a bank statement due for reconciliation. I headed into Durham once more to Rockwood Terrace this time to visit Aunt Mary first. I’m helping her write some things.
Okay, bird watchers........what kind of bird is this?
When I said goodbye to her at 11:30 I walked to the other end of the hall to get one of Mom’s smiles and hugs. She was fully dressed, laying on the bed sound asleep. I’ve woken her before and know she would be fine with that again but since I saw her yesterday, I opted to throw her an invisible kiss and head for home.
Same shape of a robin but no colour other than gray
As I’m driving out of town I stopped at F & S to splurge and buy 3 bags of Black Beauty mulch and a couple of spray bottles for use around the Suite and Ridge. On Hwy 4 I felt the Toyota pulling to the right side of the road at the top of a hill. Well, I’ll be darned! There on the left side was a garage sale! My car obviously knows I like to stop for sales.

I found a couple of things, a frisbee for a homemade bird feeder, salad tongs (which I realized on Thursday I didn’t keep any of), a new set of 3 different size spatulas, a lime green pail and a new pair of flats just my size! Not bad for $4. The sun was out pretty much full and I didn’t want to miss it so beat it on home.
Bladder hooked up to their pump
The wind is cool today, although not too strong. It is only sitting at 18C and now with more clouds rolling in, not likely to get much warmer. That is okay, while Bill and Clemmy lay down for a snooze, I’m going outside to do some outdoor work.

I got the mower out to cut the grass, er,  long dandelion stems from the area in front of our set up. The battery had been charged from my last time using it so was good to go. It didn’t take long to warm up and I had to remove my light hoodie and soon enough very hot. I didn’t want to wake the boys so pulled a bottle of water out of the under storage. It didn’t even matter that it wasn’t very cold!
Inside Gerry's shed, part of the water 'getting' process
With the bulk cut, it looks so much better and I took a wee break. Bill said if I felt like doing a bit more down the hill towards the lane to use up the battery, I could plug it in again. We don’t want to overcharge it. So, I carried on and soon finished up the whole area and put the mower away. It takes me about an hour altogether to do my areas, maybe less.

I wanted a small Canada flag to hang out at the mail box and we needed propane so we drove into Durham. Before coming home, we stopped in to see Rob and Pat. Pat is under the weather with a nasty cold and I sure know what that is like. We just took a chance that she might be open for a quick visit. Of course, she was.
My teacher, among other things. :)
We had a nice catch up and headed home to feed Clemson and get our own supper. We’d made arrangements to go out for dinner tomorrow night, it seems like a long time since I’ve eaten out. For tonight, we just fried up a grilled cheese sandwich for each of us and topped it off with a dish of Chapman’s Caramel Praline ice cream. We are doing all we can to keep our friend Bill working!
Clemson runs down the Acreage lane after Bill

After clean up, we all 3 hopped in the truck and drove over to the Acreage to get some water in the bladder. We were only down to half but like to keep topped up and maybe wash a vehicle or two today. 
My new little sawdust bucket
We stuck around and joined their campfire until 11. This time we sprayed ourselves well for the 9:30 showing of ‘skitters’ so didn’t come home with any new bites.

We were tired when we arrived home so went right to bed. Hoping for another nice day Sunday. I hope yours was a good one!

Mike is settling nicely into his summer place
HOG HEAVEN indeed!
I’m glad you took the time to read along today. Please feel free to leave a comment if you wish and are able.


  1. Bet you're glad Bill is home! Your little sawdust bucket is too cute! I love garage sales, hubby not so much so since it seems we're usually together it doesn't happen often:( Now an antique store I can get him in..but prices much higher ..haha..Love hog heaven ...

    1. I'm always happy to see Bill come home. This is a short time home though as he is off again tomorrow until his return at noon on Wednesday. The good news is then he has at least 6 days home because of Canada Day closures. yay!
      Bill doesn't like garage sales or antique stores.
      Yes, Hog Heaven is neat and fits Mike, he drives a Harley. :)

  2. Another fun productive day, nice to get a few things done and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

    1. Always seem to find enjoyable things and it was great to be outside.

  3. Hi Patsy! Been reading along awhile, just don't comment. Check out Gray Catbird and see if that isn't the bird you are seeing. A little red under the tail, otherwise all gray.

    1. thank you Joyce for commenting! I will check that bird out, never seen this one before.

  4. For leg cramps, drink a small amount of dill pickle juice. My guess for about how much we drink is 1/3 cup (the leg cramps hurt enough at the time...we just drink a small amount. It works fast!

    1. Thank you! I have made a note and think I'll put a little in a separate jar since we buy BIG jars of dills. Bill gets them so bad on occasion that he can't get out of bed and walk on it. I'm going to try this for his next one!