Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wild Night, Not the Kind of Wild I’d Call Fun, Laundry and Rhubarb

We had a pretty good night’s sleep on Monday night until 4 am Tuesday, June 13th. The windows were open in the Suite and cool air was coming in nicely. At 4 the blind banging the sill woke us and we realized a thunderstorm was gaining momentum. I closed my window and Bill closed the others. Lazy bones, me, I didn’t move.
That sky to the northeast is not a clothesline sky

The portable solar panel had blown over, the recycle bins had tipped with papers fluttering around and a couple of our rain pails were scattered. I don’t necessarily like to know what is going on outside in a wind storm so closed my blind as well. Bill was up so checked online at the weather radar and thus satisfied, came back to bed.
A little brighter to the southwest but doubtful

We slept until close to 7 when it started up again. Both times, the Suite was rocking enough to put us back to sleep. We were fine. Really strong winds though. This morning when we got up shortly after 7:30 the winds were calmed right down and it was just a light rain under completely cloudy skies. Hmm, laundry day, wouldn’t you know it?
Priceville celebrates Canada's birthday too

Priceville post office
Has been sold
Bill made me my cup of tea and I sat and read a couple of blog posts while drinking it. I sorted the 3 loads, we stripped the bed and loaded the basket and detergent in the car. It was an easy decision to use the dryers at the laundromat today, no way would the clothes dry in the rain! Bill went with me today to help fold and made a couple of jaunts around town.

My latest book
He made an appointment for our ‘scruffy’ to get a hair cut, bath and toenail clip at the Bath and Biscuit next week. He also stopped in to say hello to Rob. He was back in time to help me fold the laundry. It was all done and we were on our way home by 10:30. That is pretty quick!
Before turning onto Baptist Church Road, we drove straight on #4 to Priceville. I had a parcel to pick up and was excited to do so. My new book was in and I couldn’t wait to see how it turned out. This will be a yearly project to make a photo book of our winter journeys.
Three packs in the freezer
Clemson had another upset tummy today which meant he required lots of attention. That is the first time he has refused a “look after the house” treat. While I made a toasted western for Bill and an omelette quesadilla for me, Bill sat with him to settle him down a bit. We were eating by noon so perfect time for brunch. With the clothes all put away and dishes done, my boys went up to the bedroom for a wee snooze. Perfect time for me to cut up the bag full of rhubarb that Rob gave me on Saturday.
Ready to pop in the oven
I have 3 bags of 4 cups each in the freezer and will make a dessert of some kind for tonight. I’ll have to take a walk up to my veg garden and make sure things are okay after the storm and make sure the weeds haven’t taken over. It is hovering around 17C today but it feels cooler to me, even without any wind.
Posing for me
A couple of walks down the lane and this time discovered some of those loud Kermits we’ve been hearing ‘glub-glubbing’ so much. There were a few turtles on the log but the marsh grass was so tall it was hard to capture them today. The rain had obviously stopped so I could walk without a hat or umbrella.
After Bill and Clemson got up, I made up the bed with clean sheets, don’t you love that feeling? I do. It is time to put our bedspread away, under the bed is a good spot. We have a duvet and that has been folded down for the last 3 or 4 nights. It should be all we need. We have also put our Blue Flame propane heater out in the bunky for storage. 
I'm blown over by my abundance of iris'
After I made up a large pan of Rhubarb/Strawberry Crisp we decided since the sun was out, we’d unplug and take advantage of the sunshine for as long as we could. After supper, we’ll plug in so I can cook our dessert in the convection oven. I went out to enjoy some sun while Bill read.
Found this marsh iris, it is beautiful!
The hammock looked great to me and with the light breeze it was the perfect location to read my book. I took my water bottle, my phone and The Last Coyote to read. I could have dozed off but the story was too good, I love Harry Bosch! After about an hour or longer, it was time to stretch my legs. I walked down to the end of the lane again, no camera this time.
Last night's rain storm added to our rain barrel
Instead, I found 8 varieties of wild flowers along my walk. A geranium stem had been broken so with that and a corabelle stalk I made this lovely bouquet. Nature is so beautiful! By the way, my garden is faring okay up there on the hill. Still not much to show in my green onion rows but the tomato and pepper plants are taller and starting to show flowers.
My wildflowers from The Ridge
When I came inside, I just had to comment on that gorgeous afternoon and such a blue sky after what we woke up to. It was a lazy type day and after such a busy one yesterday, we felt it was well deserved.
Beautiful sky from the view of my hammock
I made a salad for each of us for supper, fried up some mini sausages at the same time as I boiled up a potato for Bill. The spud will go with his steak for his London supper tomorrow night. He’ll make up his sandwiches for lunch before going to bed tonight.
Almost forgot to show you dinner
Supper was good, quick and easy. Once the sun drops a bit more I will bake our dessert for a taste test before putting some in a dish to send as well. When it comes to certain desserts, I can pretty much guarantee my creations will be yummy. Just ask Bill.
Clemson was feeling better and enjoying a bit of sunshine
 So, after dinner was cleaned up, Bill packed his clothes and had his shower. I went outside to read and one more walk down the lane. I found one more wildflower to add to my vase. I don’t know how warm it got today but to me, it was absolutely perfect. It is sitting at 23C/73F at 8:00. Lovely day.

I had to pick one of these iris' to add to my bouquet
With the rhubarb crisp cooking, I can finish this post while watching America’s Got Talent. It is always entertaining. I hope you have had a wonderful spring day today.
And the sunsets DON'T LET ME DOWN! (Beatles)

Thank you for reading. I love to read your comments. 


  1. Hmm no rain or wind here today just enjoyed the weather. Love Rhubarb but after making so many Rhubarb pies in my restaurant for 10 years with a huge patch in our yard. I really don't need to make much more of that anymore. . Sure does look good though.

    1. Our rain was done before 9 when I went for laundry but the sky was very threatening. It was a gorgeous afternoon. I love rhubarb too and Mom made it in various ways a lot when we were kids. Can't ever tire of it.

  2. Seriously, you two have been busy. Though, it sounds like the kind of busy that at the end of the day is very satisfying. Love the daisy picture, another favorite, if we would have gotten married in the summer it would have been my flower of choice. Scone Sunday what a wonderfully delicious tradition. Beautiful flowers in the vase. The sunset pictures are all beautiful. It must have smelled delicious in the Suite as you finished tonight's blog...:)

    1. Some days we don't get anything accomplished but lately it seems we do. :)
      Why did I know you'd like my daisy picture?
      Scone Sunday is such a great thing to do.
      Thank you, Deb, not only smelled but dessert tasted good too!

  3. The wildflowers.... beautiful! Great picture of the frog and your flower gardens.

    1. I seldom pick wildflowers but kind of kicked myself today and said 'why not?' I always admire them in the yards.

  4. I'm curious about your book..clever idea! Could you show a pic or two of the inside of the book? Your flowers are gorgeous!

    1. Absolutely! I do my books through Blurb and this time wasn't as easy to work with as my other two books. You can search for all kinds of sites under 'photo books'. I think even our main drug stores have access to creating one. My next post will include more pics.

  5. The books are such a nice way to put our memories down on paper. I can't wait to see it!

    1. I know it is mostly photos but with small captions I will remember where we were and it is nice to see them in my coffee table books.

  6. Hey, congratulations on your book! I'm impressed, and would be glad to learn more about how you planned it out.

    1. Thank you F.G. The books are pretty simple, really. Found a site called Blurb.com from a sister doing a family book and thought I'd try one when I turned 50. I had been compiling pictures and writing into scrapbook form. A book was much neater and more transportable. They can be hardcover, softcover etc. and you decide how many pictures per page and add to your liking. Different designs are offered and it is all online. Once you hit the final button, it takes about 3 weeks for delivery. A 40 pg. book was around $55.